Monday, August 2, 2010

It was my first day at work.

Like the familiar faces there.
Like the fact that it took me less than 25 minutes to work.
Like working IN a bungalow converted into an office.
Like the buggy ride to lunch.
Like having free lunch as we're given RM150 meal voucher every month.
Like the food and cooling environment in the clubhouse for lunch.
Like the very clean toilet in the office!

Dislike having my car parked outside under the hot sun without any form of shade.
Dislike that I sensed distance with some colleagues.
Dislike that people there is not as silly, crazy, nor friendly as I am (I think I need to more time to explore the inner them).
Dislike the traffic jam on the way home.

Tired. Sleepy. Goodnight! :)


aLwAyS kEeP tHe FaiTh said...

at least "like" is more than "dislike" ... xD~
add oil er ku !!!!
<3 you xD~

Joyce Yap said...

I'm planning to turn the DISLIKE into LIKE! Hahaha.. Xie xie ni ohh!!! ;)

aLwAyS kEeP tHe FaiTh said...

that means you are starting to love that place ?
glad to hear~
all the best xD~