Monday, April 29, 2013

It seemed like I have got a long long way to go... :)

Diana Krall - Wide River To Cross

Diana Krall Wide River To Cross lyrics

There's a sorrow in the wind, 
Blowing down the road I've been
I can hear it cry while shadows steal the sun
But I cannot look back now, 
Come too far to turn around
And there's still a race ahead, I must run

I'm only half way home
I gotta journey on,
Where I'll find the things I have lost

I've come a long, long road
Still I've got miles to go
I've got a wide, wide river to cross

I have stumbled, I have strayed
You can trace the tracks I've made
All across the memories, my heart recalls,
But I'm just a refugee, won't you say a prayer for me
Cause sometimes even the strongest soldiers falls

I'm only half way home
I got a journey on,
Where I'll find the things I have lost
I've come a long, long road
Still I've got miles to go
I've got a wide, wide river to cross
I've got a wide, wide river to cross
I've got a wide, wide river to cross

Sunday, April 28, 2013

During our trip to Langkawi,
the guys googled and found good reviews for a Thai Restaurant at Kuah Town.

Undoubtedly, Wan Thai Restaurant serves really authentic Thai food
which is nothing but a fantastic experience for all of us!

Located at Kuah Town, some may find the place hard to find,
but do try Waze, I believe it will get you there swiftly.

Their signature dishes are the famous otak-otak in coconut, 
pandan chicken and tomyam kung.

Aside from their popular dish,we also ordered the kerabu with cashewnuts, 
kangkung belacan, sambal squids etc.. 

I love their rice which is mould in a flower shaped bowl, and topped with fried onions.
Presentable entree before the rest of the dish arrives and blown us off!

I especially love how the spiciness is moderate that made we enjoy each bite
without being teary - unlike my experience at Khunthai.

Do not forget to order dessert! 
We had mango pulut and durian pulut... it was heavenly!
Although it wasn't the durian season, the durian served was thick and rich in flavor!

As for drinks, one of the best selection is their fresh fruit shake.
Try out their mango shake... feels like eating the mango itself! 

A satisfying dinner cost of only RM420 for 16 person (two tables).

Hope they'll open up a few branches here in Klang Valley... wootzz!!! 

joyce yap food blog

As promised, there are several hot spots in Langkawi that foodies should go for!

The first place that we went for breakfast definitely blown me off.
It's none other than the Red Tomato @ Pantai Cenang.

It was Rachel Koko's brilliant idea to google the nicest place to 
dine in prior to our trip to Langkawi.
And she stumbled across the pages of good reviews for Red Tomato at tripadvisor

Do not mistaken it for a Nasi Kandar place called Tomato (in blue)
which is on the right side (alongside the beach),
while Red Tomato is further down and is on the left side.

Easiest way to locate it is with the pink VW Beetle parked right infront of the restaurant!
Owner has got such a good taste to use it as a promotional stunt,
gimme five Beetle lover! ;)

pink VW beetle

The facade of the restaurant itself stands out among the shops of the same row.
Hope the below photos taken helps to visualize what it's like being at the cozy restaurant.

joyce yap blog

You can see alot of miniature cars / trucks / tricycle as a part of the deco.
It's like a mini antique shop! ;)

joyce yap blog

They've got this old type of glass panel window. 
Funny opening as every latch is meant for around 10 pieces of glasses only.
Can't help but taking photos of it... 

joyce yap blog

The food.. was the greatest part of all.
Peeping thru the vast choices offered in the menu, you may wish to try it all! 
(well, at least that was what I wished for)

From starters to salad,
choice of bread and breakfast like toast, pancakes, croissants, sandwiches, cereals etc,
pasta of traditional offerings to specials like Mexican and Mediterranean pasta,
varieties of meat, chicken & fish,
pizzas, tarte flambe, desserts and drinks,
this place is ideal for me to dine in for the entire 3D2N in Langkawi!!!

joyce yap blog

I was completely awed by my favourite breakfast menu,
and chose the Egg Benedict with spinach topped with sauce bearnaise,
where I get to choose choices of salmon, beef bacon or tomato & fresh mushroom,
served on a bed of homemade bread.

No doubt I chose the salmon, which was slices of smoked salmon in between the egg and bread.

As usual, I got an additional plate of fresh saute mushroom

The Egg Benedict and mushrooms were lip-smacking!

First time ever I've tried eggs benedict topped with spinach.
May sound "eek" at first but it was such a good pairing!
(Gavin may not agree to this coz he requested for my eggs benedict without the spinach)

Also, the salmon is fresh and taste so good for the saltiness to blend into the egg and sauce.

