Friday, December 27, 2013

It is a long day. One I've not had for a long time. It left me exhausted. At some point, I got so pissed off that I just break down and cry. Not even thinking how I'd looked, then realized that some were staring at me, shocked.

I really did had enough. All I wanted now is a gateway. Be it temporary or permanently, I don't really care.

Having trouble sleeping too. Could it be from all those stress that have built up in me?

Misses my jogging and swimming sessions too. Wishing there are more energy in me to do that.

Eyes opened wide. Guess it will stay this way for the next few weeks to come.

God bless. May I survive the remaining of 2013 and to welcome the new year with a more positive energy.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

It was hard to determine what mood should I be in while writing this post.

Things weren't easy for me the past few weeks. 
It angers me alot, it sadden me for being misunderstood by people who should know me well, I'm shocked for mean remarks I've received, and I most regretted when my words are always, always, always misinterpreted. 

And yet, despite all said above, there are so many things I should be grateful for. 
So many people who I know would stand beside me, giving me every bit of positive energy, good vibes and whispering "jia you, jia you" so that I'll overcome whatever troubling me. 
These people are ones that helped me stand again. 

Here, I just wanted to say sorry to those people I've wronged. 
I could apologize many times for not having spent much time with my precious ones, but still, there's nothing much I could do coz daily commitments are taking its toll on me. 

And for those I seldom talk to anymore, I wished I could just open up again, but trust me, I would if I hadn't been that tired. 
It seemed easier to just spend the nights crying out loud myself against the pillow, and to fall asleep when I'm completely drained out.

So what bothers me most? 
Probably expectations from others of me... 

"I feel that Joyce should be better this way...."
"Joyce should have do this..."
"Omg... Joyce shouldn't have done that..."
"Isn't that Joyce's responsibilities?"
"Joyce should have talk to me"
"What is she doing with all the time she have on hand? She should.. blah blah blah... "

Oh well, as much as I wanted to say "F*CK THAT!!!" to those people who said the above to me, well, there are CERTAIN people that we can NEVER EVER say that too.... agree? 

I was reading the Elite Daily article recently. 
About The 20 Things You Need To Let Go To Be Happy...

It says here... 

1. The Approval Of Others
Who gives a sh*t what other people think? If you are happy with the decisions you have made, then whose business is that but your own? Think of how much you could achieve if you stopped letting other people’s opinions dictate the way you live your life. Do you, and engage in whatever actions you think might better your life.

The truth is, the approval of an insignificant others doesn't really matters to me. 
But what about the significant others who are constantly grumbling about how you should live your life? 
And if it is not the way you are supposed to live, that you are not worth the life they had given you?

To go against these conflict is more tiring than I already am. 
And usually I am left with no other choice than to swallow hard on those so-called expectations... 
And somehow I realized that all this while, my life is designed to live up that nonsense expectations. 
This life, is an unhappy one.

Wish to be heard, and to be free.


Saturday, November 9, 2013

A mountain standing so mighty at the height of 4,095 metres in East Malaysia - Sabah, is a mountain I never thought I would be able to conquer.

Till today, I am still at awe reminiscing the moment where I was at the highest top of the Land Below The Wind. 

Many may be in the same 'self-doubt phase' as me before the climb, and I hope this blog would somehow help in giving my share bits of motivation. I am not in position to give the best advice, but the preparation I made for the climb did assure me a safe, relax, and successful climb. 

Before the climb... these are the few things that you must do.

1) Climb... alot! - If you are not an outdoor person like me, do make sure that you hike / exercise few months before the actual climb. It helps to get your body and muscles prepared for a long hike.

2) Get the right attire - To get a proper shoe is a MUST. I didn't invest much on a hiking shoe, just a RM9.90 rubber shoe I got from Cameron Highlands. You can get it at any hardware shops I believe. The second day hike from Laban Rata to Low's Peak can be as cold as -1°C  (depending on rain and season). I'm all prepared for the worst when I get myself a pair of long john (top & bottom from Universal Traveler), a windproof and waterproof pants (from Universal Traveler), gloves (from Universal Traveler too), beanie I borrowed from dad, balaclava Vince lend me, and a thick sweater sponsored by SP Setia. Do not forget to get a head lamp too! It is compulsory on the second day hike. Get a raincoat for both days. 

