Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Today is the 5th day of Chinese New Year. Could not believe that a whole year passed me just like that..

Seemed like I have got alot of things to blog about today.. well, where to start?

1) I just came back from Penang. This is the very first time that I drove to Penang (back and forth)!!! Dad was snoring all the way - no fuss from him at all! Clap clap clap!!!

2) I enjoy spending time in my room now - almost everything is new! It was alot of fun hunting for furniture and accessories with Bernard and Barry. Thanks alot to Barry who are patient enough to accompany me throughout the realization of my crazy idea of revamping of my room. We went roaming around not only Klang area, but also to P.J for several times. Xie xie ni!

3) Got a new Polo Bag and Titus watch - muahahahaaa!!!

4) Oh ya, CNY is the same - everyone is asking me "when do I have to stop giving you angpao?". To be frank, you all would have to give me angpao for the next 10 years because I ain't getting married anytime soon! I might adopt a child, or visit a sperm bank and get myself pregnant with a cute adorable baby to be called mine, but marriage is definitely not in my list now. So you all would have to give double angpao to the unmarried me and my adorable baby! (some said I talk cock, but I mean every single word I said, meaning i'm thinking cock???) Cock or no cock, I yearn to be a mother more than being a wife.

5) Wasehhhh.. alot more ah... which I can't really think now cause I'm way too blur and tired!

Kiong hee huat chai to everyone and may all of you have a prosperous new year! :)