Thursday, January 17, 2013

im in hyper mood now!

overdosed from coffee.
had an affogato and a cup of rose cappuccino at coffee chemistry.

now im so awake i didnt know what to do but writing to drain out my energy!

with the new year coming, i went into spring cleaning mission to throw away unwanted / old shoes, bags and clothes.

throw away four pair of shoes.
got two pair of new ones.
now i've got 31 pair of shoes to pick and choose everyday.
what's up with girls and shoes?

throw away five pieces of blouse.
bought none.
recently did alot of shopping n i believe i should stop buying clothes.

throw away seven bags.
bought two new ones.
padini big bag for work - "chor iong"
dinner bag from a boutique at setia city mall.
and eyeing on something now.

people who knows me, know that im not a shopaholic nor a girl who is into branded bag, but somehow im in love with this!
saw similar design from carlo rino for rm360 but the brand does not worth paying for.

this lv bag is gonna cost a fortune and i dont think im ready to pay so much for a bag.

and buying this bag may be a start to branded bags collection, this is usually how an addiction starts, isnt it?

am blogging with my samsung galaxy s2.
no swype function.
blogger app doesnt work on this phone.
ipod does tho.
am blogging with web version.
it sucks.
i need my pc back!
going to get a replacement for my retired pc this sunday.

its all about the money money money,
where to get money for the lv lv lv,

my silliness ends here.
overdosed from coffee and all i could think about is an lv bag.
working tomorrow I should be sleeping instead of mumbling about bags!