Monday, October 19, 2015

When our furry friends created chaos at home..

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Last Christmas I received a present from Vince. A present which wasn't randomly picked at the shelf of a gift shop. But a gift which he had thoroughly think through that best suit me.

He gotten me a book by Lang Leav. A book filled with poetry about love and loss. I was drawn towards the book and thought "Wow... she can really put grieve and pain in such beautiful, calm way (because usually anger and sadness is all i have when I think about my past relationship)".

Few days after reading it, words came pouring into my mind. I knew I needed to scribble it down before it passes the non U-turn route in my careless brain.

There goes my first attempt in writing...

Thursday, July 30, 2015

With technology advances in this era, people gets smarter by day, but they are also getting dumber in being "human".

When we were younger (born in the 80's and before), our parents taught us manners before we even knew our ABCs!

Now, we can't even teach an adult to have manners or common sense.

Me myself is guilty of one offence. Breaking up with someone over a message is an offence I'll never repeat.

Something to ponder upon, or for some, to refresh your mind.

Monday, July 27, 2015

I'm so excited I couldn't contain myself any longer!
Just came back from Phillipines. This is my second dive trip to this beautiful country.
Located at the coral triangle, Philippines offers nearly 600 different species of
reef-building corals in their 7101 islands!
This time around we went to Moalboal, Cebu for a 5-night stay.
And the main attraction for this trip is our short getaway down to
Oslob for whale watching - and when there's divers, there ain't gonna be just watching!
There's just so many things to see and a 6D5N trip is definitely insufficient for us.
The trip has been documented in Cecil's video and plenty of photos from
the professional photographer who are holding the big guns and
vain female divers who tried to capture everyone and everything at every moment possible.
This is our trip... and you get to see it all! Enjoy!

One of our most anticipated dive site is at Ludo which famous for sardine storm!
What's a sardine storm?
It's like a giant ball of sardines swarming in the ocean and diving it in feels like the
clear sky above you suddenly turned dark by large clouds covering the entire sky!
Suit up and instantly looked like a pro!
Our first dive trip with Dolphin Lee Aquatics. Such a fun group to be with!

It's a holiday and I lost track of time...
"Hi Mr. Turtle... wait for me..."
All the 3 dives on the first day is nothing but amazing.
Plenty to see and go WOW underwater.
During the surface interval, we had more fun on the boat.
Climbing up to an island, snorkeling, doing backflips into the water etc.
We climbed up to Pescador Island and that's where I got a deep cut on my right foot.

Ryu's "ABUGETTTT!!!!!"

Group photo courtery of Bo Mancao

Photo by Bo Mancao

Photo by Bo Mancao

Photo by Dolphin Lee
 When the night comes, no matter how exhausted we were, we put an effort
to explore the village, neighbouring shops, and diners! We had scumptous meal
at Chilli Bar for three consecutive nights! They serve really good food but the
downside is that we had to wait at least one-hour for our food to be served.

My dinner! Delicious baby pork ribs at Chilli Bar, Moalboal
More dives for the next few days and I fell sick due to the unbearable cold room at night.

Skipped a dive at the airplane wreck but couldn't stop myself for the second dive when
I found out that my BCD is in the boat! Jumped into the water with my bikini right after.
With Ruel, the dive master who took less than 3-minutes to search
for the mask which I've dropped into the sea 24-hrs before

"Feel the sea, smell the sky. Let your spirit and soul fly"
And the day everyone been waiting for - trip to Oslob!
This dignity of this place has been actively discussed among divers
and animal right associations etc.
Oslob Tan-Awan is a place that everyone would go for a lifetime experience
to interact with the whale shark. We were told that there's a 99.99% chances
to encounter a whale shark. Why? Because the fishermen have been feeding the whale sharks for decades and the whale sharks come back everyday for their scheduled feeding.
It remains very controversial if we should support the whale shark watching
because some says the feeding is creating a negative impact on their
natural migrating habits and some said they would have been long gone by villagers
who could capture the whale shark and feed their family for a month with it!
diving philippines
We have arrived at this amazing place!

diving philippines
Amazing shot by Bo Mancao

Certain precautions needed in order for us to preserve the
existance of this incredible creature.
Whale shark is the largest living fish in the world and to dive with them
is an opportunity, but not to be too excited and should not be taken lightly.
We are constantly reminded to...
1) Not touch or approach the whale sharks
2) Maintain an estimated 5ft distance around them
 3) Stay away from the tail to avoid injury from the strong wag
 4) Avoid feeding the sharks
 5) No littering
 5) Not to use flash photography
 6) Not to use sunblock as it will contaminate the water

diving philippines
Joyce vs the Big Guy - my first encounter with the whale shark

diving philippines
Dived for 1-hr with the whale shark and my DC alarmed me "DIVE TOO LONG"

After an amazing experience at Oslob, we went for sightseeing at Tumalog.

diving philippines
At the Tumalog Waterfalls - famous blue waterfall!

diving philippines
Now this is BLUE!

 A 3-hour drive back to Moalboal from Oslob and
it's time to pack our gears to fly back the next day.

diving philippines
Amazing night view at the Dolphin House

My friends and dive buddies for this trip. And please give me back my Bunny!

diving philippines
Goodbye Love Resort, Moalboal

Back to work and till I can keep calm and blow bubbles again... adios Philippines!