Sunday, April 28, 2013

Proceeding to my Day 3 report, I would like to thank
Rachel Koko for arranging night flight for us.

Allowing ample of time for us to do more sightseeing. 

Day 3 Highlights

We took another tour package on the 3rd day to visit all the tourist attraction place.
I've been to all these before.. but some of it has been enhanced.

All 16 of us got ourselves a tour on private boat from 
Green Ocean Holiday Sdn Bhd
and we paid only RM520 for the half day tour.

Places included are... 

~ Mangrove River
~ Bat Cave
~ Crocodile Cave
~ Fish Farm & Feeding
~ Eagle Feeding

joyce yap blog
How could we miss jump shots? Photo taken infront of Jetty Kilim Geoforest Park. 

Hey I've got a sexy back view! :P 

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1st photo : At Bat Cave where batman stayed and meditated... (ya rite!)
2nd photo : Crocodile Cave with no crocodile at all.. reason for its name is because there is a rock
looking like a crocodile emerging from the water.. see that small rock there?
3rd photo : Fish Farm along the Mangrove River
4th photo : Stingray feeding time at the fish farm
5th photo : Eagle feeding on chicken skin
6th photo : Monkeys spotted!!! Alot of them!!! 

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At the Fish Farm

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joyce yap shu ling joycelifebits
Hot chick at a hot spring?!! Ok.. perasan mode on!!! Haha!!!    

After a good shower, went off again for Cable Car ride and
to the Crocodile Farm. But to our dismay, we entered none.

Cable Car service is temporarily closed due to strong wind
and crocodile farm is not worth paying (RM15 p/pax). 
Pity Aggie coz it was her wish to see kokodie (crocodiles).. :(

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Another must-go place in Langkawi is definitely the Dataran Lang.
It's like going to Eiffel Tower when you are in Paris. 

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asian friends on beach
Some photo taking at Pantai Cenang before we fly back to reality... 

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RM198 worth of chocolates! None is Lexie's... that's why sitting far away. 

Langkawi is another local holiday destination that I would want to go again in the near future.. 

Am happy spending time with The Gilasssss throughout the trip! Hugzzz!!!