Sunday, July 3, 2011

The thought of having dimsum in the morning really make me all bumped up today. Went to a Chinese restaurant that serves quite good dimsum and undeniably packed!

We spotted a few tables that has almost finish dining and so we waited beside a table with a couple who is just finishing their drinks. The waiting took like 15minutes because they refused to leave and continue sitting with their empty plates and tea cups.

I, being very irritated at that point of time, standing near to the table on purpose, a sign that they should leave after eating since there are alot more people who is waiting to dine! My 'invasion' of boundary doesn't seemed to bother them at all, as they still continue to sit there although they are not talking to each other! Basically they are just sitting stoned there enjoying every bit of suffering that people has while waiting for their table!

At that point of time I really feel like slapping them on their thick face! Luckily Vince found a table and I leave without any spanking!

After we are seated, I asked Vince what is the word to describe them? Immoral? Unethical? No common sense? Vince answered "STUPID. Plain stupid." I can't agree more!

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