Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Oh dear... I've not been blogging for a month!

Felt like my surrounding and health issues have drained out my energy completely. Feeling so tired, moody and out of patience.

Well, this year is coming to an end, and a new year is approaching in the next few days!

It made me think what my 2011 resolution was, and if I managed to achieve it. But I don't think I remember the exact resolution, might be just the gist of it. And no, I'm not even near to my resolution!

But 2011 indeed is a good year and kind year to me. There may be things that does not go as smooth as I planned, but sometimes it turned out to better than I have expected!

Looking for a more productive year ahead. Keeping a positive thoughts will produce more positive outcome. And I need to start taking matter into my own hands. I have the confidence to do well.

One quote to end this post with... "Remember, just as we choose and judge others, others are judging us too".

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ouch! Can't believe it is approaching the mid month of December and I have not blogged about anything!

Guess I was busy... busy falling sick!!!

Hell yeah I was having all sorts of sickness. From gastric to sorethroat and fever that continues for 4-days, then was having nausea and vomiting. Feeling dizzy for the rest of the week and ended up with 2.5days of MC because I went to the office in the morning with my SUPERHERO mode, and felt like a loser when fever strikes then gave up and went back home to doze off like a pig.

And look at the bruises I got from an unsuccessful attempt of blood test. Doctor could not get any blood from the vein on my right wrist, and it ended up with bruises.

Look at my right wrist with the green patch. That was 4 days after the blood test.

And this is what happened 6 days after the blood test.

Seriously, I kinda doubt the doctor's profession and capability. First, she prescribed me 6 antibiotic per day, which is not useful at all as I continue to have sore throat and fever for 3-days after taking her med.

I brought the antibiotics to a new doctor who have no clue what the previous doctor prescribed me, and was UTTERLY SHOCKED to know what I had 12 antibiotics in 2 days time! And finally found out that the antibiotic is sulfur based and somehow not effective to cure me! WTF*CK!!!!

And next, she cause me this bruises that lasted for a week now!

I'm having phobia of blood taking already. It ended up badly everytime! When will I finally find a doctor who are capable to do a proper blood test on me??!!!

Am so not going back to that doc!!!!

After having so many days of fever and other sickness, my eyes was so pain that I was walking and working with my eyes half opened! Did some reading online and encountered some people having the same problem too. And we are specially sensitive to lights during that time. It was probably due to the prolonged fever. But I immediately felt relieved after using cucumber slices to cover my eyes and rest it for a few minutes. Worked like a miracle!

I have so much to share.. but till I have the mood and energy to blog again, ADIOS! :)

Monday, November 21, 2011

What's the best movie have you watched recently?

Share with me coz I'm definitely gonna download it (wooppss.. sorry for not supporting ori).

The most recent movie I watched is Real Steel staring Hugh Jackman. Love this guy ever since X-Men where he acted as Wolverine! Grrrr!!!!

Back to Real Steel, I believe everyone should watch it, at least once! I have seen it twice! And still looking for seeders to download a watchable version.

This movie contains every aspect of a good movie ; action, comedy, love, romance, and science fiction! We had a great laugh, and we too enjoyed all the action aspect of it!

And I really love the scene where Atom fight Zeus with Hugh Jackman shadow boxing against Zeus!!! That is the climax of the entire movie!!! But the only version I can find is cam version from YouTube. Not bad though...

Aside from Real Steel, I watched RED 2010 (Retired, Extremely Dangerous). This is also one of the movie that contains alot of action and humor aspect at the same time.

One of the scene that made me laugh my socks off is this! Muahahaaaa.... "old man my ass!!!"

Looking forward to more movies such as these... gettin' moviefrenzzyyy!!!

Got bitten by a mad dog! Freaking siao kao! Anjing gilerrrr!!! $/)/@::!!!!! .... Just calling her that coz I'm mad of her.

It was actually Kenny's pet dog (a mixed schnauzer) who gave me that love bite.

I was petting her head with her standing on her feet. Then out of a sudden she just bite my thigh and ran directly to her cage! I grabbed a rattan and hit her twice on her butt! Gave her hell of a scolding too!

Guess she has too much unused energy in her! Gotta get Barry to walk her more often to loose some of that energy, or give her some toy / bone to bite instead of biting people!

Well this experience will not make me afraid or change my mind about having a pet dog. It will just make me more interested to know more about dogs and their behavior.

