Wednesday, September 11, 2013

In the mood for Jap after my review for Zen @ Sunway Pyramid! 

I was recently introduced to this nice place called Oasis Square.

What seemed to look like Setia Walk Puchong, is actually a place far more 
interesting and happening hidden at Ara Damansara!

It's such a beautiful place that I regretted for not bringing my DSLR during my visit.

Photos taken online - does not belongs to me. 

Photos taken online - does not belongs to me. 

Sunny boy used his iPhone and all the photos taken of me - has red eye on it!
My excuse - I've just glamorize glow in the dark lenses!!!

special building casino royal flush chinese restaurant
Infront of a Chinese Restaurant called Royal Flush

special building roulette casino
Another eye-catching building -Roulette (a bar)

beautiful fountain night scene
I love how the lights shine when the water is shooting up!
Kind of reminds me of Mines Wonderland Musical Fountain when I was a kid

I was then brought to a Den Den, a Japanese restaurant - implying kind of a fine dining concept.

And it amazed me to hear a strange but familiar language from people
who are seated on my left, right, and opposite!
They are speaking Japanese!
Yes, this place is where Japanese go to when they yearn for some home food.
I was sooooo proud then to be dining here.

Appetizer was a trio smoked platter of smoked duck, s
moked salmon and marinated smoked lean chicken.
It was an okay dish - I love the duck,
but other two.... it does not impress me that much.

smoked trip duck salmon chicken

Salad with marinated raw salmon with avocado.  
It was a good salad to start with, but perhaps they could tone down a little on the dressing.
It's too flavorful to my liking. But I do love the avocado though! Yumsss... 

avocado and salmon salad

What's next on the serving is a hot pot of somewhat taste like a seafood curry.
This dish.. me love!!!
There are crabs, prawns, and mussels all perfectly cooked in this Japanese curry,
which is not too thick, but just nice to be dipped with the baguette.

japanese seafood curry

On a side dish, we ordered Cheese Omelette in a thick gravy
This dish makes me think twice about the Japanese patron here.
Is it me, or is it Japanese egg dish is supposed to be weird?
I could hardly taste the cheese, and the taste of the gravy seemed out of place.

cheese egg

Despite having to carry my stomach to move around (that's how full I was),
Sunny boy insisted on having dessert.
And so he ordered waffle with blueberry topped with vanila ice-cream.
I warned him that nothing could beat Gelare waffle but he proceeded with the order.
With just a mouthful, I proved him wrong... :)
The waffle isn't that bad, it's just that, Gelare will always, always, be the best! 

blueberry waffle vanilla ice cream

To be honest, I would want to visit Oasis Square again for the environment.
But not for Den Den. 
With this said, can anyone tell me why are there so many Japanese eating there?!!

Perhaps we are all too used to the customized taste of Japanese food 
that we didn't realize that the real authentic Japanese food could be different!

For those who are interested to check out this place.. details as below..

Address : Bistro DenDen @ Oasis Ara Damansara,
Central Piazza, Oasis Square, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya.


Hui Shuen said...

Hi Joyce, I totally agreed with you. I tried Den Den few weeks back and I didn't like the food there at all, especially the Fuwa Fuwan omelette rice that costs RM32 and they use canned button mushrooms, no chicken despite the menu say so, felt rip off. And the so call special sauce on the omelette is not to my liking at all, just felt weird. I posted my comment in their facebook page and guess what, no reply till today, real disappointing. For sure I won't go back there again. Thanks for your honest review. :)

Joyce Yap said...

Hi Hui Shuen.. thanks for your sharing on Den Den. Hope they improve coz I really like to dime at Oasis again... :)