Thursday, August 25, 2011

Emo-ing now :'(

I have realized that I have been at this state of mind for quite some time. I don't know why, and I don't know how. I just know that this have been a long time and something needed to be changed. I wasn't the person I was before, and I don't like myself now.

I used to be happy, joyous, silly, will go around laughing and make jokes. Talking silly that people cannot tahan my silliness. Sharing things I have learned or participated. Talking, talking and talk like a Miss Chatterbox. And suddenly there comes a day where somehow, someone, some environment, and something changed me.

I used to wake up with my music blasting out loud. I danced with it with all my heart and this is how I start a good day.

Now, I woke up feeling ARGGHHHH...
And walking head down all the way to the bathroom till I enter my car... still feeling ZZZZ...
I go to work feeling HAIHHHH...
Saw people in my office and feel ARRGGHHH...
Came back to work feeling UHHHHH...
Meet some boring people who made my life less-exciting and feel like "NIASENGGGG"!!!!
Can't you make me feel abit better... feeling DUHHHH!!!!

I have realized that I have changed because I forgotten alot of things.

I forgot how to live.
I forgot how to love.
I forgot how to forgive.
I forgot how to forget.
I forgot how to laugh.
I forgot how to joke.
I forgot how to smile.
I forgot how to cry.
I forgot how to be glad.
I forgot how to appreciate.
I forgot how to accept differences.
I forgot how to be an adult.
I forgot how to accept mistakes.
I forgot how to accept people who do mistakes.
I forgot the person I was.

Someone, something, somehow, some unfortunate event, changed me. I need to get back on my feet and be the joyous Joyce again. I think there's a purpose my parent gave me this name.

Feeling like SHIT lahhhh...