3) Be mentally prepared - We are lucky to have Kevin Wong to give us a motivational speech prior to our climb. It was a half-day session, and I would like to summarize the session with these quotes. 

"Keep your head and your heart in the right direction, 
and you'll never have to worry about your feet"

"The distance between success and failure can only be measured by one's desire"

It is really important to believe that all you wanted to achieve - is to set foot at the peak, 
nothing lower than the peak. This goal - must be your sole belief. 
Because beliefs are essentially our on / off switch for our ability to do anything in the world. 

4) Altitude sickness pill - Most of the climbers who failed to reach the peak of Mount KK is due to altitude sickness. You don't want to have symptoms like nausea, migraine, headache, vomiting during your climb, coz there's no turning back. So get some AMS pills and take it 3 days before the climb to avoid this.

Now that you are physically and mentally prepared, get ready for a journey that would change your perspective in life - thru a promising tropical adventure! :)

mount kinabalu sabah reviews tips
All 39 of us from the second batch of SP Setia Mount KK 2013 Expedition

During the hike to Laban Rata....

1) This is not a race, climb at your own pace - The goal is to reach the top, not to race your friends to the top. Well, of course, only if you are in Mt. Kanabalu Climbathon. Else, I would suggest you to save that energy and enjoy what nature has to offer.

2) Grab a buddy - It is always so much fun to do things with people, than doing things alone. Whatsmore, a climb to remember! I was so lucky to have a buddy of the same pace, and constantly give encouraging words. 

3) Pack your lunch box - Yeppp... nothing heavy, oily or spicy in the morning before the hike. Although there are many stops along the Mesilau / Timpohon trails, you wouldn't want to rush to the too-too. I would suggest to pack some bananas, chocolates, raisins, nuts, and energy drinks. Once reached Laban Rata, have a cup of hot Milo (bring your own 3 in 1 coz a cup of Milo at Laban Rata is going to cost you RM 6).

tips and reviews climb mount kk
Having fun photo session makes you forget of the coming kilometers before Laban Rata... 

During the hike to Low's Peak....

1) Cover yourself from head to toe - While everyone was shivering, my hands were sweaty and it felt pretty normal for me to remove my gloves to use my camera - the rest felt like they are going to have frostbite when doing that. I felt like this is one of the wisest decision I've made in my life - for keeping myself warm with the right attire. 

2) Head lamp - Again... this is a must coz it's pitch dark when you start your journey from Laban Rata at 2am. Do bring some spare batteries in your bag pack coz the battery tends to drain faster in colder temperature.

tips and review climb mount kk
Achievement that is gonna make me proud... "I come, I climb, I conquer"

Going down from Low's Peak to Kinabalu Park...

1) Just go with the flow - You'd be sooooo happy with your newly achieved mission and you'll be too busy to shout about it. So don't worry about going down. You have only one goal now - to go down. So... you pretty much get the idea. 

tips and review climb mount kk
Remember the raincoat I was telling?
It came handy when it gets cold on my way down - then it started to drizzles. 

I extended my stay at Sabah with my buddies. Went snorkeling at Pulau Mamutik. Pulau Manukan and Pulau Sapi. It was awesooommeee.... could be better if it wasn't for the muscle pain I had for the next 3 days after the climb. Woo-hoooooo!!!

manukan mamutik sapi sabah islands joyce yap

I hope this brief review on Mount KK climb is useful. I did not cover everything about it. Just some pointers based on my own experience.

Will be climbing again next year (I hope)... looking forward to Via Ferrata at Mount KK!!!

And how could I end this post just like this? 

Feed on this.... wootzzz!!! Photo taken by one of my hiking buddy at Pulau Sapi.

joycelifebits joyce yap model pretty rocks island

Goodnight ya'll !!!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Back in August, yes, THREE months back (feeling bumped),
I went diving with Viennie and Chriz at our very own beautiful island in Malaysia - Redang Island.

This place is popularized by our local movie few years back - Mo Mo Tea.

This time around we stayed at Redang Pelangi - nothing beats a view facing the beach,
and to not worry about food coz they provide 5 meals a day!

I'm not going into details about the place nor diving, but generally
we dived at Black Coral Garden, Tanjung Tokong, Che Isa and Batu Cina Terjun.

