Monday, February 28, 2011

I have just scrolled through Oscar 2011 Red Carpet photos and found some interesting bits.

For one, Christian Bale who I always adore for his good look and acting in Batman.. had just screwed up his totally cool image in my head. This is a bomb to me cause I can't recognize him at all!

Christian Bale in Oscar 2011

Secondly, look at the below photo and tell me who he is.

Christian Bale & Mark Wahlberg at Oscar 2011

Please pardon me for my innocence or being outdated in the celebrity world. At the first glance, I thought it was Matt Damon who is with Christian Bale in that photo. It turns out to be Mark Wahlberg. Are they like brothers or what?!! Cause I can't tell them apart!!!

Another celebrity look-alike is...

Amy Adams at Oscar 2011

Is Amy Adams the one who acted in Enchanted? Checked! Is Amy Adams the one who acted in Julie & Julia? Checked! She too is the one who acted in Night at the Museum, Leap Year and Confession of a Shopaholic. EHHH!! WAIT WAIT!!! NOOOO??? IMDB said it was Isla Fisher who acted in Confession of a Shopaholic. Isla who? Gawdd.. I never knew her existence and have always thought it was Amy Adams cause THEY ARE SO ALIKE!

I have just watched "Life As We Know It" yesterday and thought I saw Matthew Mcconaughey as "Sam" the doctor. I went to IMDB again and found that there is one actor who actually looked like him by the name of Josh Lucas.

And there is one last celebrity look-awhile which I have observed many years ago. This involved Helen Hunt and Jodie Foster. I watched Panic Room and was thinking if it was Hunt or Foster? The answer is actually Foster. How about Pay It Forward? It was Hunt. And the movie Flightplan, it was actually Foster! OMG... I'm making myself so confused. See the attached photo and you'll know what I mean!

It's crazy to be blogging at 11.45pm for this kind of thing. Heading to bed cause tomorrow is Tuesday and guess what, I gotta work!!!! Arrrghhhh!!!

One thought to pen down before I go to bed.

In a working environment, everyone is considered an adult who are responsible for ones action and consequences. As such, we should treat each other as an adult, capable of doing own task. Well, that is just my way of viewing the work force. Unfortunately, some may think that shouting, scolding, and being rude to others is the only way to get things done.

Many many many blardey times I have said, I can tolerate anything, BUT I CANNOT TOLERATE RUDENESS!!!

I hate seeing an adult scolding, shouting, and being rude to another human being as it makes me feels like not only they are not respecting the other person, but they are also degrading themselves, their pride and dignity. Cause once they raise they voice to someone else, an adult, who may be a head of family of his own, that person earns NO RESPECT from anyone else. This is why, I don't and will not respect a person who are being rude to another person.

At times, you are considered lucky just to see this kind of people at your work place. But how if you encounter such people at home? Or among your circle of friends? How if they tried to lower you down by using such tone? What if they talk as if like you are stupid? F*** them! Really.. just go ahead and f*** them! (At least that's what I do....)

I always think that we are in the same boat. Regardless of colleagues, family or in a relationship. If you face external problem, let's work hand in hand and resolve the external problem, and not make it an internal problem. I believe a team/family/relationship would grow stronger after going through an obstacle together.

For now.. those who raise their voice on me, I will either just walk-off, or scold back. But the long-term action plan is... IGNORANCE. Yupe.. it works. Just ignore them. Talking to them is a waste of time and creating more opportunity for you to encounter more rudeness. So why bother? I do my thing, you do your thing. This way, I will save myself from more anger. Some may label this action as "siu hei" or "not forgiving" blah blah blah... But I know this is for my own good cause I do not want to try to tolerate something I can't.

And the point is.. people can't change their behavior / attitude. Although they may try, THERE ARE JUST THINGS THAT PEOPLE CANNOT CHANGE! Being rude is one of it.

Good nite ya'll.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Silent Treatment

Definition : an aloof refusal to speak to someone you know ; Maintenance of aloof silence toward another as an expression of one's anger or disapproval

My question : Would you prefer to resolve an argument by talking and argue your way through it OR giving silent treatment and hoping that things will be back to the way it was after a few days of ignoring each other?

Do you remember how your parents used to scold you when you did a mistake? They would shoot you repeatedly like machine gun..and you wish they have a "mute button" on them for you to press?

How about those times where they are too tired of scolding you for making some bigger mistakes, or mistakes which you have done again and again that they are too tired to be scolding you on the same thing?

Seriously, it is alot scarier when they keep quite after I did something wrong. It's like "Scold me! Hit me! Do whatever you wan! Just don't ignore me!". Cause when they do that, I feel like I disappoint them to the max that they don't even care anymore. On the other hand, when they scold, you can see all sorts of expression they have - anger, madness, sadness - means they care. As much irritation they cause by scolding, to me, it is still alot better than giving me silent treatment.

