Monday, August 22, 2011

In my hunt for a good ramen, my first source is to check on KY's review! There are several places which he have tried and gave his review. And one of it is Mai Ramen at Jaya One that had earned quite good comment from him.

Two weeks ago I "forced" Barry to try it out with me. While enjoying my ramen, I told him "I'm getting near to that taste.. the ramen that I'm searching for".

Last weekend I went there again, and here comes my review! ;)

yummy ramen

delicious unagi

I ordered Ramen and Unagi set that comes with a tuna salad, 3 piees of gyoza, and green tea.

Reason being for ordering the same thing on both my visit is that I enjoyed the plain ramen with thick broth which is a decent meal for me. The soup is best when insert the pickles, which is a little bit on the spicy side. Inside the soup, you may find a 3/4 boiled egg, pieces of chasiu (pork) and vegetables.

Whats more in the set is to have my favourite unagi as a side dish. What I love about the unagi is that the fish is thick and soft. Furthermore, it does not have that small bones poking out when I bite on it. And the sweet gravy compliments the whole thing!

The fried gyoza is not too oily, and the filing is just nice.

yummy ramen

ULTRAraMen Jaya One

I also ordered ULTRAraMen which is a super big bowl of ramen with everything in it! What I mean by EVERYTHING is... charsiu pork, a perfectly done 3/4 boiled egg, 2 pieces of gyoza, prawns, chunks of pork meat, and many more...

It was a very filing lunch. And they gave us complimentary ice-cream too. It is some sort of shaved ice cream with peanut topping. It is claimed to be preservative-free.

The food here is very reasonable. The ramen with unagi set is RM28 while the big bowl of ULTRAraMEN is RM19.00 (promo during anniversary). Do look out for their 50% discount promo in month of August! It is not applicable for unagi dishes though. Click "like" on Mai Ramen Cafe in Facebook and you will get all the updates on the promo they have.

Although I enjoyed ramen here, it still could not beat the one I had in Fremantle. But I will definitely go to Mai Ramen again when my Japanese craving comes...

Yummylicious! ;)