Saturday, December 29, 2012

This is by far the most expensive dining experience I've ever encountered!

And since it is a fine dining, it deserves a proper review.

All I could do is either "YUMMY" or "YUCKY".

It wouldn't do Il Lido justice with my brief opinion.

So..  I'm proud to present here Kayvin's review on il lido's dishes.
Kayvin has got years and years of experience in cooking as a chef offshore,
and he has done plenty of write ups about food and cooking.

So all the below are his comments.

Nothing is mine.

The only thing is mine are the photos.
All captured using Canon EOS 1100D by yours truly.

Hope Kayvin's review helps in those interested to try out Il Lido.

photo from Canon 1100D
Riesling Gissel
Riesling Gissel (RM 180)

Bloody Mary
Bloody Mary (RM 29)
It's like sipping Tabasco sauce every sip. Sub the celery for olives?
Not-ever-recommended interpretation of bloody mary...


Focaccia is flat oven-baked Italian bread.
It is similar in style and texture to pizza.
I do not see flatness in the Il Lido's Rosemary Focaccia.Crust and bread is too chewy.
Texture is like a harden version of our Malaysian "mah lai kou".
A bread should always taste like a bad not otherwise.


Seared tuna crusted with pepper

Seared tuna crusted with pepper. An okay little mouthful with the right amount
of acidity and crunch. Fits like a toothpick but well, it was on the house.

Mushroom Soup with truffles
Mushroom Soup (RM 28)

Mushroom Soup with paper thin shavings of black truffles.
The earthiness of the truffles compliments the soup but it’s a
no go for the accompanying croutons. Overcooked leftover rosemary
foccacia does not bode well after the first spoonful.

Baby Spinach with Goat cheese and red berries
Spinach Salad (RM 35)
Baby Spinach with Goat cheese and red berries.
Colour wise, it is safe to say it does look appealing visually.
Goat cheese is proportioned generously.
Savory goat cheese lacks the crumble to be married well
to the sad to say commonly dressed baby spinach and rockets(again) .
The burst of the red berries though brings forth a pleasant sweet acidity
to drag the combination a little closer to tingle one's taste buds.


Spider Crab Flan with Light Saffron Broth
Spider Crab Flan (RM 38)
Spider Crab Flan with Light Saffron Broth: 
Crispy but not greasy with a really light yet tantalizing 
saffron broth made from crayfish shells and saffron delicately paired 
and either one accepts each other rather than overpowering. 
Best taken when the broth is still piping hot.


Beef Carpaccio with Rucola and ‘Vacche Rosse’ Parmigiano Cheese
Carpaccio (RM 36)

Beef Carpaccio with Rucola and ‘Vacche Rosse’ Parmigiano Cheese.
Lightly pounded beef served lightly dressed rocket leaves
and baby spinach salad was too lightly tossed.
Could use another good drizzle of olive oil. The way too generous
cheese shavings may seem to compensate the peppery rocket
and baby spinach but i does mask the true essence of beef carpaccio.
Making the beef and its freshness a hero not concealing
behind the sharp cheese. Beef was fresh though and properly pounded.
An asian take of the beef carpaccio is a simple drizzle of light asian soy
with oil infused with a hint of garlic and lemon grass.

Wagyu Beef Cheek with Caramelized Root Vegetables
Beef Cheek (RM 58)
Wagyu Beef Cheek with Caramelized Root Vegetables: 

The slow cooked wagyu beef cheek is indeed a well deserved magic on a fork. 
Caramelized carrot, potato and onion is done to a commendable perfection. 
the slightly sweet reduction pulls the whole dish together. 
A suggestion will be for the cooked beef cheeks to be slightly seared off 
for a more appealing aroma and impact in the presentation.