Recently, I know how it felt to be too angry till a point where you don't feel like talking anymore. You may try to advise, explain, argue but you will end up stopping yourself from speaking, deleting the e-mail/SMS you are writing etc because deep inside, you know IT IS POINTLESS. Regardless of what you say, you know the other person would not understand and will not react upon, and same thing will re-occur. It is the repeated mistakes that made you fed-up and you will don't BOTHER TO SAY ANYTHING ANYMORE.

Here is a simple indication of my anger.

Angry - scold gao gao and argue till I get a satisfactory explanation or come to a win-win situation.

Freaking mad - Don't even bother to hear what you have to say cause it is all EXCUSES, EXCUSES AND MORE EXCUSES, and will not bother to respond. Will not even bother to resolve the problem as it is POINTLESS.

So my rival should be happy if I scold them, as it indicate glimpse of hope towards reconciliation. But if my answer is "OK", "Yes", "No", "Anything", "Whatever", you better get ready to wave goodbye to me.

Recently, I was annoyed to the max. And I just don't bother. Basically gave up. But I wasn't giving the silent treatment. I just don't blardey care anymore. :)

I guess what annoyed me the most is to belittled. I admit that I do not possess any unique skill, own a professional career, or have the most perfect personality to win a word of praise by anyone, or deserve any type of recognition.


No one have the right to belittle me.
No one should make me feel like I am a less important person.
No one should shut me off.
No one should shoossh me from talking.
No one should portray rudeness and disrespect towards me.
(these come from a person who have high level of egoism and dignity)

I seriously think the above is an end to any type of relationship of friendship as it is INTOLERABLE. Foundation of a healthy relationship or friendship is based on respect. If a person belittle you, then it is your turn to shut them off cause they are not making you a better person.

A healthy relationship or friendship should have these:-

1) That person would always install positive thoughts when you are filled with negative ones
2) That person is the person whom you know you can rely on for support and advices
3) That person always know how to cheer you up when you are down, or at least try rather than asking you to suck up your problem like an adult!
4) That person is a role model for you to see, learn and practice
5) That person leads you to continuous improvement and eventually a better life
6) That person does not bring you down with their problem but ask for your advice and support just like how you will
7) That person respect you and put you above or in par with them to share problems with, and always wanting to know what you feel / think about everything
8) That person will not make you feel bad or less good about yourself
9) That person always ask you to be true to yourself and love you just the way you are
10) That person should not treat you as a punching bag regardless of how mad they are
11) That person gives you the love, care and respect just like everyone deserves
12) That person does not wait for the right time to treat you good, and give excuses for treating you bad, and treat you better when they feel like it
13) That person should always love you and dare to show it
14) Honesty is the best policy - That person should never try to lie to you, or try to fool you.
15) That person will never look down nor criticize you - regardless of how many flaws you have.
16) That person should not be a reminder of your mistakes or weaknesses
17) That person makes you a better person, always advise you to be good to others, helps you improve morally, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.

YES, the above is ALOT TO EXPECT.

As what "Did you hear about The Morgans" movie said, you should always expect from your partner and not just wait for them to deliver what they can.
See quotes below...

"It's all about people's expectations that their spouse will be the answer to all their problems when, in fact, they should be facing reality and not asking their partners for more than they can give."

”You should expect everything from each other. Marriage don’t make any sense. You gotta stop thinking about it, get over the bullshit and make it work.”

"I want you to expect everything from me. You are not gonna get it, but I’m gonna try.”

That's just my two-cents thoughts about a basic relationship with family, lifetime partner and friends. If you found a person who possess the above qualities, grab them quick and marry them instantly as you might have just found your soul mate!

It's past midnight and I'm here mumbling all by myself. Guess am kinda in a thinking mode now.
Today is the 5th day of Chinese New Year. Could not believe that a whole year passed me just like that..

Seemed like I have got alot of things to blog about today.. well, where to start?

1) I just came back from Penang. This is the very first time that I drove to Penang (back and forth)!!! Dad was snoring all the way - no fuss from him at all! Clap clap clap!!!

2) I enjoy spending time in my room now - almost everything is new! It was alot of fun hunting for furniture and accessories with Bernard and Barry. Thanks alot to Barry who are patient enough to accompany me throughout the realization of my crazy idea of revamping of my room. We went roaming around not only Klang area, but also to P.J for several times. Xie xie ni!

3) Got a new Polo Bag and Titus watch - muahahahaaa!!!

4) Oh ya, CNY is the same - everyone is asking me "when do I have to stop giving you angpao?". To be frank, you all would have to give me angpao for the next 10 years because I ain't getting married anytime soon! I might adopt a child, or visit a sperm bank and get myself pregnant with a cute adorable baby to be called mine, but marriage is definitely not in my list now. So you all would have to give double angpao to the unmarried me and my adorable baby! (some said I talk cock, but I mean every single word I said, meaning i'm thinking cock???) Cock or no cock, I yearn to be a mother more than being a wife.

5) Wasehhhh.. alot more ah... which I can't really think now cause I'm way too blur and tired!

Kiong hee huat chai to everyone and may all of you have a prosperous new year! :)