I remembered having problem equalizing my ear during one of my dive and thus kept floating up.
It was painful and I freaked out for still bearing the pain for the next few days!
A note to myself "Descend slowly... and improve your buoyancy!"

Saw baby sharks during shore dives, was introduced to many common things underwater
that I have no idea about, like nudibranch, flathead crocodile fish, banded cleaner shrimp,
cushion starfish, leopard sea cucumber, school of yellowtail snapper,
and clownfish (Nemo) hiding in a bright blue anemone!

Yes, the usual thingy underwater amuses me.
I'm still new here, remember?

joyce yap dive

joyce yap dive

This trip is not merely about diving, but for fun and some booze!
You may have remembered my World Best Instructor, Eric Liow 
he was teaching one of my friend during my trip to Redang,
and oh boy, such fun nights we had!

He made us some Long Island cocktails, and playing 007 games with these booze,
do make us a reckless diver (at night), we are all fine in the morning! :P

eric liow dive instructor

Redang was kind of like my "practice trip" coz I'm preparing myself for Sipadan.
Photos up soon... stay tuned!

As for now... feed on this! :)
Photo by one of the DM in Redang...

joyce yap dive joycelifebits pretty beach

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Being a girl who is not accustomed to outdoor activities, 
needless to say... adventures, to register myself for Mount KK Expedition 2013
appear to be a shocking news to everyone - including myself.

Many were curious in knowing why.
I guess there was a point when my self-esteem was being ripped off,
and at the end of a miserable experience, I was left worthless.

Feeling like a loser in dealing with my own life,
I decided to take charge again and felt the need to regain back my self-worth.
I wanted to take small steps to reassure and convince myself that 
I may fail in certain things in life, but NOT EVERYTHING. 

Been taking small steps to achieve small little goals.
Then bigger goals. Then set a resolution to it.
Every little achievement I've made, made me proud of myself.

The Mount KK Expedition wasn't for me initially.
Only 80 out of 198 registrants got picked randomly.

But as I was eager to join, I attended every single training they have.
During the first few weeks of training, the "not so eager ones" dropped out.
So I got in!

Series of training have been planned out by 
external trainer to ensure that we work our butts off!

Bukit Saga / Apek Hill at Cheras,
 Gunung Angsi at Negeri Sembilan, 
and Gunung Nuang at Hulu Langat.

First training at Bukit Saga - I thought I was gonna die with my heart pumping
so hard that I could feel that it's gonna pop out!!!

The waterfall at Bukit Saga - marks that the peak is near!

Gunung Angsi wasn't that bad actually.
We were going slow and steady. 

Gunung Nuang made Bukit Saga seemed like a peanut.
My leg was jelly-like when I reached Kem Pacat.
It is a long way with alot of obstacles to make sure we are all PANCIT!
I didn't made it second time around though..

Our second visit to Bukit Saga was a breeze!
It's getting easier after every training and I'm glad we've improved.

These training are really tough!!!
And it definitely reminded me how unfit I am!

To ensure that our level of fitness, we are also told to undergo a series of
physical fitness test by Sunway Medical Centre too.
Passed that... almost failed the lung test though.

I've really tried my best in all my training, and there has been
some bad times when I had muscle cramps and have to refrain from continuing the hike.
It kind of demotivating, but I just kept moving.

Now that the actual hike is just around the corner,
I'm unsure if that's what I opted for...
Am I up to climbing at Mount KK?!!
Am I capable of going all the way up to 4,095 metres (13,455 ft) above sea level?!!
This is a no-joke, there are people who died from AMS during the hike!!!


There are no room for doubt now.
I've come this far.
I did what I should.
External, internal and my own training.
I did it all.

I seriously, really, sincerely, truly, madly, deeply, hope that I'll made it to the peak.

May God be with me all the way.

Flying off at 7.30am tomorrow morning.

Wish me luck peeps!!! 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In the mood for Jap after my review for Zen @ Sunway Pyramid! 

I was recently introduced to this nice place called Oasis Square.

What seemed to look like Setia Walk Puchong, is actually a place far more 
interesting and happening hidden at Ara Damansara!

It's such a beautiful place that I regretted for not bringing my DSLR during my visit.

