Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Looking underneath my feet is the weighing scale,

Which the needle pointed at the figure that tells me my weight,

My jaw dropped open looking in disbelief,

When I look clearly knowing it's a mistake,

"Ahaa! Weighing scale rosak!" I said,

Come down, go up again, take deep breath, look down,


"Nevermind.. Maybe I just had my dinner, will try some other day"


Tried getting up the weighing scale again this morning,

Can't help but feeling sorry,

That everytime I have to fulfill my cravings,

With friends that never tried to stop me from being silly,

Whatsmore realizing that none had warn me that supper is fattening,

Should tell me there are some food that although is yummy,

But worth avoiding,

And me resisting,

Although I know but I couldn't help but eating,

Still, they should at least give me a warning,

Some of them even bought chocolates ice cream and snacks for my pampering,

Bad ass friends they are, as what I'm calling,

Now I'm scared to death everytime I'm weighing,

Hoping to the left the needle goes pointing,

To the gym is where I'm going,

As there are some weights need losing,

Now I am self-declaring myself a FATTY !!!

fat quote

You people sending me
ice cream

How can I let it sit there in my room
just staring at me???


Chocolates from hippo - I haven't finish it yet.

Ice cream from Barry - just finished it.
And now struggling with Gelare ice cream from hippo.

Snacks and chocolates from bro, Moon, Vince.... omg omg omg!!!

Marshmallow from Michelle, yummy white coffee from Kai Lee and the rest is fat fat fat!

Yummy, sweet, fattening..

And we have heard million times
that supper is fattening..

To maintain / lose weight, strictly no food after 8pm.

But still???

Was hungry late at night and Barry brought me for supper.
Hooii... fast food loaded with cheese.. FAT!!!

New Year's eve dinner with Vince & Rachel - late night shouldn't have ice-cream ady.. :'(

Our new year's eve dinner. My hotdog with lots of fries. Fattening? U say lah..

Rocket leaf with smoked salmon salad and almond flakes for supper..
... this is healthy but what comes next?

Cheese melting pizza. Cool for supper???? So noootttt!!!

Very late dinner at Bubba Gump, The Curve with Barry

Seafood - where everything is deep fried.

Prawns... yuhmiee...

Straight to my favourite waffle Gelare at e@curve after Bubba Gump.
Stuffing my stomach to the max.

Stomach was practically bloated when this photo was taken.
But can still fit a waffle and a good cup of cappuccino?

Recent lavish dinner at V Garden Restaurant where dinner starts at 8.45pm,
and ends at 10.30pm. Lots of food, but only this is yummylicious!

Got a sudden craving for satay when I wake up from an afternoon nap
where I dreamt about having buffet with yummylicious satay!
Roam around the town with Vince and finally found
my satay at the fourth stop.
10 sticks of chicken satay, 5 sticks of satay babi,
fried lala with egg and 3 pieces of grilled chicken.

Vince as usual over-ordered.
Asam ikan pari and sotong is nice, and I wallop it all !!!

See what's keeping my food hunting going?

How could one resist such good food the world has to offer?

No wonder I'm FAT.

No more snacks and supper for me!

You guys better stop me whenever my food craving is back !!!


Kayvin Sia said...

Devil wins hahahha finish everything on the pic for a second round still looks the same :)