Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I will get what I want!!!

I want Ochado and hell yeah I'm getting it!!!

This is the super long Q at Ochado!!! U would have to Q for 20mins to order and another 40mins to wait for your drinks! We waited super long that day because they are out of pearls *gosh*

Feeling happy to have finally bought 5 different of Ochado flavors!!! :)

My Milk Tea with Azuki Beans and Pearl and Teck Sheng is holding his Oolong Peach Tea

Alicia, Teck Sheng, Barry & Bernard with their Ochado tea

Alicia loving her 3Q Passionate Tea which is sourish and very appetizing!!! ;)

A total of 5 Ochado M size tea (we ordered 5 of 10 Top Ten Drinks), and it cost RM29.10!!! It is alot cheaper compared to Chatime. And WE ARE ALL SMILING WHILE DRINKING IT!!!

Am going back there for certain!!!

Super yummylicious! :)

I have been to this French-style bakery and cafe at Jalan Imbi for a few times and had just decided to blog about my most recent trip there with my gang. It was Kah Yee who intro this place to Vince, and he brought me there claiming he had the best mushroom soup at this bakery! :P

This place in fact is a very popular bakery among the KL people. And it is very hard to find a parking due to the limited parking area. You would be surprise to see alot of luxury and sport cars coming to this place for a meal!

This meal is almost a mission impossible for me because I have difficult time persuading my gang to go all the way to KL for a mushroom soup!!!

Myself with Teck Sheng & Alicia

Seafood Aglio-Olio RM12.50

Chicken Meatball Bolognaise RM11.90

Toasted Turkey Ham Cheese RM6.20
Croissant D'amando RM3.80
Tuna French RM3.60

Seafood Pizza RM6.00

Creamy Mushroom Chicken Soup RM5.40

Choco Crunch RM3.30
Seafood Pizza RM6.00
Custard Cream Donut RM2.80

Caffe Latte RM7.50
Cappucino RM6.90

There are a few comments that I got from them about this place...

Bernard says "The mushroom soup is like the one in DOME" (meaning nothing extraordinary because we can get it at DOME, do not have to come all the way to KL or as good as I claimed)

Teck Sheng says "I can make better spaghetti!!!" then continue telling me how laku is his spaghetti when he brought it to Kean Seng's place during New Year party. Hahaha!!!

Barry and Alicia is cincai as usual saying "Ok ah... okay lo...."

As for me, my all time favourite would be the thick and creamy mushroom soup with alot of fresh mushrooms in it! As for the buns, I would not miss the curry chicken donut. It is not in this blog because this bun is all sold out that day. But Barry managed to get one-to-go before we head to Pavilion.

So since my recommendation is not very satisfactory for my gang, I decided to belanja them lah... Paiseh to intro something which is not very cheap and yet they don't enjoy it. Haha!

Overall this cafe is a nice hang out place. Although the buns are not very cheap, but it is a place worth trying. I remembered last time people said poor people "ngai min bao", but now it seemed like only rich people can afford to eat min bao. :)

Those interested, details as below:-
No. 7, Jalan Delima,
55100 Kuala Lumpur,
Phone: +603 2142 6611
Monday to Sunday 7.30am - 9pm
Yummylicious! :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wishing all my Muslim friends Selamat Hari Raya Adilfitri!

And to everyone else, HAPPY HOLIDAY! :)

Myself is enjoying the first day of Adilfitri. Finally get to fulfill my cravings for Bubble Tea!!!

Last Sunday I went for Pao Xiang Bak Kut Teh at Centro Klang with my gang, then head to Sunway Pyramid to jalan-jalan abit and look for Chatime.

We found that there are actually TWO Chatime at Pyramid itself. If anyone wants to try it, I would suggest to head on to the Old Wing, where Wong Kok is. There is a lesser crowd and Q, but they probably have only 6 seats which is located outdoor. The one in the New Wing is always packed, and the Q is not less than 2 or 3 lines. Here they offer cozy sitting area, but limited to around less than 15 seats I guess.