But I'm definitely not going to get near this stupid dog anymore! Look at what she got me into. Bad looking thigh and gotta take two big strips of antibiotic from a pharmacy! Am lucky the bite wasn't deep and there wasn't any infection (I guess so).

Sunday, November 20, 2011

One year older and a few more wrinkles to be counted.
Each lines represents the stress and responsibility that comes with the age.
Gotta admit it, and take it like a woman!

.... not a girl, not yet a woman? Can't sing that song anymore...

Sharing some photos I've taken recently. Nice to remember when I'm blogging about my 38th birthday in the next ten years! :)

Happy 28th to myself... (sobbing away)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


To send some of my clothing to the tailor for alteration! ... and to give away clothing that are beyond alteration. Imagine how to turn S to L size?!!

To bring all my accessories for a wash to make it bling bling again! ... and to get new bling that pop my eyes out! WAAAA @. @

To send shoes to the cobbler! ... and to throw away unwanted shoes. "You've brought me to miles and miles of rough road.. but it's time to say goodbye".

When will I have the time to do all these?

Did you see those Western movie where rich people have their own chauffeur, maid, nanny, cook, and even tailor under the same roof?!!! Can I have one of those life?!!


The wish list I have posted previously is not a form of hint for my birthday present.

I do not have any intention to hint anyone about my birthday gift. That wish list is a form of target for me to achieve certain things myself that brings me self satisfaction.

Some people said just by thinking, it is not enough to push one self. By writing it out and declaring it, you will give yourself pressure to make it happen! If it doesn't, then malu-lahhhh.... So I will fulfill my own wish list, it is just a matter of time. :)

So my dear reader... please do not buy me anything from my wish list thinking it is a hint for my birthday present, BECAUSE IT IS NOT!! :)

It merely serve as a reminder and motivation for me to buy it myself as YEAR END BONUS IS COMING!!! Haaaaapiiieeee!!! ;)

And if you are thoughtful enough to buy me a birthday present, please be creative and think out of the list! Do not spoil my self-motivational plan! Hahahahaaa~

K thx bye! ;)

Monday, November 14, 2011

Few months back when I was at Malacca with the gang, Alicia said "Ehh.. the car number plate starts with 'M', which state is it from?". All of us burst out laughing and told her "We're in Malacca!!!" and she laughed out of silliness. :P

And so I was asking about Kelantan, Kedah, Negeri Sembilan.... and the list goes on....

Few weeks later I had an idea about having a Johor number plate as my name starts from 'J'. Thinking if JOY is out in the car registration. And prolly get my birth date 1118.

Bet it would look nice eh.... I'll create my own number plate, put it on dad's trishaw and claim the trishaw mine!

Having never ending crazy thoughts in my mind...

Saturday, November 12, 2011

It's Nov and it means bonus is coming soon!!! Prolly in another month or two but it's still not too early thinking about what I want yeah?

List from 5th to 1st priority...

#5. Watch

I love watches ever since I know how to read the time. I remember collecting so many watches last time. Either mum bought it for me from pasar pagi, pasar malam, supermarket etc.. and regardless of where it is from, or how much it cost, I still love it just the same.

Just gotten a new watch from Titus few months back, and yet still thinking of a new one. Greedy me.. What I'm looking for now is something more stylish and BIG! Well, not that big.. but at least it's bigger than the width of my wrist! I have too many lady-like watches already and wanted something different now..

But I gotta bear in mind that the watch is a WANT, not NEED. And since I have so many watches already, I might as well put this on hold.

Love the last watch in black. From Mont Blanc. Could never afford this. But no harm in dreaming high... :)

#4. Mobile phone

Ya ya ya... people that knows me would say "Hey you got 3 phones already! Not enough ah!!!".

Well let me explain, one is my personal phone, which is an old looking Sony Ericsson J105i. Another ancient Sony Ericsson W850i for office use, and another one is an iPod (with no call function at all)!

How I wish I could combine all 3 of that into a phone! Would be alot easier as I do not have to carry 3 gadgets with me all the time!

So... Could it be Samsung Galaxy S2??? Or an iPhone 4s?!!! Bet Siri would be a great PA for me!! Haha!!!

Well this is something in my list, but I haven't made up my mind about what I'll be getting..

#3. Room make-over with IKEA roller blinds and mosquito net

I've started the make-over one year ago. I have replaced all my furniture into a new ones. Just gotta tweak a little bit of here and there.

