Friday, January 18, 2013

I'm so honoured to be invited for dinner at S Kitchen with menus
handpicked by Kayvin and coordinated with the chefs in the steak house.

Kayvin had also prepared the very first dish himself - two huge scallops
from Japan which he specially ordered for this occasion.

He kinda picked everything that I love eating!

Thanks Kayvin for putting up this lavish dinner for us!

We were surprised to see the table setting
prepared by the host and our waiter.

Guess Kayvin was shocked too.

Using potpourri roses petals to form a heart shape,
candle LIGHT (not candlelight),
and champagne color roses.

It is romantic but somehow an "inappropriate" table setting.

May be more suitable for Valentine, proposal, anniversary,
but not for a get together dinner with friends. Haha!

romantic table setting

While waiting for dinner to be served,
took photos of roses from up, down, with flash, without flash,
on the potpourri...  it's just me experimenting Canon EOS 1100D.

champagne color roses

champagne color roses

romantic roses photo

romantic roses photos

The host recommended white wine for the night.
For a person who don't really know how to drink wine,
I find it sweet, and very nice on the throat.
Very good recommendation I would say! ;)

Lavila white wine
Rachel Lee joycelifebits
Rachel Lee was a little tipsy after this...
joyce yap shu ling blog

With the chef Kayvin Sia and my buddy Rachel Lee against the "backdrop" of wine bottles..

I call this the tomato bread, but the right term for is
baked bread with sun-dried tomato served with parsley garlic butter.

I had two piece of this when I should only have one,
looking at many more dishes coming!!!

baked bread with sun dried tomato and parsley garlic butter

The size of scallops we had that day.
It was 3 inches wide, and 1 inch thick!
The scallops flew all the way here from Japan.
Nope the scallops did not fly, they took an airplane. *swt*

This dish is Kayvin's creation.
Believed he had put in much thoughts, planning and execution on this.

When it arrives on our table, Kayvin found that
the chef accidentally swapped the topping.

The first scallop served with mango salsa topped with fish roe that resembles caviar. 
The mango salsa by itself is lip-smacking already!
Topped with the caviar added some saltiness and aroma into the fresh scallop.

scallops with mago salsa

Second scallop served with mashed green peas and topped with sunny side up quail egg.
I love the mashed green peas, and gawd it was delicious to be paired with the quail egg!

By looking at our plate, it's obvious that we truly enjoyed the scallop dish!
But seriously, by having the scallop alone is sufficient to take my breath away!
It was huge... thick... fresh... uh-la-laaa~~~

Would love to see more of Kayvin's creation soon!

scallop with mashed green pea

Mushroom soup next!

Thick. Flavorful. A little on the salty side.
But it was yummy.
Just had to finish it.

That's what making us unnecessarily full
since there's three different main course awaiting.

wild mushroom soup

Our first main course is my favourite fish - cod fish.

Served with grilled mushroom and asparagus.
The fish is fresh, but was it my senses a little off that day
or the fish isn't that tasty by itself?

However, when caccompanied with the gravy and mushroom,
it taste simply good!

cod fish presentation

cod fish presentation

Next in line is the New Zealand braised lamb shank
served with vegetables and mashed potato that looks like poop!
(woopss.. so sorry)

The meat is tender and juicy.
I love the lamb-lamb aroma.
Couldn't make up what's in the gravy but according to Kayvin,
it has got some wine in it?
It's so delicious I could finish this plate by myself if I hadn't take
the mushroom soup earlier.

braised lamb shank

Since we're in a steak house, it doesn't make sense
not to have steak for dinner.

Kayvin ordered us wagyu beef.
When he got the first cut, I "eewww" silently coz usually
I do not take my meat raw.
It has to be well done, or medium well if I'm feeling adventurous.

But somehow I was attracted into trying out this
medium rare steak ordered by Kayvin.

Proved to be a wise step.
It melts in my mouth, and the peppercorn sauce - slightly sweet,
slightly peppery, compliment the beef perfectly.

The dish was mouth watering! 

wagyu beef medium rare peppercorn

wagyu beef medium rare peppercorn

To wrap up our amazing dinner,
which has already been amazing with the entree, soup and main courses,
each of us were served with three desserts.. nicely presented in a long plate.

Not one,
not two, but THREE desserts!!!

It was specially made for us, as this three dessert combo is
only available in the New Year's menu.

Despite my tight blouse and skirt showing my big bloated belly,
I couldn't resist the dessert and immediately indulge into
the tiramisu, homemade vanilla ice cream with almond honey brittle and creme brulee.

I personally love the tiramisu with the Beryl's chocolate basket.
(don't know how they named their tiramisu, but from today, that's how I gonna call it)

I was way too full to enjoy the whole vanilla ice cream,
but if only I could, I would want to finish up the almond honey brittle!
It would be a perfect Chinese New Year biscuit!
May be a little sweet by itself, but that's what the vanilla ice cream is for right?

Creme brulee was nicely done, very traditional.
I finished the whole thing!

Thanks Kayvin for the arrangement, and S Kitchen for granting our craze for dessert!

beautiful dessert tiramisu creme brulee
Beautiful dessert

beautiful dessert tiramisu creme brulee
The tiramisu with Beryl chocolate basket
beautiful dessert tiramisu creme brulee
Irresistible.. even when full capacity... isn't it?
beautiful dessert creme brulee
The creme brulee

We were all smiling, happy, and very much contented
after the lavish dinner.

On a side note, S Kitchen is very lucky to have Kayvin in their kitchen.
I believe he's gonna spice up their existing menu (which is already wonderful by the way)!

joyce yap blog
I wish I'm as radiant looking as the rose.. :(
joyce yap blog
joyce yap blog
joyce yap blog

no doubt... this dinner is...



Kayvin Sia said...

Pictures are sharp, somewhat mystically enticing

Joyce Yap said...

Thank you.. but I hope to do better in terms of angle. Wish to see your photos soon.. :)