Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ever since I embarked into a sports-filled lifestyle... this is what happened!

Sprained my ankle from dance rehearsal and bootcamp session.
What makes it harder to heal is that I had to continue rehearsing for the performance.
Spinning, flying, jumping, I did it all.

It was one crazy night as we had to change 3 costumes in a less-than-5-minutes-performance!
We gave our best shot and I couldn't have bothered about my ankle.

The injury never heal and I was then preparing myself for holiday at Vietnam with the Mountain Divers.
So I opt for another treatment before I go.

Ta-daa! I went to Vietnam with these.

Vietnam trip involves alot of walking, and to one extend crawling at the Cu Chi tunnel.
It worsen the injury and I went for another treatment right after I came back.

Got my leg wrapped with herbal treatment and was already worried about Redang trip.
How could I fin when my ankle hurts whenever I move it?

Live up to Nike's motto - and I "JUST DO IT!"

What's good about diving is that we have appointed buddies to watch our back.
Glad that it all went well and I truly enjoyed myself.
Few later I was resting for the ankle to recover.


Then few weeks back I went for my very first 12km marathon.

With a VERY SORE CALF, I should be resting.
Instead, I was only resting for 3 days before getting into zumba and bootcamp back to back!
As if the pain wasn't bad enough, I went for badminton the day after.

I couldn't walk after that and so it's a wrappy time again!
And this time, it involved the entire calf!
Somehow made me looked like I was seriously injured from a freak accident! *choi!*

After wrapping for one day, one day of rest, I went for my next marathon of 11.5km.

I think I am one crazy woman to be torturing my body for the name of sports.

I've decided to rest for the entire week.
Missing bootcamp classes and skipping activities with friends.

Feeling alot better, I went for a jog yesterday.
Three rounds at the Dog Park.
Dang! The calf hurts again!
The same damn place!

And DANG! My entire week after-work-activities had been planned out!

Tuesday : Jogging
Wednesday : Zumba
Thursday : A 5-km training for KL Rat Race 2014
Friday : Badminton
Saturday : Bootcamp
Sunday : ATV (just a fun-filled sports.. as long as it's a sport)

What's gonna happen after this?

Another wrappy wrappy session???

I had to keep going....