Thursday, July 1, 2010

I find that the last few days to be very unbearable.

Looking for a job is not very tough actually, but looking for a job that you want, that offers you salary that you find satisfactory, with a location that is strategic enough to travel to.. IS FREAKING HARD! ...and it gets HARDER when you don't really know what you want. Am very afraid that I would land on a job that I might not really like, and the rush is due to the feeling of inadequacy and "useless" when not being financially independent.

I am that kind of person. I just don't feel right when I am not able to be useful to myself. I need to be someone that I can be proud of, or at least not to be embarrass about. Is that what we called pride? Ego? Nah~ Don't really care as long as it helps in self improvement. To me, this is called motivation! Ushhh!!!

I do hope in the next few days or weeks (hopefully not months), I would be able to post something nice here. A great job perhaps?

Always as an assurance to my action, and to console myself, I would like to say that I do not regret quitting from my previous job. It may be a hasty one, but definitely not something that I regret with. Am very very very glad that I have the courage to quit from that job as staying there for one more day would drive me nuts! ;)

Oh gawd.. it has been 1hour since I wallop that pack of Korean instant noodles, and I'm still very much bloated! Ya think I'm gonna be a fatty for having supper at 1.15am in the morning? If that's the case, I can always go to Perth again to lose more weight. That cold weather just wipe off my weight just like that *pufff*.

I hear my bed calling for me. Ciao peeps!