And my friends "stole" some of the mushrooms... we walloped it all! 

joyce yap blog

I was the only one ordered the Eggs Benedict while 
most of them ordered Farmers Choice which is a truly hearty meal of potatoes, tomatoes,
mushrooms, eggs and cheese, with choice of beef bacon, turkey ham or vegetables.

I get to taste a few spoonful and trust me, this is another good choice of breakfast!

The German lady who came to serve us (a group of 16), told us that
the Farmers Choice is like our Asian fried rice where we just throw everything
in the pan and fry it altogether. 

Didn't know by throwing these ingredients and fry it could taste this good!!!

I've also tried their banana pancakes
The banana is sweet and the pancake is soft (not soggy).
I loved it..  seemed like I love everything served here!

May Yuen ordered turkey ham sandwich 
(choices of homemade bread, baguette or croissant),
and her turkey ham croissant looks perfectly fine! 
She said it tasted good - thick slices of hams. 

Later on we found that the German lady is the owner of the place.
No wonder the food taste so authentic!

joyce yap blog

The price may be a little on the higher side,
but it was such a satisfying meal we had,
worth every penny paid!

The German owner gave us all a cute bookmark - just from Red Tomato!

joyce yap blog

If it is insane to go to Langkawi just to dine there again,
then you can just call me crazy - coz that's what I intend to do!!!

Address: No. 5 Casa Fina Avenue, Pantai Cenang, Langkawi, Kedah
Contact: 012-513 6046
Opening Hours: 9.00a.m - 10.30a.m daily

Proceeding to my Day 3 report, I would like to thank
Rachel Koko for arranging night flight for us.

Allowing ample of time for us to do more sightseeing. 

Day 3 Highlights

We took another tour package on the 3rd day to visit all the tourist attraction place.
I've been to all these before.. but some of it has been enhanced.

All 16 of us got ourselves a tour on private boat from 
Green Ocean Holiday Sdn Bhd
and we paid only RM520 for the half day tour.

Places included are... 

~ Mangrove River
~ Bat Cave
~ Crocodile Cave
~ Fish Farm & Feeding
~ Eagle Feeding

joyce yap blog
How could we miss jump shots? Photo taken infront of Jetty Kilim Geoforest Park. 

Hey I've got a sexy back view! :P 

joyce yap blog

1st photo : At Bat Cave where batman stayed and meditated... (ya rite!)
2nd photo : Crocodile Cave with no crocodile at all.. reason for its name is because there is a rock
looking like a crocodile emerging from the water.. see that small rock there?
3rd photo : Fish Farm along the Mangrove River
4th photo : Stingray feeding time at the fish farm
5th photo : Eagle feeding on chicken skin
6th photo : Monkeys spotted!!! Alot of them!!! 

joyce yap blog
At the Fish Farm

joyce yap blog

joyce yap shu ling joycelifebits
Hot chick at a hot spring?!! Ok.. perasan mode on!!! Haha!!!    

After a good shower, went off again for Cable Car ride and
to the Crocodile Farm. But to our dismay, we entered none.

Cable Car service is temporarily closed due to strong wind
and crocodile farm is not worth paying (RM15 p/pax). 
Pity Aggie coz it was her wish to see kokodie (crocodiles).. :(

joyce yap blog

Another must-go place in Langkawi is definitely the Dataran Lang.
It's like going to Eiffel Tower when you are in Paris. 

joyce yap blog

asian friends on beach
Some photo taking at Pantai Cenang before we fly back to reality... 

joyce yap blog
RM198 worth of chocolates! None is Lexie's... that's why sitting far away. 

Langkawi is another local holiday destination that I would want to go again in the near future.. 

Am happy spending time with The Gilasssss throughout the trip! Hugzzz!!!

On the first day itself we went to the jetty where there are rows of counter offering services
to book for tours, car rentals, accommodation arrangement etc... It's like a one-stop centre!

After comparing the prices offered by a few shops, 
we settled with Green Ocean Holiday Sdn Bhd because the owner gave us quite a good price.
RM 80 for tour to Pulau Payar + meal.

joyce yap blog

So off we goooo!!!

Day 2 Highlights

~Snorkeling at Pulau Payar
~ Spectacular dinner at Wan Thai Restaurant @ Kuah Town (review here!)
~ Duty free shopping!!! 
~ Drink drank drunk episode at the beach

joyce yap blog gwiyomi
We are on gwiyomi fever!!! 

