Monday, August 9, 2010

It is a surprise that I manage to drive home, take shower, wash my hair filled with cigarette stench, and get myself online and to blog here.. when I'm feeling so tipsy!!!

Came back from company gathering. Those promoted / salary increased celebrate their promotion with the rest of the staff. No full attendance though, only 100++ turn up. We had buffet, sing, dance and drink!

Well, I am not supposed to drink. I've made a promise to someone who witnessed the suffering I had for the past 2 days due to my gastric. But being a "newbie" in this company, I believe everyone is trying to get me drunk. I did say that I have gastric and trying not to drink, but really, WHO CARES when they're already to HIGH?!

They even carried me ON MY CHAIR to the stage when the rest is dancing. See how crazy they are?!! I was being dragged to the stage for 3 times, to dance. My senior Moon was being dragged there too. I was laughing like mad when she screamed from the table, all the way to the stage.

Mum and dad was there too. As usual, frequent patron at the executive club. In fact, mum kept approaching me, asking me to dance on the stage. And so being dragged to the stage, I danced with 4 different colleagues. All taking turns to take me over on the stage.

Those not aware of my parents presence, was in shock when my dad went up the stage, and I voluntary sang and dance with him, and when they finally knew that my parents were there the whole time, almost PENGSAN! Some shock hands with my parents. And yeah, 2 of my colleagues, actually joget with mum. They had fun too!

It is a fun night. Still, a miracle that I am still blogging at this state. Had 5-6 glass of beer. Not that it is enough to make me drunk. But really, I was a very good drinker. Don't know what happened now. Perhaps it's the "BOTTOMS UP!!! JOYCE BOTTOMS UP!!!" calling that's causing this.

Am waiting for my hair to dry up after shower.

Shit. I'm so blur.. feeling tipsy.

Called Vince. He did not scold or lecture me. Nothing near to that. He's actually glad that I'm bonding with my colleagues. And he said he trusted me. Saying that I would know when I need to stop drinking. Calling me "kia su" but in a good way, protective of myself. But really, I know I need to drive home. So I know my limit. I hope others would trust me too. I know mum don't.

It really is a great night. I hope I will continue to have fun while working with this company.

Mum and dad is still there. Talking about enjoying their retirement! As for the young me, I came back home early to take bath and get my beauty sleep.

Head spinning. Eyes closing. Hair still wet. Should I crash to my bed?

Ah shit..