Saturday, January 19, 2013

29th December 2012

This is a long pending post.

I might as well get it done since I have my office laptop with me.


The Yap (my family), Sam (sis in law and her family) and Chua (brother in law and his family)
has combined to be a very BIG family
who decided to end the year 2012 with a BIG BANG by
spending the weekend at Kin Tick Orchard Village.

Upon arriving, my first impression is WOW, this is just what I needed!

A place to relax and rejuvenate.

Its concept of getting close to the nature may be the same as Sekeping Serendah,
but this a more modern and advanced version of a nature retreat.

To start off, there is telephone reception and wifi available.
And there's roof in the bathroom.
And walls covering all four sides of our unit.

To have better insight of the place,
please enjoy the below photos taken using my Canon EOS 1100D


Once arrived, there will be a pick up truck to load your belongings.
There is no access for cars to enter the village due to a small river
that goes in between the village and parking lot.

Any attempt in going thru the river with your own car,
will be at your own risk.

In less than 3 minutes of having fun standing on the truck,
we arrived at a huge hall where all the
makan-makan, karaoke, and other activities take place.

Cindy staying at the Bali House with her in-laws and families.
It's quite impressive to see such a big house all made up of bamboo poles,
woven bamboo, coconut wood and husk (i think),
and the place gives you sense of serenity.

This is the building where all the Stone House is.
And obviously it is made of stones.
There are no air-con in the room but it's cooling throughout day and night.

Parents room, the standard stone house with 2 beds and breakfast for 4 person.
Weekend rate at RM 330.00

The below is the dormitory room that consist of 4 beds.
Including breakfast for 8 person, this room is at RM 590.00 on weekends.

Realized that the below photos shows that
I'm skinnier than I actually am.
But fitter right? ... right???

Random snapshots

At the ladies

We had tropical fruit feast provided at Kin Tick.
Type of fruits served depends on the season.
Would advise to go during durian season as that's the time where you get to enjoy most fruits.

The cooling shed to enjoy our tea time fruit fest..

Sweet mangoesteen

Duku langsat I assume?
The hairy one.. very sweet rambutan!

King of all fruits.. Durian!

Pitiful monkey who lost an arm from a dog bite.

Experimenting the night shot functions but I prefer the function
where I get to adjust the aperture, shutter speed and ISO manually.

These are some of the best few shots I've taken..

I didn't know that cactus flowers opened only at night.
It is beaautifuuulll~~~
(wiping tears like Russell Peters when he talked about how "zero" was originated)

Motion shots at night - FAILED.
But this is funny.. you can actually see the starting point of them jumping.

They said I look like a Japanese lady with the hat.
So I give them the pleasure of seeing real Japanese lady with their tiny lips.

After a few trial of Yap family portrait and with them giving me the boring and serious mood,
I finally ask them to SAY CHEEZEE!!!
Look at their smile and you know the cheeze is yuhmieee!!!

Some sepia and black & white shots for the old buildings...


Rou Ann said...

Hi I would like to ask are there any restaurants over there or we can cook the food by ourselves?

Joyce Yap said...

Hi Rou Ann, we did cook using our own utensils, making steamboat using portable gas stove, periuk and stuffs. Not sure if cooking is permissable for all the units but we manage to do it at the bench area underneath our Bali house. Else you may opt for in-house food, not a proper restaurant but a seating area at the lobby that you can order food from and dine there n then. Otherwise you can always go to the town for cari makan mission! Some kopitiam serves quite good local food I heard...