Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Jeng Jeng Jeng!!!

Now that my hair color is "settled", I can finally post some photos about it!

It was still raining red and brown at the shower for the past week.
Scary huh....

So... I dyed my hair two weeks ago.

Wasn't keen to dye my hair right before CNY knowing that Nico is gonna
slaughter me with the new pricing.

But looking at my current hair, I really wanted some color on it to spice things up.
Was bored with my black hair.

Wanted to get my previous color - dark brown.

I've always tried to get colors that are not too bright as I have hair of Snow White.
Somewhat, black as ebony?

So in order not to have obvious color contrast between my colored hair and new grown hair,
darker color would be a wiser choice in order to blend in better.

Nico then said the most popular color this year is RED!
And that I should get it.

Showed me a few colors and chose the darker shade of red.
Nico agreed that it suit me coz it's not gonna look obvious when my hair grow longer.

So ON lah!

Waited for them to mix between two colors.


The mixture turn out to look like this!
It almost scare me to death!

red hair mixture

Jaw dropped looking at the mixture.
They had to continuously convince me that this is not the actual color,
and the outcome is not as bright as this!

Was skeptical but they were very convincing...

As my hair black pigment is way too BLACK,
they had to leave the mixture on my head for an hour!

The entire time I was thinking
"Die lah die lah.. will it turn out bright red?"
"Will I look like Ah Lian (aka samseng jalanan pompuan), will I even get fired with this hair?!!"

Posted the mixture on FB and some said they are excited to see the outcome.

And hippo predicted that it will turn out like this!
YAY? or NAY?!!!

After washing, blowing dry, snip snipping here and there,
the outcome surprised me!

The color looks great!!!

Well, not as great as the red-head up there,
but I do like my color.
Thanks again Nico!

red hair color joycelifebits

The above photo was taken on the actual day.
Went for dinner with parents at Tony Romas, Setia City Mall,
at the same time, flaunting my new hair color!

In fact, I've noticed that there are many red-head at the malls recently.
Friends and colleagues dyed their hair red too!
Male or female!

RED indeed is the color!

As for my little basketball head, 
after one or two weeks,
after more washing,
the color changed.

With different photos taken of me,
sometimes it looks like burgundy,
sometimes purple,
sometimes brown,
and sometimes.... just plain black!


It made me desiring for something more RED now!

On top of my wish to eat and not get fat,
exercise and not build muscle,
play till down and not have panda eyes,

Can I have one more wish?

I would very much love to be ON FIRE with RED hair,
but don't want to get FIRED being unsuitable for the corporate world.

Can oorrrr noooottt?!!!

You can see how much I'm emphasizing on RED,

despite me being so hesitant on the adventurous new color
when it was first proposed by Nico.

See how fast a woman can change?!!!

I might even like to have a green hair tomorrow!!!

who knows...

NICE RIGHT???!!!!!!!

Talking about being on fire,
here's a nice song from Alicia Keys!
Love her songs, and this is one of it.

Alicia Keys - Girl On Fire (Inferno Version) ft. Nicki Minaj