Sunday, September 22, 2013

Being a girl who is not accustomed to outdoor activities, 
needless to say... adventures, to register myself for Mount KK Expedition 2013
appear to be a shocking news to everyone - including myself.

Many were curious in knowing why.
I guess there was a point when my self-esteem was being ripped off,
and at the end of a miserable experience, I was left worthless.

Feeling like a loser in dealing with my own life,
I decided to take charge again and felt the need to regain back my self-worth.
I wanted to take small steps to reassure and convince myself that 
I may fail in certain things in life, but NOT EVERYTHING. 

Been taking small steps to achieve small little goals.
Then bigger goals. Then set a resolution to it.
Every little achievement I've made, made me proud of myself.

The Mount KK Expedition wasn't for me initially.
Only 80 out of 198 registrants got picked randomly.

But as I was eager to join, I attended every single training they have.
During the first few weeks of training, the "not so eager ones" dropped out.
So I got in!

Series of training have been planned out by 
external trainer to ensure that we work our butts off!

Bukit Saga / Apek Hill at Cheras,
 Gunung Angsi at Negeri Sembilan, 
and Gunung Nuang at Hulu Langat.

First training at Bukit Saga - I thought I was gonna die with my heart pumping
so hard that I could feel that it's gonna pop out!!!

The waterfall at Bukit Saga - marks that the peak is near!

Gunung Angsi wasn't that bad actually.
We were going slow and steady. 

Gunung Nuang made Bukit Saga seemed like a peanut.
My leg was jelly-like when I reached Kem Pacat.
It is a long way with alot of obstacles to make sure we are all PANCIT!
I didn't made it second time around though..

Our second visit to Bukit Saga was a breeze!
It's getting easier after every training and I'm glad we've improved.

These training are really tough!!!
And it definitely reminded me how unfit I am!

To ensure that our level of fitness, we are also told to undergo a series of
physical fitness test by Sunway Medical Centre too.
Passed that... almost failed the lung test though.

I've really tried my best in all my training, and there has been
some bad times when I had muscle cramps and have to refrain from continuing the hike.
It kind of demotivating, but I just kept moving.

Now that the actual hike is just around the corner,
I'm unsure if that's what I opted for...
Am I up to climbing at Mount KK?!!
Am I capable of going all the way up to 4,095 metres (13,455 ft) above sea level?!!
This is a no-joke, there are people who died from AMS during the hike!!!


There are no room for doubt now.
I've come this far.
I did what I should.
External, internal and my own training.
I did it all.

I seriously, really, sincerely, truly, madly, deeply, hope that I'll made it to the peak.

May God be with me all the way.

Flying off at 7.30am tomorrow morning.

Wish me luck peeps!!! 


Kayvin Sia said...

You do not need luck. You can do it. Take care and prepare some altitude pills just in case :3