Sunday, April 21, 2013

Yes, you didn't read wrong.

Not Ted the dirty talking teddy bear, 
nor Tit the most interesting part of a woman!

After so many complaints about my CPU which I've tried to revived numerous time,
I've finally got it replaced - with a HP's CPU I named Tet.

Saw Oblivion recently? 
Starring Tom Cruise and Morgan Freeman.

Those who haven't seen it...

tet alien station

The Tet is somewhat an 
alien mother ship figure in a giant triangular station on the sky.

oblivion tom cruise

At the beginning of the movie, Tet seemed like the most brilliant thing an alien would create.
Its technology which leaves us imagine if-this-could-be-in-our-future-era thingy.

Wanting my CPU to be my brain - executing stuffz for me - it's gonna be my Tet.

Nonetheless... whose who watched Oblivion may remember the unexpectedly lousy ending.

The Tet is so brilliant that it can detect that Jack (played by Tom Cruise) is lying 
from his heartbeat and tone of voice.

But... could not detect the nuclear bomb he brought with him
that eventually destroyed The Tet so easily?

Although there are alot of question marks circling my head after the movie,
it's overall a not-bad movie... can go watch larhhh... 

Am installing whatever anti-virus softwares I can find now. 
My Tet is gonna die like that movie!!!

 Tet - "Are you an effective team?"
Joyce & HP- "Hell yeah we are!!!"