Snorkeling is fun, but not fun enough coz I intend to see more fishes.
Keen to learn diving soon so get deeper into the water and 
see with my own eyes the beautiful underwater creatures! 

joyce yap blog

joyce yap blog
1st photo : Cuts on my left foot that got me crippling for the next few days.
2nd photo : Simple but OK lunch provided in the package.
Each of us had a lunch box of fried rice, fried chicken, french fries, salad,
orange, canned ice lemon tea  and a bottle of mineral water.
3rd photo : Bruises on right foot (Aggie the lui sat sao punya pasal)
4th photo : How much the sun hit on my skin. Fairer area protected by wrist band. 

joyce yap blog

For the rest of the evening, we went for chocolate n liquor shopping!

For cocoa lovers who intends to grab your whole year chocolate stock,
some of the best places to get your duty free chocolateare... 

Coco Valley - our tour guy said they have got promos most of the time
Perniagaan Haji Ismail - they have got alot of branches in Langkawi, but buddy Rai advised to go to the bigger ones either in Kompleks Cayman or Jalan Pandak Mayah2  Kuah.
Eastern Native Duty Free at Kuah Town - this is the shop we went to.. 
Cenang Mall - the duty free shops have special items.. like mini Tic Tacs!

joyce yap blog
These mini Tic Tacs are at the size of my thumb! Super cute! 

Got our hands on duty free liquor and drinking sessions begins!

joyce yap blog

Photo of sober Joyce and later on... drunk Joyce. I love the drunk Joyce better. :P

Went to bed feeling a little tipsy... 
Although tipsy may not be the correct word for my friends to describe me that night... :P

It was merely a short 11 months of me working at IOI Properties under CSU.
(not the glamour CSI ya)

But it was during that short period of time where I get to know these bunch of craziesss.. 
Yes indeed, coz they called themselves The Gilasssss.

The crazy me too has stepped into their level and was qualified to be one of the crazy ones.
No effort needed, it happened so naturally coz I'm born cuckoo (...duh!)

In IOI, I joined KKIOI (Kelab Keluarga IOI) and we, The Gilaaassss, get to 
go for outdoor activities and holidays together.

One of the most memorable one is our trip to Hatyai & Krabi in 2007
(damn.. that was a long time ago!)

joyce yap blog
1st photo courtesy of OngZi! :)

And when I left, those guys still invited me to join them for their annual trip.
Don't question me why I bond better with guys.
Prolly coz they can handle my awkwardness better... haha! 

Joined KKIOI to Universal Studio at Singapore in 2011.

joyce yap blog
Goh, Tan and OngZi at USS with Joyce! :)
Recently, The Gilaaassss organized a trip themselves - to Langkawi!

My impression of Langkawi is - Boooriinngggg....

Went there several times with Nick when we worked together at Star Cruises. 
Aside from sight seeing and buying chocolates, I don't remember anything fun.

This trip with The Gilassssss completely changed my mind about Langkawi.

No longer a boring place - it's now filled with 
ang mor cha bor in bikinis and leng chai ang mor in cool shades walking on the beach!

The whole Langkawi itself seemed like it has been revamped into
a mini Phuket where alot of shops and restaurants are catered for international tourist.

And I'm surprised that Langkawi has good eateries too!

Enough of babbling..  Some photos to share! 


Day 1 Highlights

 ~ How to sandwich 16 people in a van?
~ Great breakfast at Red Tomato (review here!)
~ Check-in to Malibest Resort @ Pantai Cenang
~ Stroll along the beach of Pantai Cenang
~ The Gilasss beach war
~ Dinner at Wonderland seafood @ Kuah Town

Upon arriving to Langkawi airport, we rented a van (RM250 for 3 days).
Since there are 16 of us, with big and small luggage, boy.. such a good 'bonding' time we had!
joyce yap blog
How to sandwich 16 ppl in a van? SQUEEZE is the key word!
3rd photo showing tall Gavin squeezing in due to insufficient leg room.
4th photo is just another scene from a horror movie?

Sightseeing photos.. :)

joyce yap blog unique signboard

joyce yao blog colorful slippar sandals

joyce yap blog

joyce yap blog

Bitches on the beach!!!! 

joyce yap blog
1st photo : Me and Jack at Pantai Cenang
2nd photo : Aggie and I at Langkawi Underwater World
Self explanatory photos on beach wars with The Gilassssss. 

Place to stay?

Malibest Resort isn't the best resort I've been to..
But the plus point is that our chalet is facing the beautiful beach of Pantai Cenang.

joyce yap blog

However, the drawbacks are...
- The sheets has stains on it
- Toilet flush doesn't work on the 3rd day (this is a bad one)
- Room caters for 4 pax but there are only 2 towels (additional towels given only upon request)
- No mineral water bottle given for the whole 3 days
- Wifi available but not working

But... for the price we paid, the chalet is considered clean and 
strategically located right infront of the beach.

