Monday, July 4, 2011

Previously when I broke my shade, I had this crazy thought of buying Tiffany&Co sunglass which cost more than RM1k.. Glad I didn't go with it..

My broken ESPRIT


My new shade.............................. from GUESS! :P

I have given up from Tiffany&Co because it is too costly. Went to Mines Shopping Mall instead, and visited Evolution Optical where Vince worked before. Tried a few sunglasses and finally chose one from GUESS. It is half the price of Tiffany&Co but I got an awesoommeee discount from Vince ex-colleague! It was superb and it is exactly why I had to go all the way from Klang to Mines just to get ma shade... :)

Looking great eh?!! Hahahaa~

Being a cam whore is not usually me. I just so happened to download some new photography app in my iPod and ta-daa~ the outcome turns out to be kinda cool!

Signing off happily...(hugging my sunglasses to sleep tonite)


SSK said...

Not bad, but i still prefer the old one. :)

Joyce Yap said...

Sob sob.. sakit hati! :(