Quail and goose liver
Quail (RM 65)
Quail cooked jut nicely with a pink hue.
The goose liver stuffing is basically too cliché.
Goose liver like foei gras should be cooked comme il faut ,
cooked as itself with a pink hue center and caramelized exterior.
It does sit uneasily on the tongue. The quail does need help in the event of the
pairing sauce to lift it to another level. If black truffles are being used as a pairing,
it’s best to add a little acidity to counteract the mellowness of the dish.
Not bad tasting on the whole.

Chitarrugi (RM 128)
Chitarrugi in spicy tomato sauce and half a lobster.
RM 128 not well spent. Pasta is a perfect el dente with tomato sauce
laced with seafood broth. Lobster is halved, claws cooked ok.
But the tail is raw. If I want raw lobster it will be sashimi... not a raw lobster tail .
Color does impact as it's too red. Another alternative is if they could
incorporate the lobster into Thai’s red lobster curry with a
mango salsa and garnish of coriander. Can't cook a lobster well,
switch to fresh water langoustine instead. Still at dismay over the price.

Risotto Crayfish
Risotto Crayfish (RM 48)
A weird way of presenting. Could have gone with the tails of
crayfish only arranged in a half fan wise in the center for a more positive
effect not like this. Stock is heavy but the aborrio rice is way off el dente...
Harder than anticipated...despite a warm mouth fill, my jaws
require some muscling to get through the remains.


Burrata Agnolott
Burrata Agnolott (RM 38)
A first tomato based mushroom ragu.....
burata filling should be meltingly stringy but taste like an overcooked cheese gel.


Cheese Platter
Cheese Platter
Cheese Platter (RM 39)
Crisps accompanying the cheese platter is pretty hard and floury to handle. 
Orange marmalade with a slight hint of ginger is too watery for the crisps 
but with a little help; it can be great accompanying sauce for maybe a 
pan seared duck breast. Caramelized onion jam is acceptable and 
pleasing on the palate; a pretty good condiment to pair with roasted pork chop.

Vanilla Pannacotta with Red Berries
Pannacotta (RM 22)

Vanilla Pannacotta with Red Berries: Visual and impact as
Chef Gordon Ramsay always quote; this dish is plated close to
perfection. the Pannacotta is fragrant with the infused vanilla.
El dente on the outside , creamy dreamy on the inside, the
pannacotta itself is well complimented with the accompanying
blueberries, halved strawberries, red raspberries and the berry and
orange reduction . Accompanying mint, edible flowers and candied
orange peel(need a little sweetness); makes this the best among the lots we had!

Crème brulee 4 flavours
Brulee (RM 25)
Crème brulee is also known as burnt cream, is a dessert
consisting of a rich custard base topped with a contrasting
layer of hard caramel (usually obtained through torching of sugar sprinkled
on top of the custard). The Il Lido's version came i ramekins that are
too shallow. so by the time the caramelized top is still lukewarm, the dessert
is entirely cold. A proper crème brulee should be hot on top contrasting to the
warm center and a cool finish. A good creme brulee need not be made
into 4 different flavors; just a single vanilla and honey creme brulee with
it’s sinfully cracking caramel. The texture itself is on the custard type....
it should be somewhat more most. The shortcut in cooking the crème brulee
is without a hot water bath to retain the moisture and I believed it has happened to these brulees.


And a merry merry Christmas!!!

December has been great so far!

Made tong yuen for the family and prayer during Winter Solstice celebration.
Blended pandan leaves used for the green tong yuen.
Red tong tuen flavor from rose syrup.
Yuhhhm! :)


And on the much talked about doomsday, I was at Penang
on the ominous date of 21.12.12.

To be frank, I'm imagining a massive tsunami
came sweeping away people in Penang, including me.

Thinking if there's anything I want to do before doomsday,
maybe there's things left undone, or unsaid to people I love?

Didn't do it. May sound stupid anyway.


Aside from anticipating doomsday on 21.12.12,
it is actually a memorable day as we witness
two loving souls united by the bond of matrimony.

It's my couzie Jason and his darling Chyn's wedding, and
it's one of the best wedding I've ever assisted and attended.

