Monday, August 22, 2011

Ever since I tried an authentic bowl of hot ramen at Dusukoi Japanese Noodle and Bubble Tea in Fremantle WA in 2010, I was so deeply in love with this Japanese noodles. My cousins who have been raised in Perth brought me there before I fly back to Malaysia. It is entirely their fault for creating this crazy ramen craving in me now!!!

Dusukoi Japanese Noodle & Bubble Tea

There are limited seats at this small little kiosk in Fremantle market. When we went there, the Japanese lady boss asked us to leave our number and she will call us once there are seats. So we walked around while waiting for the call, which came after 30 minutes. Believe me, it is worth the wait!

yummy ramen

yummy ramen

yummy ramen

There are so many type of ramen to choose from! Mostly differs by the topping.. such as fried chicken, prawn dumpling, tempura, pork slices and many more!

yummy ramen

This is my bowl of ramen with Japanese fried chicken. The ramen soup broth is soooo heavenly. It is thick and so flavorful!!! I can still remember the taste of it...

My cousin Nelson and his girlfriend Stephanie.

Cousin Jason and Thompson.

Thompson had a bowl of ramen with extra noodles, and yet finishes it till the last drop! That's how good it is!!!

When I came back to Malaysia, I kept looking for the same ramen, but is always disappointed to find that it is not even near to the taste.

I have also googled this place and the reviews are very good!

My wish now is to have a private jet to bring me to Fremantle every weekend to savour that bowl of noodles again!

Yummylicious!!! ;)