Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Lexie's 1st Birthday is coming and it calls for a celebration!!!

For this unusual birthday celebration, I have decided to settle with an edible cake 
for dogs - Lexie, Leah, Queen Queen, Vin Vin and others.

There is no better option than getting the cake from Eternabii Pet House, 
the newly opened pet shop at Setia Alam.

They wow-ed me during their grand opening few months back.
Can't believe I've not blogged about it!

This is the very first pet shop Grand Opening that offers 
soooooo muchhhhhhh foooood for our furry friends! 

You should see how excited the dogs were, 
with their tails wagging, sniffing everywhere, and drooling all over!

Say no more, look at the photos!

dog party food
Cheese cake, yogurt cake, carrot cake and sponge cake all for the doggies!

dog party food
Mini burgers, snacks, cupcakes, cotton cheese cake, yes, for the dogs!!!

The canine friends were all excited to mingle around.
Some are even overtly-friendly that they went doggy-humping each other.... 

dog party food

Personal portrait of dogs that could sit still for at least a moment to get a quick snapshot.

dog party food
Lexie is on the top left - all furry - not groomed! 

Looking at the joy Eternabii gave to our furry friends,
I hope a good birthday cake can help to cheer up Lexie's birthday celebration.

At the meantime, anyone who is interested in Eternabii, they do offer
services such as grooming, boarding, and day care.

Find out more at their Facebook page here : https://www.facebook.com/Eternabiipethouse

Not like I have commission for this recommendation in my blog,
it's just that, I feel safe whenever I send Lexie over to them.

Because Eternabii do not cage up the dogs during boarding.
The dogs will be put in an open space in the shop to roam around,
to play with others, to pee and poo freely without getting spanked (oopsss),
and well, provided only if your dog is not violent, spayed (preferably),
no kutu (of coz!) and not into doggy-humping so much.

With so much freedom given to them, I believe
they will make Lexie feels like home when I'm out from town for a few days.

An advice to find a good pet shop for your loved one....

Always find a happy pet shop with a true pet lover, 
then you can be assure that your canine will truly be in good hands!