Sunday, January 13, 2013

PC finally kong!

It has been struggling to start up since March 2012.
Once awhile I manage to revive it.

Thought it was dead on 31 December when it failed to start up,
but then again it amazed me with its willpower.

It has been two days now. No response.
It has finally reached the end of its life.

No choice but to let it rest in peace and find a new PC to serve me.

Now I am solely replying on my iPod and Samsung Galaxy S2.
Even for this blog.
For start, I had a very fruitful Sunday.

Drove to Seri Hartamas with Sharon to meet Kayvin
n Michelle for lunch at Chapter One Bar n Bistro.
The lunch set is RM15 nett, offers only three choices though.
Quality wise, nothing to shout about. The food was just okaaayyy.
The place is kinda nice tho'. We were there for few hours,
cozy nice place to chill. :)

And there's always something to shout about being with these friends.
Alot to talk about, chat about, laugh about.
Played a game of pool after so many years.
Bad aiming, as usual.
The aiming is as bad as my aim for bfs. Swt...
Then rush to Amante for my body massage appt.
Was speeding 130km/hr all the way.
Sharon did not puke in my car, luckily.
Namo namo no love letter from Mr. Sam plz.

Body massage was gooood!
My body was in wreck after Monday swim, Wednesday gym,
Thursday badminton and Friday swim.
Strained my body to the max.
Guess this is what they call a body combat!
I was seriously worn out, PANCIT by Friday.
My physical garment is in relaxation mode again after
the one and half hour Sunday body aromatherapy massage.

Proceeded to remove my nail gel art after lasting for a month.
Hi pinkish nail! Long time no see...

Amante Nail Spa & Body Care
Gel nail art removed after a month.

During the nail art removing session, mum call to inform me
'politely' that she's DITCHING me for dinner with dad.
Alone, I start calling people for dinner.
Too late as everyone have their evening planned out.

Decided to run my errands with extra time left on hand.
Going places, completed my tasks at three different spots.

Felt sense of accomplishment.
I have never walked alone for a very long time.
It's silly but I feel proud for being capable to get
my long pending task done all by myself without any help.
Tee-heee... Silly silly!

While running around, stomach starts making noise.
No date for dinner. Have not been eating alone for a long long time!
Don't like the idea of eating without company, left alone eating OUTSIDE by myself!

Chose to tapao instead.
In the last place where I complete my task, went to grab one of
my most unlikely choice of dinner, or even any meal of the day.
If it weren't for Prosperity Beef burger,
I wouldn't have step foot there.

Tapao and rush back to feed Lexie before feeding myself.

joyce food
Peppered with Joy, specially for Joyce?!! :P

BURP! Sayang sayang my tummy after a satisfying dinner.

Spend some time playing with Lexie till she is tired.

Look at her!

cute brown poodle

cute brown poodle

cute brown poodle

On her bed. Macam-macam pattern ada!

dog sleeping pattern

dog sleeping pattern

While blogging this from iPod, I saw a photo taken when Lexie was three months old.
That time, I tease her to "kiss kiss", and so she did, but she got a little carried away. :)

poodle kissing licking
No more asking for 'kiss kiss' from you Lexie!

Boy.. It was a long and hard post using an iPod!

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