Wanted to buy roller blinds as I don't like glaring room. And I need my room to be completely dark when I'm sleeping. So this is more to a functionality than decorative item for me.

Saw the roller blinds at IKEA with choices of black, grey and white. I would prefer white ones. Looking at my 6 window panels, this could cost probably a few hundred!

Hope I could get it soon when the money goes "ching ching $$$$ " in my bank account! ;)

#2. ASUS Eee Pad Transformer 2

WOAAHHH!!! This is something I'm eyeing on now! How convenient it would be for me to online/check-in/blog etc if I have an Android that has the size of an iPad but with a detachable keyboard dock!! Both combined give a good serving battery time of 14 hours!!! Woah woah woahhhh!!!!

But woopss... Currently it has not been launched in Malaysia. And no one have ever confirmed if the ASUS Transformer 2 have a 3G version with it. I'm actually thinking of getting a data plan so that I don't have to rely on wi-fi connection wherever I go. Wifi in Malaysia is not as easily accessible as other country.

I really hope to get this soon! ;)

#1. Puppy

Woof woof!!! Something I haven't been able to get since I was young. Still top priority though!!!

Looking for a red toy poodle now. One that is few weeks old so that she is young enough to be toilet and home trained. and I also wanted her to get used to me as her mummy since she's a baby.

Few weeks ago I saw a kid play tent in Carrefour. The tent looked so cozy and cute! I almost buy it there to motivate myself into getting a puppy to live in it.

Ahhhh... how sweet if this could ever happen. feels like having a puppy now would actually complete me as a person.. Deep inside me, I'm so hollow, empty and lonely! (Trying to be pathetic to gain some sympathy from mum).

Looking into my wish list few years back, it seemed like I'm still looking for the same thing. Always puppy, watch and gadgets! Never about luxury bags or branded clothing / shoes etc.. Had just realized I've got more tomboyish traits than feminine one! *swt*

Friday, November 11, 2011

While some are celebrating the most remarkable date in the century with birthdays, proposals, weddings, etc.. I was awaken by a bad dream!

Okay back to 11.11.11, do you know that there are more than 1,000 people in Malaysia getting married today?!! I was wondering if wedding proposals today is going to be like.. so predictable.

But it's a good day to remember though. No excuse for guys to say "I don't remember our anniversary lah!".


And now back to my shitty dream. I dreamt about going to Eunice house with ET. She has got TWO HUGE dogs in her house.

One of it is a big black Doberman. He looked so fierce and being tied up upstairs. I was wondering if the string is able to hold such a big dog! Then Eunice and ET went out, leaving me alone with the dogs.

The Doberman then suddenly rush down and the string snaps just like that! This Doberman has got a pair of big black wings (you have to understand that dream doesn't make any sense), and at the end of the wings, it has sharp pointy nails! The Doberman stares at me fiercely, and while I'm getting more and more scared of it, he suddenly pierce through my hand with its' sharp nails! That was when I shouted "HELP!" and woke up from my dream.

I told mum about my dream this morning and she said "Ya I heard you shouting. That was already 5.00am++".

I didn't know that it was that loud! Mum could hear me from the living hall. Guess I must have been terribly scared!


Two nights ago I had another nightmare. I passed by an abandoned building and saw a lady sitting on top of the building, holding a glass of wine and singing.

Looking closely, that lady doesn't have skin like ordinary person. Instead, her skin is actually "tree skin!". She is wearing a yellow dress, with her hair tied up like "sanggul". She sat with one of her legs up. Thinking about it, she looked like some Nyonya ghost. Yeeee.... She continued singing and it is so creepy!

I asked if my friend heard the singing. She said she heard nothing. I asked the local people and they said they didn't hear anything.

Then there's this fat guy (look like the fat Malay guy in Nasi Lemak 2.0 who have 4 wives). This guy showed me a worried face when I told him I saw a lady singing. He said "Last month there's a guy who heard the singing and she drag him away".

Then he said "Buaya sudah datang!" and asked me to lay down and hold him tightly. He asked me to continue laying down and not concentrate in the singing as she's coming for me.

One hand holding on a rattan (pops up from nowhere), another hand holding on the guy, I face down, lay still, eyes closed, and shivering. Then I felt like the rattan is slowly moved and being taken away from me.... then my hand is being moved away from the guy although I was holding on him tightly. It means I'm holding NOTHING and vulnerable to the ghost!

