Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We had a briefing in the office today. There was roughly 150 staffs who attended the briefing and our CEO brought up topics abt commitment, responsibilities, new projects in Cyberjaya and Melbourne Australia. He then announced that we are gonna have a BIG PARTY in July and it's gonna be a crazy disco night! Among so many staffs, he looked straight at me and asked "Joyce, where is the most happening disco now?". I was shocked and answered "I don't know" but the rest thought I was bluffing abt being clueless. Spent the day wondering if I portrayed a wrong image in the office? Me a disko kaki? Naahhh.... Don't think so!!! Guess I gotta be more decent n polite in the office from now onwards...

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I gotta remember this blog post because this is the first time I blog using my iPod and it is blardey difficult!

I was pretty lazy to switch on my pc and so just rant on the bed using this tiny little gadget which has keyboard button smaller than my litle pinky.

Ok now back to ranting, I just had one of those days when I feel sucky for being a woman! U know the monthly girl stuff that really is a pain in the a*se (stomach actually), then feeling bloated (looked like I'm preggy), and I hate pimples! Seriously the pimples days have passed me lOng long time ago and by looking at pimples on my face now, really freaks me out! I'm not teen anymore so wassup with the pimples?!!!

Oh gosh blogging has never been this difficult and annoying! Kept deleting as I kept typing wrongly. No wonder iPad is created! Bet I would blog faster with it.

Back to my stats again, I'm feeling like shit. Think I've gained a few pounds. Thanks to Barry who works till late at night and asked me out for dinner (his dinner, my supper). Everyone knows supper is fattening!!!!! Whats more having it for few days!!! My god... Time to head to the gym!!

My ESPRIT sunglass broke!!! I have been using it for only a year.. it was the protector of my eyes (wah-lau), and my loyal companion whenever I travels... :(

It never failed me, and has always made me looked good! Looked like a diva without my panda eyes... :P

(see... I'm a cute little diva... muahahaa... *puke*)

Now it broke and I have got no choice but to get a new one...

I'm currently keeping an eye on Tiffany&Co sunglass. I saw one in Dubai International Airport, it's trendy and looked good on me too!!! Hahaha~ but I was shocked by the price tag! After conversion it would be around RM1,300!!!

It looked something like this...

I have always wondered on why would people spend so much on just an eyewear? Can't believe I'm thinking of buying one too!!! Ahhhhh shiiiiitttttt.....!!!!!

Gotta tell mum about this and let her shout "DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!!!" so that I'll get this expensive evil thought OFF my mind!!!

Monday, June 27, 2011

Had one of the most funny moment yesterday and I should definitely blog about it!

On Saturday, Barry informed me that his brother in-law had given him 2 tickets to see acrobatic performance at Putra Stadium Bukit Jalil. The show is for the next day, on Sunday. I wasn't very excited but decided to give it a try since I would be lazing around my weekend anyway.

So we made our way to Bukit Jalil, reaching there at about 2.10pm. It was pretty early for a 3pm show... we thought. But we were shocked to see the full parking lot with people Q-ing at the stadium entrance! Never knew there would be so many people interested in acrobatic performance!

We walked in, find our seats, and while trying to get settled, something caught my attention. I thought the environment was very familiar. People with uniformed t-shirts are cheering, singing, clapping, showing their banners, and they are soooo motivated!

I was thinking... "Oh my God!!! Direct selling!!!".

I then tell Barry "No... this is not right... the stage is way too small for a acrobatic performance!".

I took out the ticket and it read 'E-Excel Convention'. With small prints of "Special appearance of acrobatic from Shandong China". Apparantly, this E-Excel thingy is celebrating their 20th year! Where was I in this 20 years as I have not heard of E-Excel before????!!!

Immediately after reading the ticket, I burst out laughing because the last thing I would do on a relaxing Sunday is to attend a direct-selling convention! Especially feeling like I've been tricked into it! Obviously Barry and his brother in-law was tricked too because the information that has been relayed to them is that... "It's a freaking acrobatic show from China!".

A convention on the other hand, doesn't interest me at all! So we left the stadium right after we saw how motivated those bunch of people are. Well don't get me wrong. It is not like I have something against direct selling or whatsoever. But attending these conventions are pretty B>O>R>I>N>G>>>!!!! . It would start with speech from their VVIP, more speeches from Directors, speeches from their upper line about how successful people are, from rags to riches, from making a living by selling char kuey teow to driving Mercedes now, (sounds familiar right??), and these speeches really turns me off!

And so realizing that we would have to bear probably few hours of speeches before we get to see a small acrobatic team performing on the small stage, we decided to just spend the rest of the day relaxing at a coffee shop. We ended up have a pretty heavy tea-time at Ole-Ole Bali at Sunway Pyramid.. and Barry had a good cup of coffee too!

Moral of the story: Read invitation carefully, INCLUDING the small prints! ;)