Sunday, April 28, 2013

It was merely a short 11 months of me working at IOI Properties under CSU.
(not the glamour CSI ya)

But it was during that short period of time where I get to know these bunch of craziesss.. 
Yes indeed, coz they called themselves The Gilasssss.

The crazy me too has stepped into their level and was qualified to be one of the crazy ones.
No effort needed, it happened so naturally coz I'm born cuckoo (...duh!)

In IOI, I joined KKIOI (Kelab Keluarga IOI) and we, The Gilaaassss, get to 
go for outdoor activities and holidays together.

One of the most memorable one is our trip to Hatyai & Krabi in 2007
(damn.. that was a long time ago!)

joyce yap blog
1st photo courtesy of OngZi! :)

And when I left, those guys still invited me to join them for their annual trip.
Don't question me why I bond better with guys.
Prolly coz they can handle my awkwardness better... haha! 

Joined KKIOI to Universal Studio at Singapore in 2011.

joyce yap blog
Goh, Tan and OngZi at USS with Joyce! :)
Recently, The Gilaaassss organized a trip themselves - to Langkawi!

My impression of Langkawi is - Boooriinngggg....

Went there several times with Nick when we worked together at Star Cruises. 
Aside from sight seeing and buying chocolates, I don't remember anything fun.

This trip with The Gilassssss completely changed my mind about Langkawi.

No longer a boring place - it's now filled with 
ang mor cha bor in bikinis and leng chai ang mor in cool shades walking on the beach!

The whole Langkawi itself seemed like it has been revamped into
a mini Phuket where alot of shops and restaurants are catered for international tourist.

And I'm surprised that Langkawi has good eateries too!

Enough of babbling..  Some photos to share! 


Day 1 Highlights

 ~ How to sandwich 16 people in a van?
~ Great breakfast at Red Tomato (review here!)
~ Check-in to Malibest Resort @ Pantai Cenang
~ Stroll along the beach of Pantai Cenang
~ The Gilasss beach war
~ Dinner at Wonderland seafood @ Kuah Town

Upon arriving to Langkawi airport, we rented a van (RM250 for 3 days).
Since there are 16 of us, with big and small luggage, boy.. such a good 'bonding' time we had!
joyce yap blog
How to sandwich 16 ppl in a van? SQUEEZE is the key word!
3rd photo showing tall Gavin squeezing in due to insufficient leg room.
4th photo is just another scene from a horror movie?

Sightseeing photos.. :)

joyce yap blog unique signboard

joyce yao blog colorful slippar sandals

joyce yap blog

joyce yap blog

Bitches on the beach!!!! 

joyce yap blog
1st photo : Me and Jack at Pantai Cenang
2nd photo : Aggie and I at Langkawi Underwater World
Self explanatory photos on beach wars with The Gilassssss. 

Place to stay?

Malibest Resort isn't the best resort I've been to..
But the plus point is that our chalet is facing the beautiful beach of Pantai Cenang.

joyce yap blog

However, the drawbacks are...
- The sheets has stains on it
- Toilet flush doesn't work on the 3rd day (this is a bad one)
- Room caters for 4 pax but there are only 2 towels (additional towels given only upon request)
- No mineral water bottle given for the whole 3 days
- Wifi available but not working

But... for the price we paid, the chalet is considered clean and 
strategically located right infront of the beach.

After all, that's the most important thing right? 

Dinner at Wonderland Restaurant @ Kuah Town is nothing to shout about.
After trying that place for dinner, and all the good reviews from tripadvisor? I beg to differ.
It wasn't that bad, but not a place for a foodie like me who seek for GOOD FOOD.
Too much use of MSG for taste enhancement.

joyce yap blog
That's a wrap for my Day 1... stay tuned as I'm working on my Day 2!!! ;)