Saturday, January 12, 2013

I'm still in the office.
Forty five minutes past six.

Getting lazier to continue with my work.
Even lazier to go back home.
So I look thru photos taken few days back and
realized that I've not blogged about the most beautiful restaurant I've seen this year!
(.....12 days after 2013 made its grand entrance)

Can you believe this?

A restaurant with FILLED WITH Christmas decorations?!

What I mean by FILLED WITH is like all the decos
are being SPLASHED throughout the restaurants!

Everywhere I look, there are lace ribbons, balls,
ribbons, pearls, jingle bells, angels, bows, candy canes, fairies, stars,
ornaments, snowflakes, figurines, pine cones, garlands, Christmas berries!

And u know what?

I'm in love with this restaurant and coz.. it feels like Christmas!!!

I am yearning to ask if they need FOC service to put up all the
Christmas deco next year, I would be more than happy to do it for free!

Am sharing some photos taken using my Canon IXUS 300 HS.
Did not bring along my DSLR coz I didn't know that
Barry would bring me to such beautiful place.

joyce yap
I like this photo. It's so... ladylike. So not me! Haha!

barry joyce yap
Mr. Barry lookin tired arriving for late dinner

Thomas is the chef and Jeffrey is the host of TJ Haus

We were both not hungry at that point of time.
So we decided to share a portion of appetizer, main dish and a dessert.

The prawn cocktail is nice. Main thing is that the prawns are fresh.
Prawn cocktail garnished with fruit salad

I forgotten what fish it was that we had that day. But it was nice and properly cooked.
The thick sauce goes very well with the grilled fish as well.
Sides of potatoes and vegetables are good for health - eat more! ;)
Grilled fish topped with potatoes, cauliflower, and carrots.

Yay my favourite part of the meal - dessert!
Had banana split! ...with my favourite love letters.
No complaint! ;)

The next time there, I'm gonna try out their
signature German-style crispy duck and famous chilled cheesecake.

Seemed like we just hantam and order without knowing
what's famous there....

Looks like I blogged more about their deco compared to the food.

Wait up for my next trip there... I'll try to calm down my obsession for the deco and
concentrate in eating and get my taste bud tingling yah!!!

TJ Haus, I'll be back!!!