After all, that's the most important thing right? 

Dinner at Wonderland Restaurant @ Kuah Town is nothing to shout about.
After trying that place for dinner, and all the good reviews from tripadvisor? I beg to differ.
It wasn't that bad, but not a place for a foodie like me who seek for GOOD FOOD.
Too much use of MSG for taste enhancement.

joyce yap blog
That's a wrap for my Day 1... stay tuned as I'm working on my Day 2!!! ;)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A good mood can be ignite by a simple workout routine at the gym!

Ran 2km
Cycled 5km
Did 30 sit ups
Skipped 120 times


Had wheat meal bread with orange jam in the car.

Met Sunny boy n Barry for Jap food. Ate a little, but too much for a after-workout meal.

How could I resist good food? I'm Joyce for God sake!

Reached home n found that I'm all alone. Took the opportunity to blast my speaker with the Joyce Hitz song list.

Put on my Eucalyptus Aromatherapy to soothe the mood in my room.

Am happy with my evening so far.

Gonna be even better later. Taking hot shower, smelling on my body is the Himalayan Blue fragrance from Crabtree & Evelyn.

Nite nitey to my wonderful friends in this wonderful life of mine!

Ah shit! Ee-poh said I looked "healthier" now! We clearly knows it means
when old people uses the word "healthy!!!"

"Ee poh, I'm not fat.. I'm fit and muscular! See? See?!!!"

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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Yes, you didn't read wrong.

Not Ted the dirty talking teddy bear, 
nor Tit the most interesting part of a woman!

After so many complaints about my CPU which I've tried to revived numerous time,
I've finally got it replaced - with a HP's CPU I named Tet.

Saw Oblivion recently? 
Starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman.

Those who haven't seen it...

tet alien station

The Tet is somewhat an 
alien mother ship figure in a giant triangular station on the sky.

oblivion tom cruise

At the beginning of the movie, Tet seemed like the most brilliant thing an alien would create.
Its technology which leaves us imagine if-this-could-be-in-our-future-era thingy.

Wanting my CPU to be my brain - executing stuffz for me - it's gonna be my Tet.

Nonetheless... whose who watched Oblivion may remember the unexpectedly lousy ending.

The Tet is so brilliant that it can detect that Jack (played by Tom Cruise) is lying 
from his heartbeat and tone of voice.

But... could not detect the nuclear bomb he brought with him
that eventually destroyed The Tet so easily?

Although there are alot of question marks circling my head after the movie,
it's overall a not-bad movie... can go watch larhhh... 

Am installing whatever anti-virus softwares I can find now. 
My Tet is gonna die like that movie!!!

 Tet - "Are you an effective team?"
Joyce & HP- "Hell yeah we are!!!"

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I'm in for another great dinner when Sunny boy said that he was very tempted looking at my post of a special dinner prepared by my dear friend Kayvin at S Kitchen Steak House.

And to satisfy his temptation, I brought him there, for my second time at S Kitchen.
With menus on our hand, we were busy chatting away - even before placing our orders.

To realize how much we were missing in each other's life, he had just updated me that he is gonna be a daddy for the third time! His wife is due to deliver to another baby boy next month!
.... and now only I know larhhh?!!!
*gave him a very garang stern look*

Garang-ness cannot tahan lapar also.
Quickly place our order with Kayvin's recommendation on the pasta.

home made bread
Complimentary fresh home baked bread
lavila white wine
Lavila white wine to celebrate him being a daddy again!

My choice of healthy appetizer - Scottish Smoked Salmon Salad!
It has got sliced smoked salmon with thin sliced fennel, capers, onions, mixed salad and lemon dressing.

We both loved the fresh smoked salmon - salty but yummy when paired with the salad.
The pickles and olive brings some balance into the salad and salmon.
This is one of the best salad I've taken! :)

scottish smoked salmon salad
Scottish Smoked Salmon Salad ~ RM27

Sunny boy choice of meat - Mixed Sausages Platter.
Selection of smoked chicken, chicken chili spicy and lamb cranberry sausage served with mashed potato and mixed salad.

Thumbs up for the lamb sausage! It was really good. Love the smell and taste of lamb-lamby aroma.
The smoked chicken on the other hand was pretty normal - it was, just okay.
Chicken chili spicy sausage is wayyy toooo SPICY for me!
It was like they stuffed whole bunch of cili padi in it, or... do they???