The drinks however, I would find it over-rated! .... and overpriced! :(

Barry took roasted milk tea which is RM5.90 and my strawberry pudding that looks ohh-so-yummy in the menu turns out to look ohh-so-yucky when I actually see it. It cost me RM7.90 and the pudding is tasteless.

One more thing that we both agreed is that a bubble tea should not supposed to have ice in it! It makes the drinks so diluted and when we finished drinking, the ice cubes actually blocked the pearls and this really challenge me in my straw sucking skills. HAhaha!!!

So sob sob... this is really disappointing!!!

Chatime sucks

Chatime sucks

Tak sedap and banyak mahal ohh...

A pic of my silly face.. still upload it anyway for entertainment purpose

When I walked around and saw people holding Chatime, I kinda curi-curi laugh at them thinking "OMG they have such a bad taste.. Drinking it just because it is popular..." Forgetting that I had just tried it too! Kaka... But I know I won't be going back to Chatime... soweyyy...

Yummylicious... NOT!!! :(

Oh ya... I did not end the day feeling disappointed. Cause nearby Pyramid, I remembered ET mentioned that he tasted the best wah tan hor in USJ. So we went to that restaurant called Ah Lek's Kitchen. We ordered of course, the wah tan hor, salted egg sotong and spinach soup.

What I can say about my dinner was... uhh-laa-laaaa!!! The salted egg sotong is highly recommended! It is so tasty and unlike other places that substitute the salted egg with alot of sugar, this dish I could taste the whole salted egg melting in my mouth!!! The spinach soup cooked with century egg and wah tan hor is yummylicious too!

The service is great as well. The waitress (Chinese aunty) would recommend us their popular dishes, then asked if I want her to repeat her order, the Indonesian helper is polite and automatically brought us tissue when we finished eating and ashtray when Barry was just about to take his ciggie out. And the price is very reasonable too.

This is YUMMYLICIOUS!!! :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I was just craving for bubble tea moment ago... and guess what!!!! KY is kind enough to do a bubble tea round up for me!!! Featuring 3 different places... WOW.. I start to think that he can read my mind!!!

I can still remember those time when I wanted so badly to hunt for ramen, and he was actually in ramen season as well! He has got like 4-5 post about ramen he has tasted! ....this kind of mind thinking actually freaks me out. :P

Hhmmmm... still craving for bubble tea though. And seemed like the best one he had is actually in Tokyo Street called Ochado. I saw the shop during my trip at Pavilion the other day, but did not get to buy it because of the long Q. Since KY review was quite impressive about this bubble tea place, I might just try it some time!

It's 11.33pm and I couldn't sleep unless I get my bubble tea!!
I wan I wan I wannnnn!!!
(lao kai like a small child) --> Is it working??? :P

What does I FEEL LIKE SHIT means...

Definition from Urban Dictionary:-

When you just feel down about yourself and feel disgusted. See "Feel like crap." Its when nothing matters to you and you donlt care, your also very sad. When you feel like crap, the best thing to do is at the very least go outside and eat some fruit. Nature will at least make you feel a little better, but sitting here at the computer reading this definition is not. One thing to do is to have a nice cold glass of iced tea.

The sentence above which is highlighted in BOLD makes me laugh my head off!!! Hahahahaha~

So indeed, I'm feeling like shit now. Shoving my head into the toilet bowl... CIAO~

Emo-ing now :'(

I have realized that I have been at this state of mind for quite some time. I don't know why, and I don't know how. I just know that this have been a long time and something needed to be changed. I wasn't the person I was before, and I don't like myself now.

I used to be happy, joyous, silly, will go around laughing and make jokes. Talking silly that people cannot tahan my silliness. Sharing things I have learned or participated. Talking, talking and talk like a Miss Chatterbox. And suddenly there comes a day where somehow, someone, some environment, and something changed me.

I used to wake up with my music blasting out loud. I danced with it with all my heart and this is how I start a good day.