Photos taken online - does not belongs to me. 

Photos taken online - does not belongs to me. 

Sunny boy used his iPhone and all the photos taken of me - has red eye on it!
My excuse - I've just glamorize glow in the dark lenses!!!

special building casino royal flush chinese restaurant
Infront of a Chinese Restaurant called Royal Flush

special building roulette casino
Another eye-catching building -Roulette (a bar)

beautiful fountain night scene
I love how the lights shine when the water is shooting up!
Kind of reminds me of Mines Wonderland Musical Fountain when I was a kid

I was then brought to a Den Den, a Japanese restaurant - implying kind of a fine dining concept.

And it amazed me to hear a strange but familiar language from people
who are seated on my left, right, and opposite!
They are speaking Japanese!
Yes, this place is where Japanese go to when they yearn for some home food.
I was sooooo proud then to be dining here.

Appetizer was a trio smoked platter of smoked duck, s
moked salmon and marinated smoked lean chicken.
It was an okay dish - I love the duck,
but other two.... it does not impress me that much.

smoked trip duck salmon chicken

Salad with marinated raw salmon with avocado.  
It was a good salad to start with, but perhaps they could tone down a little on the dressing.
It's too flavorful to my liking. But I do love the avocado though! Yumsss... 

avocado and salmon salad

What's next on the serving is a hot pot of somewhat taste like a seafood curry.
This dish.. me love!!!
There are crabs, prawns, and mussels all perfectly cooked in this Japanese curry,
which is not too thick, but just nice to be dipped with the baguette.

japanese seafood curry

On a side dish, we ordered Cheese Omelette in a thick gravy
This dish makes me think twice about the Japanese patron here.
Is it me, or is it Japanese egg dish is supposed to be weird?
I could hardly taste the cheese, and the taste of the gravy seemed out of place.

cheese egg

Despite having to carry my stomach to move around (that's how full I was),
Sunny boy insisted on having dessert.
And so he ordered waffle with blueberry topped with vanila ice-cream.
I warned him that nothing could beat Gelare waffle but he proceeded with the order.
With just a mouthful, I proved him wrong... :)
The waffle isn't that bad, it's just that, Gelare will always, always, be the best! 

blueberry waffle vanilla ice cream

To be honest, I would want to visit Oasis Square again for the environment.
But not for Den Den. 
With this said, can anyone tell me why are there so many Japanese eating there?!!

Perhaps we are all too used to the customized taste of Japanese food 
that we didn't realize that the real authentic Japanese food could be different!

For those who are interested to check out this place.. details as below..

Address : Bistro DenDen @ Oasis Ara Damansara,
Central Piazza, Oasis Square, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya.

It's gonna be a night of forced diet today.
Mum has left for the night to great aunt place in Serdang.
Leaving me behind, alone, lonely, food-less at home.

Hunger makes me think about food, particularly Japanese - my favourite!

And recently someone asked me where to get good Jap near Klang.
To be frank, Klang offers nothing but bak kut teh.

So the first thing that came into my mind is Zen @ Sunway Pyramid!
It's just 15 minutes drive away from home - IF I'M THE ONE DRIVING!

Reminiscing my visit there although it has been a month or two back... 

Do enjoy the simple and almost-forgotten reviews... :)


I love the choice of salad in Zen. 
We ordered the salad with snow crab which is simply delicious!
Love how the aromatic miso dressing jive with the crunchy leafy salad with juicy crab meat...

salad with crab meat

For appetizer, we were introduced to Zen's cheese baked scallop with Japanese mushrooms.
I remember that this dish is quite pricey - around RM14 per piece.
But it was all worth it looking at the succulent scallops drowned in the
generous portion of my favourite mushrooms.
I could have both myself - but mum always say... "sharing is caring"... :)

cheese baked scallop with mushrooms

And how could one skip the sashimi section in the menu??!!!
For a new sashimi lover like me, we made a good pick 
for variety of sashimi - from salmon, tuna, to octopus.
Zen do serve one of the freshest sashimi I've tasted.

mixed fresh sashimi

One of my must-have dish in a Japanese restaurant - unagi!
I love how thick flavorful unagi melts in my mouth..
We ordered an Unagi Roll and oh-myyy... the unagi is superb!

thick succulent unagi roll

Mini Sukiyaki pot with seafood - it makes me wanna sing!
This hot pot with simple yet delicious ingredient like prawns, 
scallops, tofu, mushroom, vegetables are then cooked with miso soup. 
Served hot, this dish completes our dinner with a warm warm tummy... :)

Feeling satisfied with the sukiyaki... singing... 
"It's all because of you... I'm feeling sad and blue.. 
You went away.. Now my life is just a rainy day..."

sukiyaki pot with seafood

 I guess this blog post didn't really help me tonight.
Dinner is three beautiful pears given by the office for the Health Week. 

