Saturday, August 28, 2010

Once upon a time, there is one little girl who made a wish, a very innocent wish, which is to have something to call her own. During her childhood, she has got no one to play with. All she wanted, is a pet dog. She kept this dream with her, hoping that she would grow up as fast as she can, to be an adult, to finally have her own say to get a pet dog.

She's 27 years old now. Financially independent. And as an adult, she is taking responsibility about her own life. But the big question here is "Why is her parents AGAINST the idea of her having a pet dog?".

Their explanation...
  • Dogs have virus - they might make you fall sick, or even get asthma!
  • You're an allergy girl - you may be sensitive towards animal's fur!
  • High maintenance - dog food, grooming, injections, and more when they are sick!
  • Short life span - Imagine you pour your heart and soul into a canine, and after 7-8 years, they die - how devastated will you be then?!!!

My justification..

  • Not scientifically proven - Tell me this only when EVERY SINGLE dog owners have health problem because of their dogs!
  • HALLOOOO - I've consulted so many skin specialist and none of them can determine what am I allergic to. I am still allergic to something now, do you see any animal in our house?! So what makes you think I'm allergic to animal's fur?!!
  • I'm a working adult - I can afford it, and I don't mind spending on something I love.
  • If you are afraid of losing something, you'll never own anything - I rather be extremely happy, get over my depression and loneliness for 7-8 years, then be sad for max, 1-2 years. Do the math! It's worth it! The happiness a canine gives, is PRICELESS.

The verdict..

  • They win ; I lose


  • They are my parents ; and they have final say in EVERYTHING.

What I hate most..

  • They never listen.
  • They don't know what I REALLY WANT.
  • Mum broke her promise, she said YES. I did my research and dog hunting for 2 days. Then she said NO again.
  • DAD IS FREAKING STUBBORN!!! (that's where I get my stubbornness from)
  • My thought about the verdict -- How can we practice democracy in the country when it is not even practiced at home??!!!

What about my dream???!!!

  • It's my house - it's my say.
  • Even IF I can afford to move out to stay by myself now, parents would not let me.
  • So to elaborate on this idea, I need to get married, to move out to a house of my own, then FINALLY... I can have my dog!!! Coz that time... parents are no longer in control of me anymore!!! HORRRAAYYY!!! YIPPIIEEEEEEE!!!
  • To get this plan executed, I need at least 5 years (marriage is not masak-masak okay). I might be 32 that time, but it is never to late.

Doggie doggie.. one day, you will be mine!!!

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (puppy)

Yorkshire terrier (puppy)

Siberian husky (puppy)

Shih Tzu (puppy)

Pomeranian (puppy)



Maltese (puppy)

cute puppiesGolden retriever (puppy)

cute brown poodle
Toy poodle (puppy)

Now look at them.. so adorable and lovable!!! How can anyone resist them?!! And if they fall sick, how can we find the heart to blame them for making us spend our money?!! I know I won't!!!
If they are mine, I would give my world to make sure that they are happy, healthy and safe.


王子 said...

i think, above all the reason....
this is the ultimatum : it is their hse...they make the rule

u wan a dog? get ur own house first.. then u make your own rule.
in ur own hse.. u make d rule, u take responsiblity of the outcomes

Joyce Yap said...

Yeah.. guess that is the only way I can argue my way to have a pet dog "THIS IS MY HOUSE, I SET THE RULES!!!"

Raoul said...

and by the time you move out, get married, you'll be having kids and the thought of having a puppy or two becomes a distant memory....wahaha

Joyce Yap said...

Nah.. i'll learn to take care of puppies before learning to raise up my own child :P

Anonymous said...

It's that maltese puppy real?

Joyce Yap said...

Yes it's real.. cute eh?!!

Anonymous said...

You are 27 and you still live home?! thats the first reason why you shouldn't have a puppy!!! You say you are independent but living with your parents doesn't seem too much like it. get your thoughts straight and set some real goals like moving out. your whole page seems like you are a teenager who is not getting his way... GIRL get your own house/apartment, start living and get the dog you want.

Anonymous said...

As long as you live in their house, you do have to abide by their rules.

But at the age of 27, your parents should not be making the rules for you anymore. You are well into your adulthood now, and it's time for you to start making your own decisions. To do that, you're going to have to live on your own.

And when you do live on your own, remember: your parents won't always agree with your choices, but the time is long past that you need to abide by their decisions. You can take their advice, of course, but you don't need to do everything they want you to do. You're not a child anymore -

take the reins of your life! When you live out on your own, and you want to get a dog, and your parents say no - laugh gently and say, "Thanks for your opinion, but this is what I've decided to do." Then go do it. None of this "my parents won't let me" stuff; you're much too old for that and they should recognize that too.

Anonymous said...

After leaving the last post, I realized you're from Malaysia and there might be cultural differences at play here.

Best of luck with everything!

Anonymous said...

i came across your blog while looking at puppies for some reason, i was just going to suggest maybe you explain to them them (your parents)that there are puppies and dogs with hair instead of fur and even if you do have an allergy to dog "fur" you most likely won't with a dog like a poodle that has hair even if it is a hybrid dog like a labradoodle or something along those lines they are still loving smart dogs and everyone gets what they want :)

Joyce Yap said...

Hi there,

Thanks alot for your comment.
Well first of all, yes, I am from Malaysia and it is fairly justifiable in why we are still staying with our parents at this age. Our culture in Malaysia keep us very close-knitted to our parents, and some even stayed together after they got married, have children etc. It is a very normal sight of having 3-generations under one roof. So yeah, in my case, I still need to get out from my parents house so that I can set my own rules. But it is still not the time for me as I'm working nearby to where I'm living and it doesn't make much sense if I move out (extra expenses incurred such as accommodation and food etc). I hope this helps to clear your confusion. Haha~

And thanks alot for your recommendation on dogs. I kinda like em fury.. don't really mind as my allergy to animals fur are not proven yet. Those fury one are nicer to cuddle. Haha!

Joyce Yap

Anonymous said...

you really need to get married so you can have your own dog...

Admin said...

i treat my dog like a child, i know when he fall sick or when he bugging me to bring for food.

Joyce Yap said...

Woot woot!!! Dreams come true... finally!!! ;)

Fauzi Eilyaas said...

randomly surfing when i saw this post. i was laughing like myself silly reading this! Yet... i totally understand. Here, across the causeway, our generation is much the same on some things. Just that housing here is priced riiiiidiculously. Anyways, congrats on having your wish granted!!!