Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I will get what I want!!!

I want Ochado and hell yeah I'm getting it!!!

This is the super long Q at Ochado!!! U would have to Q for 20mins to order and another 40mins to wait for your drinks! We waited super long that day because they are out of pearls *gosh*

Feeling happy to have finally bought 5 different of Ochado flavors!!! :)

My Milk Tea with Azuki Beans and Pearl and Teck Sheng is holding his Oolong Peach Tea

Alicia, Teck Sheng, Barry & Bernard with their Ochado tea

Alicia loving her 3Q Passionate Tea which is sourish and very appetizing!!! ;)

A total of 5 Ochado M size tea (we ordered 5 of 10 Top Ten Drinks), and it cost RM29.10!!! It is alot cheaper compared to Chatime. And WE ARE ALL SMILING WHILE DRINKING IT!!!

Am going back there for certain!!!

Super yummylicious! :)


SS said...

Finally got ur ochado huh?V! :p

Joyce Yap said...

It is REALLY yummy!!! U shud try it! some time!!