Am looking forward to visit Zen again.
Heard they've got buffet too! Hoorray! 


Address: 3 Jalan PJS 11/15, Bandar Sunway, Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Phone:+60 3-7492 4922

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lexie's 1st Birthday is coming and it calls for a celebration!!!

For this unusual birthday celebration, I have decided to settle with an edible cake 
for dogs - Lexie, Leah, Queen Queen, Vin Vin and others.

There is no better option than getting the cake from Eternabii Pet House, 
the newly opened pet shop at Setia Alam.

They wow-ed me during their grand opening few months back.
Can't believe I've not blogged about it!

This is the very first pet shop Grand Opening that offers 
soooooo muchhhhhhh foooood for our furry friends! 

You should see how excited the dogs were, 
with their tails wagging, sniffing everywhere, and drooling all over!

Say no more, look at the photos!

dog party food
Cheese cake, yogurt cake, carrot cake and sponge cake all for the doggies!

dog party food
Mini burgers, snacks, cupcakes, cotton cheese cake, yes, for the dogs!!!

The canine friends were all excited to mingle around.
Some are even overtly-friendly that they went doggy-humping each other.... 

dog party food

Personal portrait of dogs that could sit still for at least a moment to get a quick snapshot.

dog party food
Lexie is on the top left - all furry - not groomed! 

Looking at the joy Eternabii gave to our furry friends,
I hope a good birthday cake can help to cheer up Lexie's birthday celebration.

At the meantime, anyone who is interested in Eternabii, they do offer
services such as grooming, boarding, and day care.

Find out more at their Facebook page here :

Not like I have commission for this recommendation in my blog,
it's just that, I feel safe whenever I send Lexie over to them.

Because Eternabii do not cage up the dogs during boarding.
The dogs will be put in an open space in the shop to roam around,
to play with others, to pee and poo freely without getting spanked (oopsss),
and well, provided only if your dog is not violent, spayed (preferably),
no kutu (of coz!) and not into doggy-humping so much.

With so much freedom given to them, I believe
they will make Lexie feels like home when I'm out from town for a few days.

An advice to find a good pet shop for your loved one....

Always find a happy pet shop with a true pet lover, 
then you can be assure that your canine will truly be in good hands! 


Sunday, September 8, 2013


I still couldn't get enough being labelled as a DIVER.
I could never imagine this last year - I couldn't even swim that time!

For the past 29 years - I've lived a mundane life.
A simple, low-risk, safe, routine-based life.

And then, a heartbreak made me opt for something bizarre - DIVING!

The quote below is my drive for the mission!

With CC's recommendation of a OWC instructor whom he said is friendly,
I gathered people to go with me. 
Chriz my secondary schoolmate and Loke my badminton kaki.

I've selected Tioman for the OWC due to travel conveniences.

It was definitely a new kind of experience for me.
One that shed new light about LIFE!
And also one that tells me how untalented I am when underwater.

We are lucky to have Eric Liow as our instructor.
Friendly, patient, funny is his outstanding personality, 
but his trademark - his tanned skin!!!
Hokkien people would say "Or kim or kim, ju kua ju jip sim!"

diving at tioman
Tioman was cloudy and rainy when we got there

tioman nice view joyce yap diver
But it was nice at the resort... 

PADI open water course advice practical tips scared how to do phobia
Meet our "or kim" instructor Eric - giving us equipment briefing

PADI open water course advice practical tips scared how to do phobia
Sempat lagi for a PEACE sign! ;)

PADI open water course advice practical tips scared how to do phobia
All geared up and we couldn't stand straight due to the weight! 

PADI open water course advice practical tips scared how to do phobia
Ready to go in... kan cheong!

