Friday, January 11, 2013

Am not over Christmas yet!

I love the fact that not me alone is still in Christmas mood.
Enjoying the occasionally aired Christmas songs in radio
with it's joyous and enchanting melody...

Ho ho ho....

Addicted with the previous posting about pressie from Santa..
let me show off abit what I've gotten this year..
Can bho? Can la...

Christmas is a season of joyful giving, and receiving!

Despite lovin' Christmas shopping for my loved ones,
couldn't deny that I love receiving more... haha!

i love christmas
Lovely Lace Christmas deco hanging on my room door

My very first Christmas with the mischievous,
destroyer poodle named Lexie!

joyce and lexie

Christmas Gift Exchange with colleagues
and Najwa gave me something I was eyeing for at
Paradigm Mall, but didn't buy...

I received the Mickey Mouse Christmas mug in shock!!!
Najwa is a mind-reader!!!
... Or did my love for Mickey Mouse has become too apparent?

joyce yap blog

joyce yap blog

joyce yap blog

Christmas pressie from Vince - Crabtree & Evelyn body products!
Am pampering myself with the Himalayan Blue
bath and shower gel.. and I'm so lovin' it!
I smell really good after shower and Lexie just couldn't stop licking me..
Wait till I drown myself in the pool of tantalizing smell
of Crabtree & Evelyn's lotion, perfume etc..

Lexie is gonna be glued to me!!!


Cute Christmas towel from Auntie Mooi..
Am glad to have her bits of love too... :)

christmas teddy bear towel

Love from sis comes throughout the year..
But only shown twice a year - Birthday & Christmas! :S

This Ice Watch is from Christmas Gift Exchange among the family..
and it's a wonderful addition to my watch collection!

watch christmas present

Cousin sis Michelle with her handmade pressie filled with
chocolates, candies and marshmallow..

She's very creative and always showers us with her
new creation of beautiful decorated boxes, hair clips,
games tools, etc...

creative christmas boxes

Lexie in Christmas mood with the newly bought shirt.. :)

Isn't she lovely... isn't she wonderful.... isn't she precious...
(... singing Stevie Wonder Isn't She Lovely)

cute brown poodle shirt ball

cute brown poodle shirt ball

And my Christmas has became more wonderful
with all her slurpy slurpy lovin' for me..

I'm so puppy lickin' good..

cute brown poodle shirt love girl