Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I made a trip down to see a doctor for medical check-up as requested by my future employer. They have actually assigned this doctor to perform a full medical check up on me. This includes X-ray, ECG, urine and blood test.

For one, the ECG is just so uncomfortable as I would have to strip in front of a nurse and lay down straight, exposing my assets facing up!!! Then she put some sort of sticky gel around my bre*ast, and the gel helps to stick those equipment that looked like a ping pong ball with wiring over it, and on both my hands and legs. It take just a moment to get my body diagnosed, but it felt so damn long cause I'm so uncomfortable being naked with a stranger! I think the results could be kind of bias, as my heartbeat is faster than usual.

X-ray and urine test is as per normal. The doctor took my blood pressure and said "Hundred over sixty. Low blood pressure". No surprise for me, as my pressure has gone as low as 80/60 before!

Blood test is somehow painfully unexpected! The previous blood test I took, left me with blue black for almost 3 weeks! Chew E.T said it is because the clinic has got a very lousy nurse. In fact, it was the doctor who did the blood test for me. So this time, I specifically told the doctor about my previous experience with another clinic, hoping that he would be a pro to not give me a blue black for another 3 weeks. I also added a little note about being an anemic, so that he may show my some mercy for not taking so much blood from me. Well, I'm one funny patient. :P

After his assurance, I thought I wouldn't feel a pinch and it will be done in a sec!!! Mana tau... It takes him forever to extract enough blood from my vein! I turned to look away from my arm, I was waiting for him to say "done", but all I got is this painful pinch, and I can FEEL MY BLOOD FLOWING.. then STOP.. then FLOW again.. then STOP!! This continues for several times.. and finally he said "DONE". Knowing that it takes so damn long to extract my blood, he said "Your blood is flowing so slowly.. I think you don't have enough blood.. eat more chicken liver".

I was like "WTF.. I did told you that I have anemia right?!!" (No.. I didn't say this out loud to him)

Now that I'm back home, I still couldn't straighten up my arm! I think I'm wounded from the battle of my blood and veins vs the doctor with a syringe!