Wednesday, February 6, 2013

That's me now.


A cuckoo zombie!

Going nuts from work.

Suddenly have been given extra tasks.

Start doing things that appear to be a whole new thing for me.

Job scope that has widen so much I believe I deserve a good raise.

Sometimes I get so busy I lost coordination.

My hand is doing something by its own,
while my brain is processing something else.

The good thing is..

I realized that I've got potential in many other areas on top of what I'm supposed to be doing

Being an in-house writer for event coverage,
( needs alot of improvement to produce a more catchy piece of work )

Creating processes and flow in PowerPoint,
( it's fun but time consuming )

To being our department liaison with the software engineer in their newly implemented system,
( yeah it do need some interest in IT somehow )

Coordinating with the ID for office renovation,
( maybe my itsy bitsy teenie weenie ID skill can be put in use??? )

Organizing event from scratch, searching for suppliers, get quotation,
coordinate with designers on invitation cards etc etc etc...
( at least the 3 years spent in studying Adv Mass Comm is not a total waste )

Gonna be voice over for our office recording system,
( I sing like a frog, hope I don't talk and sound like one )

And the number of customers to be taken care of have increased by two more batches for me.
( walauehhh... this is the suckiest part of my job !!! )

And WOW, being invited as an emcee for our corporate CNY event that
comprises hundreds of staffs???

.... with the presence of Tan Sri and Datos?

Am flattered.

But the bad news is...

I can't speak Mandarin !!!

If you need English speaking emcee, I'm ever ready.
(not that I've not done that before, in smaller scale of course)

All these is keeping me very much occupied.

And distracted from whatever that is bugging me.

Still, I do have time to feel emo at times.

Guess sometimes people will be addicted to certain kind of
sadness and pain.
(lyrics from Gotye - Somebody That I Used To Know)

There... finish grumbling,
about nothing,
except for working....

Although I may complain about how much
responsibilities I've been given in terms of work,

It has never failed to strike me that
doing more means learning more,

And opportunity like this
is meant for me to learn and grow,

The best training is to be at the battleground !!! ;)

Gotta be an improved version of myself every single day.


" To Be The Best In All We Do!!! "

Best motivation quote ever!

Cheers to 2013 and a better pay raise!!!
(I PRAY, I HOPE !!!)



Kayvin Sia said...

:) Croak

Awesome improvement

Joyce Yap said...

Brueekkkk !!!

Improvement? In what sense?

Kayvin Sia said...

work work work....

less emo...

more wacky?