I love the side of mashed potato - taste so good with the side sauce. Yuhhhmiee!!!

mixed sausages platter
Mixed Sausages Platter ~ RM42

Kayvin recommended that I have the Spaghetti Chicken Mushroom Aglio-Olio.
It has got olive oil, garlic, white wine, chicken, wild mushroom, parsley and parmesan cheese.

And it was the STAR of the night!
Unlike some aglio-olio which is either too dry, or too oily, this pasta is perfect.
Every single bite of pasta with accompanied chicken and mushroom makes us wanting for more.
We hope there is room for more though, as I unwillingly stopped after a few spoonful coz my tiny tummy can't take no more.

spaghetti chicken mushroom aglio olio
Spaghetti Chicken Mushroom Aglio-Olio ~ RM26

And how could we live without dessert? Had the traditional Creme Brulee.

When my spoon went through the crispy layer of creme brulee, I knew it's gonna be good!
It cracked the top coated of burnt sugar topping, and went inside the perfectly smooth egg custard.
This is the second time I had creme brulee at S Kitchen and they still WOW-ed me!

Have you tried some failed creme brulee? All watery or in semi liquid state ? Eeks!
But fret not! As S Kitchen will serve only GOOD, SATISFYING and DELICIOUS desserts! :)
Joyce Yap blog joycelifebits
Creme brulee ~ RM8

 By the time we finished dinner, you can tell that I'm completely and utterly satisfied!
Look how clean my plate was!
joyce yap blog joycelifebits

Dear friends, please do not freak out seeing the above photo.
I DID NOT lose weight, nor looking like an African child (how ET Chew put it).

I guess it was just my hair, or the blouse I was wearing,
or the photography angle that made me look skinny.
Or probably, I used Photoshop to blow up my head on purpose just to
make my body look smaller!
Ah-haaa!!! Think about it!!!

So.... Thank you Sunny boy for the wonderful dinner!
And congratz for being a daddy again!
More to come....??? Ho Ho Ho!!!! :P
(you know I'm just pulling your leg)

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This week's Monday is indeed a blue and gloomy one for me.
Had to turn the mood around -with an appetizing bowl of noodle!

Wanted to have ramen at Ikuzo PJ, and Barry was driving with the guidance of Waze.
Drove from NKVE, to Federal, to LDP, into the small road, turning round and round,
only to realize that Ikuzo is located just at SS2, a place that is soooooo common to us. 

BIG SWEAT for Waze!!!

Monday blue attire for work.
I asked Barry if I look like those college girls in this.
What you think his answer was???

Ikuzo at PJ is located just beside McDonald's opposite Pelita Nasi Kandar @ SS2.
There was a long stretch of night market that Monday -
we had to go three rounds just to find a parking space.

The shop is spacious with table setting of around 15 tables.

joyce yap blog joycelifebits

Joyce @ Ikuzo to witness their Ramen Revolution!

joyce yap blog joycelifebits

The whole lots of varieties in the menu that gets me all in nom-nom-nomming mood.
Seriously, I've been to many ramen places, but never a place
that offers this much of choices.

And one thing that makes me excited is the PRICE!
Most of the ramen cost less than RM10.00, and addition of fremented egg is only at RM1.00!

joyce yap blog joycelifebits 
Not wanting to waste my chance being there by ordering the traditional Cha Shu ramen,
I was high up in the mood for some marinated beef slices with spicy kim chi ramen!!!
What a long name to swallow, but it's Japanese name is Yakiniku ramen.

I love my ramen for that night. The beef slices is soft and tender.
While kim chi is really nice to compliment the ramen,
I think it is better to just put the kim chi on the side though. 
Being soaked in my ramen, the kim chi taste kind of spoil the soup broth. 

joyce yap blog
Yakiniku Ramen RM 8.90
Alongside with my ramen, I ordered my must-to-have fremented eggs Ajisuke Tamago.
 The egg is a disappointment. Cold and rather tasteless.
A cold egg is a no-no for me.

joyce yap blog
Ajisuke Tamago RM 1.00

Buddy Barry with his usual preference for spicy noodles ordered.. Spicy ramen. SWT.
With cha shu, sweet corn, beancurd skin and seaweed,
Barry seemed to enjoy his bowl of ramen veeeery muuuuch.
If the broth is not spicy enough, there's always some chilli paste on the table to add on.

joyce yap blog
Spicy Ramen RM 9.50

The anti-social attitude after eating.
Busy with Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS, e-mail.

With hot ocha for both of us (was hoping that it was refillable)
and a cup of coffee, the total cost for our dinner that night is 
RM28.60 including service tax.

It was a pretty decent meal - delicious and reasonable priced!
We will DEFINITELY go there again!!!