Wednesday, August 3, 2011

With every day, week, month and year passes by, there come some changes too.

One year ago, I was very excited to work. Eyes glittering thinking how much satisfaction I would have by spending 8 hours of productive day at work. My previous job does not give me the luxury of doing things independently; instead I'm left with unused hours that made me feel useless and unproductive. So I was very happy to actually have a job to keep me busy.

One year passes by, and now I'm dreading to work every morning. The pressure of having to force contractors to complete their work within the given time, pushing people to do their job so that I could do mine, and to stay 8 hours in an environment which I am not happy about.... is stressing me out.

How I misses college time where I get to work on assignments with my friends. Although times are tough and we need to burn midnight oil, we get to laugh and go crazy, and yet still finish the job and get really good grades!

Sometimes the quality of our work depends on the process. The more we enjoy the process, the better the results are, and vice versa. As for now, I kinda hate the process, the environment, and yet still struggling to maintain the quality.

I miss the times I once had with my buddies... I miss all of you!!! :(

Robin Yen , Racheal Yap, Eric Wee, Nelson Teoh, Rachel Lee, Nicole Lam, Chin Chuan, Chee Hon, Raymond Lok, Mei Kun --> If you all is seeing this, I MISS ALL OF YOU!!!


Mr. R said...
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Anonymous said...

if u find it hard to go to work then it is time to find a new job liow lor hehehe.....

those job that doesnt utilize ur time is good ma... even it is not productive but no stress la bulan2 take salary.. go home sleep

and that is life.....

Nicola Nichole said...

miss ya too~~

hm, u look like really need to change a new environment lo, if ur life keep going on like tat one day u will lost the way ba...

gambatte loooo~~~fighting! \(^0^)/

Joyce Yap said...

ET.. :( I miss talking out my problems to you.

Cannot tahan if go to work but nothing to do. Rmb those times where I play CafeWorld the whole day? Bored of that too.. haha! KEpt looking at the time and it doesn't move at all.. Cannot tahan ohh..

I'll work out some plans to find back my passion. Hopefully I've got great news to share with you soon.

Joyce Yap said...

Nichole!!! Hen jio mei jian!!! ;)

TQTQ for your motivation! I will jia you.. Hope things will be better for me soon.

Really hope to see you again. One day we catch up with Jes yah!