I have to wake up and I DID!!! I woke up immediately from that bad dream and I realized I'm catching my breath and I could actually hear my heart pounding!!!

And out of super imagination or maybe I haven't really wake up, I overheard the lady telling me "I'm gonna get you someday.....".


Oh gawd.. these nights hasn't been kind to me.

Since 11.11.11 sounded like a good date and will not arrive for the next.... uhm... 900 years, guess I should celebrate something.. or anything....

Drink till I'm drunk and hopefully NO MORE FRIGGIN NIGHTMARES! ;)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wanted to go to bed but can't help smiling when thinking that I may have a pet dog soon. Chances are slim but I think I've found my dream pet! A toy poodle!

Thinking about names now...

Should I name it my favorite food?!!

Asam laksa!
Heh mee!

Guess not else I'll be drooling over my poodle!

How about calling it upon things I love to have in life?


Seriously some dogs are named as above!

Well since my poodle to-be is the cutest thing ever, I'm gonna name it...

Gummy bear!

Don't think my poodle likes to be intimidated by popular icons... It might have pressure to maintain certain standard of cuteness.

Hmmm... How abt giving it doggie names like...

(wooppss that's a rat)

Aa-lahh picking a dog name is as leceh as picking names for children.

Something to really think about as they will be called the same for the rest of their lives. Last thing they wanna have is names that makes them feel shitty everytime being called... Like "JIAO JIAO!" if I have a male dog.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Was flipping thru my wardrobe yesterday and found a dress which I have never wore before.

It is a simple and short casual dress bought by a classmate as Xmas pressie few years back.

I tried on it yesterday and found that it is too short and too sexy for me, so decided to transform the dress into a blouse!

I took another blouse to measure how much i need to cut. Drew a line with pen and ruler. Then SNIP SNIP and there goes my dress.

Took me THREE damn hours to do running stitches while watching my favorite Hokkien movie. Took so long because the material is too soft and it causes a great deal of pain on my left hand to fold and to hold it tightly while my right hand sewing on it. Stopped a few times to rest my hand (the cloth is really soft okay....). Nevertheless i was patiently sewing as I want to see how the outcome is like. Finally done at 10.45pm and VOILA!!! My blouse looked great!!!

Anxiously tried on it and immediately felt so disappointed! Spent so much time and effort and yet it is still TOO LONG!!!

Wat da hell....

And no... I will NOT spend 3 more hours to make the blouse shorter! Learnt my lesson. Be more careful in the measurement phase!

....and if you are wondering, I will be sending my blouse to the tailor this time.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Just had a late dinner. Shanmuga nasi lemak ayam. So full now that I would feel guilty to myself if I sleep now.

After resting for 2 days, I got pretty lazy. And to work at this time during these roof leaking season, kinda make me scared of going to work.

Siggghhh... what's life when we need to do something against our will just for living.

Woopss.. should be grateful (remembering the tribes people in Vietnam). Consoling myself "at least I have beautiful clothes to wear, nice food to pick and choose, a car to ease my journey and a roof to keep me from sun and rain".

May God bless me for a smooth day at work tomorrow. Amen...

Finally arrived at Lao Cai railway station at 5.30am and it took another 1hour on the van to go up to Sapa mountain. Sapa is actually the home of the minority people called H'Mong and Zao. Aside from selling handmade products, they also cultivate rice and corns.

Being on the mountain, Sapa weather is very cooling and nice. This could be an ideal relaxation place.

We arrived at North Star Hotel and went to the restaurant directly for breakfast. Vietnam is also popular for their "pho" (pronounced as "fur") which is beef noodles. The noodles looks like "kuey teow" but it tasted very soft just like Penang hor fun. I will definitely miss this noodles!

We walked the whole Sapa town and observed that there are alot of tribes people selling their products there. The Zao and H'mong sell mostly handicraft. And either they carry a big basket containing their products and material, or carrying their baby.

We then climbed up the Ham Rong mountain. The hike was a very difficult and tiring one for me. It kind of contradict with the relaxing holiday which I am anticipating and imagining. We walked for around one hour and when we reached the peak, I was like "WHAT'S SO NICE HERE THAT WE HAVE TO CLIMB TO THE TOP?!!!!". Sorry if I wouldn't know how to enjoy the beauty of the view of a town from up above.

