Monday, August 30, 2010

It has been a very tiring day.

Started my day with a morning call at 5a.m. Took a quick warm bath, make up, dress up, and complete my look with a hair-bun. Just before I put on my belt and get ready to go, I received a SMS saying that the photo-shoot has been postponed to other day.

Read the message out loud to my mum and she was laughing, while looking at me - all prepared to go. I went back to bed, sleeping still, sideway, not to ruin my hair-do and make up, so that I could still go to work with that.

Woke up 2 hours later, and spent the whole day in the office just like another ordinary day.

Dinner time, had a get-together with family. Good one - as usual. With much jokes and laughter. Guess everyone enjoyed looking at me and my second sister-in law arguing like cats and dogs. But rest assure, these are all part of our creative act, just for fun...

At times, after having a very tiring day, all you want is to have someone to talk to you and ask "how are you". This ultimate question is the only thing you want to hear, as it gives you permission to start mumbling, grumbling.. blah blah blah blah blahhhhh~

to imagine, how relief it is having a good listener after a dramatic / sad / angry day. One would be thankful for such a listener. I know I would.

How if a person talks about nothing but themselves. And end the conversation with "bye bye". I really do hope they ask "how is your day", "how are you". But sometimes they don't. It made me wonder "why are there such self-centered person?!". Does everything have to be just about them?

Usually if I were to talk about myself, I'll end my whole agenda by asking "How about you? Had a great day?"... it's like an opening for another person to talk and share too after a whole tiring day.

hoping someone could do that for me. You know.. just a simple question "How was your day?".

In fact, only Vince who are still interested to know about me even after 5 years of being together. He has always been a loyal reader of this story book titled "Joyce's Life". Every single aspect of my life still fascinates him at some point. Wonder if he'll finish the whole chapter of this book.

Time to clean off the make-up, wax from my hair, and a good shower before heading to bed.

----------------------HAPPY MERDEKA MALAYSIA!!!--------------------------