Sunday, April 28, 2013

On the first day itself we went to the jetty where there are rows of counter offering services
to book for tours, car rentals, accommodation arrangement etc... It's like a one-stop centre!

After comparing the prices offered by a few shops, 
we settled with Green Ocean Holiday Sdn Bhd because the owner gave us quite a good price.
RM 80 for tour to Pulau Payar + meal.

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So off we goooo!!!

Day 2 Highlights

~Snorkeling at Pulau Payar
~ Spectacular dinner at Wan Thai Restaurant @ Kuah Town (review here!)
~ Duty free shopping!!! 
~ Drink drank drunk episode at the beach

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We are on gwiyomi fever!!! 

Snorkeling is fun, but not fun enough coz I intend to see more fishes.
Keen to learn diving soon so get deeper into the water and 
see with my own eyes the beautiful underwater creatures! 

joyce yap blog

joyce yap blog
1st photo : Cuts on my left foot that got me crippling for the next few days.
2nd photo : Simple but OK lunch provided in the package.
Each of us had a lunch box of fried rice, fried chicken, french fries, salad,
orange, canned ice lemon tea  and a bottle of mineral water.
3rd photo : Bruises on right foot (Aggie the lui sat sao punya pasal)
4th photo : How much the sun hit on my skin. Fairer area protected by wrist band. 

joyce yap blog

For the rest of the evening, we went for chocolate n liquor shopping!

For cocoa lovers who intends to grab your whole year chocolate stock,
some of the best places to get your duty free chocolateare... 

Coco Valley - our tour guy said they have got promos most of the time
Perniagaan Haji Ismail - they have got alot of branches in Langkawi, but buddy Rai advised to go to the bigger ones either in Kompleks Cayman or Jalan Pandak Mayah2  Kuah.
Eastern Native Duty Free at Kuah Town - this is the shop we went to.. 
Cenang Mall - the duty free shops have special items.. like mini Tic Tacs!

joyce yap blog
These mini Tic Tacs are at the size of my thumb! Super cute! 

Got our hands on duty free liquor and drinking sessions begins!

joyce yap blog

Photo of sober Joyce and later on... drunk Joyce. I love the drunk Joyce better. :P

Went to bed feeling a little tipsy... 
Although tipsy may not be the correct word for my friends to describe me that night... :P


Izsy Pizsy said...

Hi Joyce. Looks like you had a good time in Langkawi.

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Thank you