Monday, January 7, 2013

Wishing there are diapers for puppies just like for babies?

Vet and pet shop advising you to cut a hole on babies diaper for your puppy?

Using the conventional "lampin" / nappy to solve his / her peeing / pooing / period issue?

Sweat no more!

... coz now there's diapers designed exclusively for your puppy!

(nope I'm not selling the product altho I may sound like I'm advertising it)

pampers diapers for puppy dog

 It's available at Daiso Japan for just RM5 per packet,
with each packet consisting of 3 pieces of diapers.

I got it from Daiso Japan @ Setia City Mall.

It comes with various sizes.
Catered for dogs as big as 7kg with 45cm waistline.

Lexie has been toilet trained and thus I do not need these.
But it's just tooo cute and I just had to grab one!

Well at least my RM5 is put in good use as I am posting and sharing it here
for people are looking for puppy diapers.

Look at what mum did saying she do not need to waste money on puppy diapers,
and all she need is a piece of cloth!
joyce yap blog
Mum's doll - for her experiment for puppy nappy.
joyce yap blog
Covering her little butt with small piece of lampin cloth.

I hope this diapers thingy get to help some dog owners to resolve their issue.

There was once when Lexie had diarrhea in a 4 hours drive back home.
These diapers would be handy then.

But do bear in mind that this is not a permanent solution.
And it's not advisable in terms of health and hygiene for your
dog to be wearing diapers all day long / long term.

Remember that they are dogs, not babies.