Now, I woke up feeling ARGGHHHH...
And walking head down all the way to the bathroom till I enter my car... still feeling ZZZZ...
I go to work feeling HAIHHHH...
Saw people in my office and feel ARRGGHHH...
Came back to work feeling UHHHHH...
Meet some boring people who made my life less-exciting and feel like "NIASENGGGG"!!!!
Can't you make me feel abit better... feeling DUHHHH!!!!

I have realized that I have changed because I forgotten alot of things.

I forgot how to live.
I forgot how to love.
I forgot how to forgive.
I forgot how to forget.
I forgot how to laugh.
I forgot how to joke.
I forgot how to smile.
I forgot how to cry.
I forgot how to be glad.
I forgot how to appreciate.
I forgot how to accept differences.
I forgot how to be an adult.
I forgot how to accept mistakes.
I forgot how to accept people who do mistakes.
I forgot the person I was.

Someone, something, somehow, some unfortunate event, changed me. I need to get back on my feet and be the joyous Joyce again. I think there's a purpose my parent gave me this name.

Feeling like SHIT lahhhh...

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I must be crazy to be blogging about FOOD for the previous 5 blogs!!!

I am a fatty in the making!!! :P

Anyway, it is Vince birthday today! Wishing him HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may all his dreams come true!

from, tua pui poh

Monday, August 22, 2011

Recently in Pavilion KL, they have just opened Tokyo Street. That street offers all sort of food, desserts, and cute cute stuffs that are very Korean-ish.

Newly opened Tokyo Street @ Pavilion KL

And there seemed to be a big hoo-ha about a ramen shop called Hokkaido Santouka in that Tokyo Street and so I thought of giving it a try during weekend. We went all the way to Pavilion on Sunday to find that there is a long Q at Hokkaido Santouka. Well it was a weekend so it is understandable... While joining the Q, the waitress brought along a menu for us to order in advance. There wasn't much choices to choose from, and a bowl of plain ramen is priced from RM28 - RM 35. I looked closel, flipping the pages from back to forth, forth to back, and did not find anything that attract me to try on that day. So we left... But I really hope that the other choices in the menu would be available soon because I want to at least try it once.

Long Q at Hokkaido Santouka that eventually scares us away..

As I was already starving since we depart from Klang, we simply pick a restaurant at the Tokyo Street for lunch. Came across Takahashi Cafe that seemed to be quite packed and so got the impression that it may be a nice place to eat. But we are proven wrong very quickly... :(

Salad is so-so. Ask Jebsen for more info. Haha!

Unagi spaghetti sucks. The unagi pieces are so thin and has got the not-fresh fish taste. Yucks... In Hokkien we called it "chau cho". Hahaha!

My scallop + prawn pizza on the other hand is acceptable. The thin crust is filled with alot of cheese which is yum yummmm. But the scallop and prawn isn't that fresh and thus spoil the pizza crust.

The meal is expensive too! Total bill of RM80++. Will not go again, and will not recommend any of the food there.

Yummylicious NOT!!! :(

To look for my Fremantle ramen, I went to Ramen Ton Chan at Wisma Cosway for a try-out. You would not believe that there is a good Japanese restaurant in this building because it looked like it is kinda torn down, and only has those old shops in it.

We have difficulties finding this restaurant, and would have to walk thru some dark alley to find it. Upon entering the restaurant, there is this very Japanese feel because the customers is actually smoking inside. And only true Japanese would do that. Hahahaha!

But really... what is more Japanese than a ramen shop that has all sort of Japanese magazine in it, and all the customers are speaking some foreign language which I could not make any sense of? The waitresses can also speak a little bit Japanese due to their frequent Jap customers.

yummy ramen

yummy ramen

A very nice authentic Japan ambiance. And a photo of the Japanese guys who is polluting the air... :P

yummy ramen

yummy ramen

The appetizer is actually a macaroni with some olove oil (I guess because it does not have much taste in it). Vince ordered unagi with rice which is nice but uhm... nothing special about it?

yummy ramen

yummy ramen

The gyoza is nice, but a has a little bit more garlic taste which is not to my liking.

