Saturday, August 28, 2010

I did not get to sleep well yesterday.

Had a bad dream.

In fact, I dreamt about 'him'.

Talking about HIM is no longer a taboo for me. It no longer make me heart feels like it is being stabbed repeatedly, nor makes me sob and cry for what has happened.

To me now, he is a piece of history, and it is a very importance piece as it makes me who I am today. He too, shapes my perspective of relationship. That not every relationship is long lasting, and how short and disappointing it could be. He indeed is my first love, my ex-bf who has been with me for 5 long years, and we broke up when I was 22 years old.

As I said, it is no longer a taboo to be thinking, hearing, seeing or dreaming about him. I can now talk about him freely without any sickening feeling that used to cut me deep into my core. I don't feel like taking an axe and make him mince meat for 'char siu bao' anymore. I'm free as a bird!
So why is it a bad dream... Hmmm... I still can't figure it out. Maybe it reminds me of being rejected / dumped by a person I truly loves???!!!

Regardless of what.. I'm still thinking what it means to be dreaming about him after all these years. :)


Kayvin Sia said...

don't use the axe's murder,

use it accidentally , it's manslaughter,

press ALT, CTRL and DELETE, then confirm your world will be so much better