Oh ya, we watched some cultural dances at the mountain too. :)

All of us was starving after climbing down from the mountain and had a simple lunch. First time I ate "ku lou har". Usually we would eat "ku lou yok" (sweet and sour pork), and this time they cook the same way for prawns. Not really impressive - do not try this at home. I believe the prawns would taste better with the sauce if they deep fry the prawn for abit first. And ya, it was like the third time we had spring rolls! Guess it is an essential dish for Vietnamese!

More walking and I am really glad I went to Sapa for one thing. I feel more grateful for my life and had realized that my life is way much better than some unfortunate ones. These tribe people have a very difficult life. Mothers would have to do their products at home, and sell it early in the morning.. with baby on their back. One thing that touches me the most is that a toddler would also help their mother to carry their little siblings!

No memorable childhood for these children as a toddler as young as 2 years old are sent outside to sell their products!

And some children are left on the roadside to play without shoes. They are so dirty and their face and clothes are full of dirt and all sort of stains! The last photo showed a child sitting on the road with a overturn cap infront of him for begging purpose. I don't understand why they would want to have more kids if they are unable to provide them with a comfortable living.

More photos below (do click to enlarge) on their daily lives. I was also amused by how the local people fully utilize the function of a motorcycle. They could transport ducks, chickens, dogs, cow and more than 2 people in a motorcycle! This need skill. We, don't have this skill.

Aside from learning alot about other culture, I also learnt that fruits in Vietnam is smaller in size, but sweeter inside! Misses the mango there... :(

Dinner time! Went to Romano's Pizza (Italian Restaurant) and I really hope to taste something different cause have been feeling sick of having the same food everyday. Didn't know that I was fooled. Went to an Italian Restaurant but had the same food of rice, soup, vegetable, chicken, and luckily there is an egg! I can't get enough of eggs. :) Nothing tasted like Italian for our dinner. Had local wine and I couldn't even swallow my first sip. It contained 40% of alcohol!

On our way back to hotel, we couldn't see what's infront. Look at this!

That's all folks!

Day 4 onwards would have to wait...

And thank you Joyce for blogging about this. Joyce Yap in the next few years would be so thankful for remembering this trip because of the blog post.

One Day 2 we spent one of the most enjoyable day in Vietnam - Halong Bay. We took a 4 hours boat trip and were on a private cruise on a huge boat!!!

One of the most amazing view is when all the boats are heading to the same direction - on a small strait in between mountains on both sides. At that point of time it reminded me of some Chinese war scene whereby all the battle ships are heading to the same direction preparing for war! Hilarious at the same time..

We stopped at a floating fishing village and there I realized that the seafood size is alot bigger than those in Malaysia! ...or Maybe I haven't seen live seafood in Malaysia. SWT~~

One of the itinerary in Halong Bay is to visist the multi-shaped rocks along Halong Bay, and caves and grottoes (I have no idea what that means).

Had another delicious meal on the boat. We had 3 seafood meals continuously and I was already "jelak" of seafood that time. But nevertheless all four of us enjoyed the meal accompanied with the sea breeze. My holiday partners have all agreed that this is the best meal in the entire trip! :)

I kinda wish the cruise would last a little longer. Love to be relaxed in such a way... in the middle of the sea, enjoy the breeze and smell of pure fresh air. Aaahhh... I miss Halong Bay!

Immediately when we were dropped off at Halong boat jetty, we once again boarded the van for another 4 hours journey back to Hanoi! This trip is okay but we spent too much time on the road which is exhausting for our poor flat arses and simply waste of time.

We made a pit-stop at another factory where we get to see people doing statues, painting, etc and I realized we Malaysians (local people) wouldn't have the skill to do all that!

Look at the photo above. Can you figure out how they keep back all their goods when closing shops?

Arrived at Hanoi, took a fast shower at a small hotel then proceed to dinner. Seemed like all we did in the trip is on the road-eat-on the road-eat.

We then are sent to the train station for a 8-hours journey to Lao Cai - Sapa. Told ya about the time we spent on road - waste of time! Ish!!!

All four of us cramp in a small soft-sleeper cabin in TSC Vietnam Train. It has 2 double deckers and a small table. Not spacious but cozy enough for us who know each other to cramp in such space. Would feel awkward though to be sharing with strangers. Hehe..