The ramen however... is marvelous!!! The soup is so flavorful and you can taste the pork broth that have been boiled for hours!!! To make my dinner more enjoyable, I would actually hope that they put more ingredients in the ramen, because it only have 2 slices of charsiu (pork) and a half 3/4 boiled egg. Nothing more, nothing less.

The pricing however would be a little bit more on the upper side if compared to Mai Ramen. My bowl of ramen is RM23++. And I forgotten about the rest... haha!

If I am anywhere near Pavilion KL, I will drop by at this place again.

Yummylicious!!! ;)

In my hunt for a good ramen, my first source is to check on KY's review! There are several places which he have tried and gave his review. And one of it is Mai Ramen at Jaya One that had earned quite good comment from him.

Two weeks ago I "forced" Barry to try it out with me. While enjoying my ramen, I told him "I'm getting near to that taste.. the ramen that I'm searching for".

Last weekend I went there again, and here comes my review! ;)

yummy ramen

delicious unagi

I ordered Ramen and Unagi set that comes with a tuna salad, 3 piees of gyoza, and green tea.

Reason being for ordering the same thing on both my visit is that I enjoyed the plain ramen with thick broth which is a decent meal for me. The soup is best when insert the pickles, which is a little bit on the spicy side. Inside the soup, you may find a 3/4 boiled egg, pieces of chasiu (pork) and vegetables.

Whats more in the set is to have my favourite unagi as a side dish. What I love about the unagi is that the fish is thick and soft. Furthermore, it does not have that small bones poking out when I bite on it. And the sweet gravy compliments the whole thing!

The fried gyoza is not too oily, and the filing is just nice.

yummy ramen

ULTRAraMen Jaya One

I also ordered ULTRAraMen which is a super big bowl of ramen with everything in it! What I mean by EVERYTHING is... charsiu pork, a perfectly done 3/4 boiled egg, 2 pieces of gyoza, prawns, chunks of pork meat, and many more...

It was a very filing lunch. And they gave us complimentary ice-cream too. It is some sort of shaved ice cream with peanut topping. It is claimed to be preservative-free.

The food here is very reasonable. The ramen with unagi set is RM28 while the big bowl of ULTRAraMEN is RM19.00 (promo during anniversary). Do look out for their 50% discount promo in month of August! It is not applicable for unagi dishes though. Click "like" on Mai Ramen Cafe in Facebook and you will get all the updates on the promo they have.

Although I enjoyed ramen here, it still could not beat the one I had in Fremantle. But I will definitely go to Mai Ramen again when my Japanese craving comes...

Yummylicious! ;)

Ever since I tried an authentic bowl of hot ramen at Dusukoi Japanese Noodle and Bubble Tea in Fremantle WA in 2010, I was so deeply in love with this Japanese noodles. My cousins who have been raised in Perth brought me there before I fly back to Malaysia. It is entirely their fault for creating this crazy ramen craving in me now!!!

Dusukoi Japanese Noodle & Bubble Tea

There are limited seats at this small little kiosk in Fremantle market. When we went there, the Japanese lady boss asked us to leave our number and she will call us once there are seats. So we walked around while waiting for the call, which came after 30 minutes. Believe me, it is worth the wait!

yummy ramen

yummy ramen

yummy ramen

There are so many type of ramen to choose from! Mostly differs by the topping.. such as fried chicken, prawn dumpling, tempura, pork slices and many more!

yummy ramen

This is my bowl of ramen with Japanese fried chicken. The ramen soup broth is soooo heavenly. It is thick and so flavorful!!! I can still remember the taste of it...

My cousin Nelson and his girlfriend Stephanie.

Cousin Jason and Thompson.

Thompson had a bowl of ramen with extra noodles, and yet finishes it till the last drop! That's how good it is!!!

When I came back to Malaysia, I kept looking for the same ramen, but is always disappointed to find that it is not even near to the taste.

I have also googled this place and the reviews are very good!

My wish now is to have a private jet to bring me to Fremantle every weekend to savour that bowl of noodles again!

Yummylicious!!! ;)