Wednesday, January 16, 2013

 I've been in and out the clubhouse recently to get my weekly gym session.
You know when people say "GYM" and all they have in mind is weight lifting?
No I don't do weights.. I walk. Power walk.
Not forgetting ab toning exercises to take the buncit-ness away.

Aside from gym in the clubhouse, I swim too.
Yes, one of my greatest phobia has been conquered finally!
If I get can through and survive the worst defeat in relationship few months ago, got my heart all broken and shattered, and still manage to stand up and smile, then I can definitely go against drowning and swim!
Enrolled myself in swimming classes and now I swim frog style and in the midst of perfecting my free style. Woo-hoooo!!!! (any standing ovation for me???)

And still continuing my weekly badminton session with colleagues.
I'm not very good at this although I've played for a year!
Usually play double and have got Loke or Koh to back me up.
They are very encouraging and always praises me whenever I got it right! ;)

So.. basically all my weekdays are fully occupied with these after-work activities.
Doing this for 3x or 4x a week.
And each gym / swim / badminton session lasted around 2 hours.

Previously I'd be struggling only with one badminton session per week, and ended up all worn out!

But now... 4x a week is just nice for me. Having lesser than that, I'd feel guilty.
ET is right, one will get addicted to exercises!

Since I've been doing this for months, I do see changes in my body.

I'm feeling stronger, toned-up, and having a good muscle figure.

But I'm afraid that one day I might buff up my body!!!

Looking like this??!!!



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