Thursday, August 25, 2011

I was just craving for bubble tea moment ago... and guess what!!!! KY is kind enough to do a bubble tea round up for me!!! Featuring 3 different places... WOW.. I start to think that he can read my mind!!!

I can still remember those time when I wanted so badly to hunt for ramen, and he was actually in ramen season as well! He has got like 4-5 post about ramen he has tasted! ....this kind of mind thinking actually freaks me out. :P

Hhmmmm... still craving for bubble tea though. And seemed like the best one he had is actually in Tokyo Street called Ochado. I saw the shop during my trip at Pavilion the other day, but did not get to buy it because of the long Q. Since KY review was quite impressive about this bubble tea place, I might just try it some time!

It's 11.33pm and I couldn't sleep unless I get my bubble tea!!
I wan I wan I wannnnn!!!
(lao kai like a small child) --> Is it working??? :P


SS said...

Don't forget to call me when u go for it ya? ;)

Joyce Yap said...

Haha~ Sure!!! Let's go makan-makan with Joyce!!! ;)