As both the families are from Australia,
they booked 20 over rooms in Park Royal Penang and
everything took place there.

They have a beautiful garden wedding in the morning.

Cried when they exchange their wedding vows.
Choked by my own tears.

wedding Park Royal, Batu Feringhi
Beautiful  ladies at Park Royal, Batu Feringhi

wedding Park Royal, Batu Feringhi
Garden wedding at Park Royal, Batu Feringhi

wedding Park Royal, Batu Feringhi
Garden wedding at Park Royal, Batu Feringhi

wedding Park Royal, Batu Feringhi
Jason Goh & Chyn Soh wedding on 21st December 2012

wedding Park Royal, Batu Feringhi
Yummy wedding cupcakes

wedding Park Royal, Batu Feringhi
A box filled with happiness :)

wedding Park Royal, Batu Feringhi
Beautiful flower girl. My niece Vanessa on the right .

wedding Park Royal, Batu Feringhi

wedding Park Royal, Batu Feringhi
Congratz Mr and Mrs Jason Goh!

And the wedding reception at night was a blast!

For me, they are the first bride and groom who dance Jabbawockeez on the dance floor
with their bridesmaids and best-men. With some LMFAO and Gangnam Style.

Cried again when the bride's mother sang "A Song For My Daughter" with
her brothers filling up as band mates playing guitar, keyboard and drum.

It's all tears of joy. I'm all good. :)

Cousins infront of the photo booth - our present to the couple.

Sylvain Yong, Chyn Soh, Joyce Yap, Jason Goh and Alex Choo

Deanna Goh, Alex Choo, Rebecca Liew and Joyce Yap

When the dinner and dance ended, cousins and their partners
get ready for second round at 69 Mansion, Batu Feringhi.

I on the other hand, drove to another hotel to pick up Lexie from my brother,
and send her to Bayview Hotel for parents to doggy-sit her during my night-out.

I was practically still in the wedding gown when I arrived at 69 Mansion.
While the rest as dressed up cozy yet stylish for club.

We drink, laugh, make fool out of ourselves.

And the next thing I know, they starting throwing people in the pool !

Was not spared either.

And yes I'm soaked in my newly bought evening gown!

club pool
Down u go!!! - at 69 Mansion, Batu Feringhi

Fun? Kinda. 
Great? Nahhhh...
Socked in the gown, feeling heavy and cold while walking
back to the hotel room, nope, not that great.

Nevertheless, it's always GREAT to hang out with my couzies.
Love them to bits!


And Christmas. I couldn't stop telling people
how much I love Christmas!

The soulful and cheerful songs that makes you tap your feet,
trees and decorations that brighten up the atmosphere
at home, in the mall, on the street,
shopping for ones you love,
season of loving and giving,
if I can love Christmas in Malaysia,
I'd go crazy celebrating it in western countries!

Dated Vince on Christmas Day for brunch
and last minute shopping for my Santarina costume.

joyce yap joycelifebits

levain kuala lumpur
Christmas Crab with home made pasta @ Levain. With all other buns and desserts.

joyce yap and vince yeoh
Oh yes the specs are real...!!! 

Celebrated Christmas at home with family.
Filled with good Indian food (don't ask why),
games organized by Michelle,
and exchange of presents!
Lots of em!

beautiful Santarina and puppy

beautiful Santarina
Like my Santarina costume? 

joyce yap joycelifebits
Having fun with the photo props prepared by Michelle. 

Santarina and puppy
Lexie the little reindeer 

Yap family wishing you a MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Photos at il lido italian dining 
(reviews exclusively by Kayvin coming up soon!)

popular Santa and Santarina costume
Kayvin Sia and Joyce Yap

popular Santa and Santarina costume
With full costume :)

beautiful Santarina
Santarina coming for presents give-away... Been a good boy this year?

beautiful Santarina

beautiful Santarina

popular Santa and Santarina costume

# Wishing all of you a jolly jolly Christmas #