Sunday, April 28, 2013

During our trip to Langkawi,
the guys googled and found good reviews for a Thai Restaurant at Kuah Town.

Undoubtedly, Wan Thai Restaurant serves really authentic Thai food
which is nothing but a fantastic experience for all of us!

Located at Kuah Town, some may find the place hard to find,
but do try Waze, I believe it will get you there swiftly.

Their signature dishes are the famous otak-otak in coconut, 
pandan chicken and tomyam kung.

Aside from their popular dish,we also ordered the kerabu with cashewnuts, 
kangkung belacan, sambal squids etc.. 

I love their rice which is mould in a flower shaped bowl, and topped with fried onions.
Presentable entree before the rest of the dish arrives and blown us off!

I especially love how the spiciness is moderate that made we enjoy each bite
without being teary - unlike my experience at Khunthai.

Do not forget to order dessert! 
We had mango pulut and durian pulut... it was heavenly!
Although it wasn't the durian season, the durian served was thick and rich in flavor!

As for drinks, one of the best selection is their fresh fruit shake.
Try out their mango shake... feels like eating the mango itself! 

A satisfying dinner cost of only RM420 for 16 person (two tables).

Hope they'll open up a few branches here in Klang Valley... wootzz!!! 

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JyhSeng Ong said...

how about chinese food ? seafood ? indian food ? malay food ? hawker food ? street food ?

Joyce Yap said...

How many days are you gonna stay there? Macam 1 week oni? Haha!

During our stay at Pantai Cenang, there are alot of restaurants there. From Chinese, to Malay, Indian, Thai, Mexican, Arabian, Mediterranean, Spanish etc. There are plenty of choices for you to choose from. But since it's located along the beach area, you gotta expect that the price would be slightly higher.

At Malibest Resort itself has an Indian restaurant. By looking at the crowd most of the nights, I believe the food is good. Do try it out!

And u can always go to Kuah Town, you will find cheaper food there. Wonderland Seafood Restaurant is one you can try, not very expensive - but not to say very impressive - boleh tahan lah.

We don't get to find alot of eateries there as we survive on breads most of the mornings and lunch as we are rushing for our tour activities.

So your turn to tell me more after your trip okay! ;)