Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dumped the 2012 calendar that have been sitting on my desk for the whole year.

Before it go down to the bin, I flipped it back to
Jan.. Feb... March... all the way till Dec 2012.

Saw my remarks on special days - short trips, buddies birthday,
special dinners, the date I was introduced to someone,
date and places of memorable dates with him,
and eventually reminded about the break upsss in 2012
(yes, break ups with more than one 's')


That's alot to swallow.

How much could happen in a year?
How much a year could change you?
How a stranger would meant so much to you in a year?
And how the same person would turn to be stranger to you again in the same year?
How much damage a year could to do you?

Am glad I survived.

Time to stop dwelling about it.

2012 is gone. Be done with it.

Started 2013 with busy days in the office.

You may find it often that when it comes to end of the year,
people will start asking and posting about what you've / they've done and been in 2012,
and what's your / their new resolution in 2013 etc.

It's bullshit.

If you want to start a resolution, you don't have to wait till 31st December to
decide on what you gonna start doing in 1st January.

You can do it whenever you are ready - not necessarily the new year, eh?

Whenever you tell yourself, "I'm gonna shed that 5kgs in 2012! "
Did this actually happen?

If yes, congratz! 
Bravo for keeping promises to yourself. 

If not, then welcome to the club!
No sweat, many did not make it too.

Resolutions is just something to make you think you have something new to look forward to.

But my experience tells me that when I want to do something, I'll
do it instantly - without picking a good dates for it.

New year to me, is merely the change of calendar, and reminding myself
that I shouldn't be writing / using 2012 anymore.
(I'll usually do this careless mistake in the office for at least a month to
finally accept the fact that the new year has arrived)

Don't deny you've not been doing this. Haha!

What's good about the new year to me, is that I'm hoping that luck would turn to new leaf.

Hope that things would be better.
Hope that there will be lesser shit being thrown at me.
Hope that life would be kinder to me.
That's all I'm hoping for.

Nevertheless, I would want to take this opportunity to thank
everyone who have been there for me in my ups and downs of life.

I had my share of good times, and bad times in year 2012.
But with support and love from my family and friends
I have learnt to appreciate the good things in life again.

I'm here today, still standing and smiling,
because I have all of you in my life.

Thank you! :)

forget what you feel, remember what you deserve, forget the pain, remember what an incredible woman you are
"Sometimes all you have to do is FORGET what you FEEL,
and REMEMBER what you DESERVE.
And sometimes you need to FORGET the PAIN,
and REMEMBER what an INCREDIBLE woman you are."

Putting up 2013 calendar on my desk.
Anxiously anticipating to fill it up with more happy and memorable days.

Hope to hit a few
major-life-changing-buttons in 2013.
(Changes as in good ones okay, God? Don't mess it up this time.. haha!)

** Happy New Year once again,
and wishing the best for everyone too! **