End of day 2! --> Bravo Joyce! U made it to Day 2!!! 3 more blogs to go!!! ;)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Finally found the mood to blog about my Vietnam trip **at last** Thanks to the holiday that I feel more relaxed to do some typing :)

After 3hours and 30mins flight from LCCT, KL to Hanoi Airport, we were being picked up by the local tour agent. Our tour guide is kinda 'leng chai', but from the way he walk, speak and react, I think he's a gay! :P

Self-explanatory photos below..

The Ba Ding Square, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum & Residence, and One Pillar Pagoda has alot of historical bits to offer. But for a flunk History student like me, I would say the visit is pretty boring! Hmmmm... One thing I get to know is that President Ho Chi Minh is one very humble person as he gave up living in a luxury residence and requested for a wooden hut to be built for him instead. Well either he's a humble person or the history portray him so.. :)

Went for buffet lunch then. Varieties aspect it was superb. But as a foreign person to their food, we don't really know which to pick. Saw alot of greenish stuff called vegetables, and are mostly raw.

I love noodle soup where I get to pick mushrooms, vegetables and bean curd. And not forgetting the steam prawns which are the hottest pick in the buffet line!

Vietnam is also popular for their spring rolls. These spring rolls comes with choice of chicken or beef. The meat slices are wrapped with mint leaves and then rolled with a thin spring roll skin. You may eat it with or without the sauce. It is one of the most delicious spring roll I have tasted! I just love mint leaves (pudina). And as for me, the WINNING dish in the entire lunch was the GRILLED PRAWNS!!! I think I had 4 or 5 of it although my stomach was at the extend of breaking.

Overall ambiance are nice, and look at the varieties of desserts and cakes! I didn't have any of it coz I was too full then.

Took a 4 hours ride on the most scary road in the world! It is actually their way of driving. I don't really know how to describe it, but just to say that I WAS SHOUTING IN THE VAN!!!

Journey from Hanoi to Halong Bay took us 4 damn hours and we had a break at one of the limestone factory. Look at me posing around with the lovely statues.

Finally arrived at Halong Bay and we had a 9-course meal in one of the seafood restaurant. The meal compromises of a seafood soup, fried spring rolls, two different vegetables, pork, fish, squids, prawns, flower crab... all for a group of FOUR! Surprisingly we get to finish all of it!

And what makes us misses Halong Bay till today is the Vietnam drip coffee served! It cost 20,000 Dong per cup (once finish dripping there is only 1/4 cup). Everyone would need to be a millionaire there to drink a cup of coffee! It was indeed the most unforgettable taste of caffeine I ever had!!! Thick and oh so satisfying....

We then spent the rest of the night at Halong Bay night market and drink drank drunk in the hotel room! We skipped the drunk part as we are all good drinkers!!! (obviously lying but we really did not get drunk.... )

That's all for Day 1!!! :)

Went to Sunday Giza today and there is a fair going on.

I was approached by salesgirls from Bizzy Body and Slimming Sanctuary.

I was like "Harlow... I know lah I'm abit chubby... maybe plump... but do I really have to go for slimming courses!!!"

Since they think I'm fat, I should have drop myself on their skinny asses and guling guling on them till they penyek like tosai!

Ish ish ishhhh... Reminder to myself to kam fei again... ish ish ishhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

Went for a good lunch with Gavin today at Jaya One. Wanted to bring him to Mai Ramen but unfortunately it was closed, together with the whole row of shops. So went to Tak Fook Hong Kong Seafood instead.

I have been a big fan of this restaurant and have tried the branches at Puchong and Taman Manjalara, which serves equally good food. Some dishes that mustn't be missed are the cheese crab and salted egg crab. The cheese crab is so yummylicious with fried mantou (to order separately). The deep fried french beans and Mongolian mantis prawn are as usual - finger licking good!

Gavin then brought me to Sunway Giza for dessert. Tong Pak Fu Hong Kong Dessert was an impressive visit indeed! Gavin ordered durian shaved ice cream and it taste exactly like eating durian! My cream mango sago with pomelo is thick and seeedap! But I kinda wish that the mango is sweeter though!

I call today "Hong Kong day" since the food and dessert we had are branded Hong Kong food.

At the end of the day, I would say that today food hunting is YUMMYLICIOUS!!!! Yuuummmm....

Saturday, October 29, 2011