Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This week's Monday is indeed a blue and gloomy one for me.
Had to turn the mood around -with an appetizing bowl of noodle!

Wanted to have ramen at Ikuzo PJ, and Barry was driving with the guidance of Waze.
Drove from NKVE, to Federal, to LDP, into the small road, turning round and round,
only to realize that Ikuzo is located just at SS2, a place that is soooooo common to us. 

BIG SWEAT for Waze!!!

Monday blue attire for work.
I asked Barry if I look like those college girls in this.
What you think his answer was???

Ikuzo at PJ is located just beside McDonald's opposite Pelita Nasi Kandar @ SS2.
There was a long stretch of night market that Monday -
we had to go three rounds just to find a parking space.

The shop is spacious with table setting of around 15 tables.

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Joyce @ Ikuzo to witness their Ramen Revolution!

joyce yap blog joycelifebits

The whole lots of varieties in the menu that gets me all in nom-nom-nomming mood.
Seriously, I've been to many ramen places, but never a place
that offers this much of choices.

And one thing that makes me excited is the PRICE!
Most of the ramen cost less than RM10.00, and addition of fremented egg is only at RM1.00!

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Not wanting to waste my chance being there by ordering the traditional Cha Shu ramen,
I was high up in the mood for some marinated beef slices with spicy kim chi ramen!!!
What a long name to swallow, but it's Japanese name is Yakiniku ramen.

I love my ramen for that night. The beef slices is soft and tender.
While kim chi is really nice to compliment the ramen,
I think it is better to just put the kim chi on the side though. 
Being soaked in my ramen, the kim chi taste kind of spoil the soup broth. 

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Yakiniku Ramen RM 8.90
Alongside with my ramen, I ordered my must-to-have fremented eggs Ajisuke Tamago.
 The egg is a disappointment. Cold and rather tasteless.
A cold egg is a no-no for me.

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Ajisuke Tamago RM 1.00

Buddy Barry with his usual preference for spicy noodles ordered.. Spicy ramen. SWT.
With cha shu, sweet corn, beancurd skin and seaweed,
Barry seemed to enjoy his bowl of ramen veeeery muuuuch.
If the broth is not spicy enough, there's always some chilli paste on the table to add on.

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Spicy Ramen RM 9.50

The anti-social attitude after eating.
Busy with Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS, e-mail.

With hot ocha for both of us (was hoping that it was refillable)
and a cup of coffee, the total cost for our dinner that night is 
RM28.60 including service tax.

It was a pretty decent meal - delicious and reasonable priced!
We will DEFINITELY go there again!!!