Monday, February 28, 2011

One thought to pen down before I go to bed.

In a working environment, everyone is considered an adult who are responsible for ones action and consequences. As such, we should treat each other as an adult, capable of doing own task. Well, that is just my way of viewing the work force. Unfortunately, some may think that shouting, scolding, and being rude to others is the only way to get things done.

Many many many blardey times I have said, I can tolerate anything, BUT I CANNOT TOLERATE RUDENESS!!!

I hate seeing an adult scolding, shouting, and being rude to another human being as it makes me feels like not only they are not respecting the other person, but they are also degrading themselves, their pride and dignity. Cause once they raise they voice to someone else, an adult, who may be a head of family of his own, that person earns NO RESPECT from anyone else. This is why, I don't and will not respect a person who are being rude to another person.

At times, you are considered lucky just to see this kind of people at your work place. But how if you encounter such people at home? Or among your circle of friends? How if they tried to lower you down by using such tone? What if they talk as if like you are stupid? F*** them! Really.. just go ahead and f*** them! (At least that's what I do....)

I always think that we are in the same boat. Regardless of colleagues, family or in a relationship. If you face external problem, let's work hand in hand and resolve the external problem, and not make it an internal problem. I believe a team/family/relationship would grow stronger after going through an obstacle together.

For now.. those who raise their voice on me, I will either just walk-off, or scold back. But the long-term action plan is... IGNORANCE. Yupe.. it works. Just ignore them. Talking to them is a waste of time and creating more opportunity for you to encounter more rudeness. So why bother? I do my thing, you do your thing. This way, I will save myself from more anger. Some may label this action as "siu hei" or "not forgiving" blah blah blah... But I know this is for my own good cause I do not want to try to tolerate something I can't.

And the point is.. people can't change their behavior / attitude. Although they may try, THERE ARE JUST THINGS THAT PEOPLE CANNOT CHANGE! Being rude is one of it.

Good nite ya'll.


王子 said...
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王子 said...

how about when caplan worker cant carry out your orders... even after u showed them...
tak boleh / tak tau / duno..

i duno about u.. i will geram
shouting is the only way to let go the geram

... if only everyone is adult enuf, then noone need to shout lo

Joyce Yap said...

Initially I would very much disagree with you.. But looking at the past few days where people really pisses me off in the office with their "buat tak tau" attitude.. or "sudah tau tapi tak mau buat" attitude.. I kinda blow and yes, I became that person whom I once despise! Haihhh... sometimes a person really changed becoz of their environment or peer pressure.. So Now i truly agree with you.. If they act like an adult, then we don't have to shout. Hmmm~