PADI open water course advice practical tips scared how to do phobia
On a boat dive

PADI open water course advice practical tips scared how to do phobia
Doing my first backroll entry on a boat dive - no, he's not pushing me down!
Hands on regulator and mask to ensure its placement when you get into the water.

boat dive backroll waves
The sea looked kinda choppy from this photo - taken by CC

diver say hi underwater tioman joyce yap shu ling blog joycelifebits
Yay! I'm alive! SWT

bad buoyancy control floating
Compilation of embarrassing photos on our lousy control of buoyancy..
It was mostly me that would have to be pulled down by Eric..
Still laughing my socks off looking at these photos!

seasick sunset beach tioman joyce yap blog
One of the most suffering part of my OWC - seasickness!
I had it at every dive... :'(

PADI open water course advice practical tips scared how to do phobia
After much struggle, drinking gallons of salt water, and seasickness, I've made it through!

beautiful sunset tioman joyce yap
Great view at night... all the hardwork pays off looking at this breathtaking scene!

PADI open water course advice practical tips scared how to do phobia
CC, Joyce, Eric. Chriz & Loke..

The post mortem of my Open Water Course at Tioman :-

1) Breathing - It was pretty hard at first to breathe without using our nostrils. Air in, air out, with mouth.

2) Mask defog - to scrub using saliva. It still disgust me till today.

3) Tank - It is super heavy for a petite person like me. To carry such weight on my back for every dive is a "good exercise" but it's definitely going to make me shorter.

4) Buoyancy - breathing and balancing skills - not my expertise. I've been floating up to the surface numerous times that I was demotivated to continue my course.

5) Safety stop - This is something I'll never ever learn! To stay put underwater for 3 minutes - no finning. I was doing Macarena - legs going left right center, body up down center - I was in a mess!

6) Seasickness - Despite walloping the motion sickness pills like nobody business, I was surprised that it does not have any effect on me. Vomited after every dive - some in the sea, yes. The fishes may thank me for the buffet later on. And I continued to have slight dizziness 3 days after my last dive. That's a pretty bad week.

Some advice to overcome :-

1) To get use - Breathing using regulator on mouth is a piece of cake when you get a hang of it. Clearing of mask with saliva no longer makes you go "ewww!!!" coz you would want a fog-free mask when you get into the water. Carry tank?! It's a good exercise to help you lose weight! More tank for me please! 

2) Practice - Practice makes perfect. Compare your first dive and your last dive. You'd be amazed how much you've improved and how comfortable you are in the water now. And buoyancy control no longer depends heavily on inflating / deflating your BCD like using it as a lift button, but through your breathing. Breathe in air to float a little more, and breathe out to sink a little more. Voila! 

3) Goal - Always remember why you are here for. With a reason, you'll put in double and triple effort to get the things done. Specifically certain skills that your instructor needs you to do. Make every single skill your small goals. And getting certified is the end goal!

4) Motivation - Go with friends who are positive and constantly giving motivation. It helps to know that if they can do it, you can do it too! 

5) Doubt - Never doubt your own capability, and your instructor! Just do what he told, and you'll be fine.

6) Instructor - You would need to find a instructor that you can trust. Eric is a person whom I could put my life on when I'm in the water. There is one skill whereby we have to remove our mask and swim. I could barely open up my eyes in the water due to the salt contained, and so I decided to just close my eyes, and put my hand on Eric's, and I swim with his guidance with my eyes closed entirely. This can only be done with trust. And this is also why I've declared Eric as the World Best Instructor! Wootz!

7) Seasickness - Dizzy? Just vomit it out. That's my remedy. Then I'll sniff on some cooling ointment to ease the dizziness a little. Then lay down to rest for awhile. One may lose appetite as well but it's okay as long as your stomach is not empty - just eat something light. During my next dive at Redang, I took 1 1/2 Novomin pill 1 hour before my dive, and it lasted throughout the day. I was perfectly fine and enjoyed my whole 3 days diving sessions! The seasickness would get so sick of infecting the same lousy person and will go away eventually. Don't think there's gonna be a permanent seasickness. So don't worry. :)

Hope the above helps. It's just my two-cents sharing.

What a busy month. Promise to blog more.

Goodnight ya'all! :)