Monday, March 28, 2011

I was at Bukit Tinggi JJ AEON yesterday for lunch and I just need to get my hair done really quickly for a wedding dinner at night. I was supposed to go to my usual place at Eng Ann but instead take a few steps walking to APT. I knew that it would be trainee / academy students that will be servicing their customer. I thought well, I might just give it a try.

For one, a TRAINED hair dresser SHOULD HAVE KNOWN that using finger nails to scratch the scalp during washing hair is VERY BAD AS IT DAMAGES HAIR SCALPS! Not to mention, it is very painful if their nails are freaking long and sharp!!! And this hair dresser in particular has very strong hands, she kind of pushing my head as if it is a basketball. My head went right - left - right - left when she was putting on the shampoo and "massaging" my hair.

Secondly, I asked for my hair to be straighten nicely as I've got a wedding dinner to attend at night. They ironed it STRAIGHT... DAMN FREAKING STRAIGHT and my hair looked awful as it is as straight as a wig!!! There is 0% of naturalness in my hair when I stepped out from the salon!

Thirdly, the pain they caused me!!! The iron was freaking hot and the hairdresser burnt my neck with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (accidentally of course) And when they iron my hair, they kind of pull it as if I am a doll they practiced with everyday. I was in freaking pain for the whole 30 minutes of pulling my hair!!!

Fourthly, the whole wonderful first timer experience at APT cost me RM45!!! In the normal saloon that I visit, it cost only RM30 with a nice neck and shoulder massage! Here at APT, they uses their hand (full with shampoo) to "pinch" my neck and they did not wash it off when they are washing my hair. Yicks!!!!!

Last but not least, after much of a agony they caused me, I did not even lodge any complaint. The only thing I did was rubbing my hair to let her know that I was in pain and she goes "ohh.. sorry" then continues to torture me.

So I walked off feeling so pissed off, and trying to mess up my hair so that it will look a little bit more fluffy.

Say NO to APT -- YOU SUCKS!!!