Sunday, August 29, 2010

Some people blog because they would like to share a certain topic of expertise, like food. Look at how successful KY is! And Patrick on how he talks about politics! And my friend Ongzi who talks about nature and plants. Not to mention the precise info we get from all the IT bloggers! These blogs serves a purpose as a forum for open discussion, which is really good and beneficial!

For others who don't really specialize in anything, like me for instance, will look at blog as a platform to vent freely. It is one personal space to rant whatever dissatisfaction one may have, without the fear of letting someone know about it (if I care, I wouldn't have write it at the first place, make sense??!!!).

Basically, one is responsible for what they write. Bear in mind too, they have the right to say whatever they want. It depends on others / readers on how they feel about a certain post, and react towards it. As for me, I don't really care. This is my space, and I called it "this is my life.. and this is what I have to say".. so clearly, I will say whatever I want to. I also had enough of people who make their judgment too quickly. If they have something against me, there are nothing I can say to make them change their mind -- as if I would try!

The question now is, will my blog be too personal to be revealed in this public platform? Will some psycho get up close and personal with me thru my blog and eventually use it against me and harm me in certain way?

If that's the case, what about people who report about their daily life in their blog? Aren't they more vulnerable?

Regardless of what, I will try my best to put in more positive / happy post here for everyone's' reading pleasure.

Till then, goodnight!


王子 said...

ongzi oso writes about who he is and wat he likes, his less-than-perfect cooking, and ect

Joyce Yap said...

Oh.. meaning you have a 4th blog?!