Saturday, August 28, 2010

Dear Bloggy,

It's good to say that I've been keeping myself busy recently. Spent very productive time at work place, quality time with family over the weekends, and not forgotten, fun time with friends.

I've learned that life is about finding good companionship to pass time with, and it just make "passing time" good!

Life is nothing if is spent being lonely, limited to a confined space, and only making friends online. Don't really know the meaning of it. Probably that explains why I'm not frequently into social networking sites anymore. People hardly see me in facebook, or even MSN now. That is why I DO NOT HAVE A TWITTER ACCOUNT!

And surprisingly, one thing I enjoy now is work! Being so damn busy all the time kind of make me feel "useful". The feeling of being so helpless and dragging myself till off-work time is stressing me out. Thank God I don't have to live through that anymore!

Another thing that keeps work exciting is the people I've known! There are some good people there, very friendly and sincere colleagues... and I like them! This job also involves alot of activities and events. Can't wait to get hands on! Few days ago they asked me to participate in photo shooting. I enjoyed the photo taking session and do hope it turns out well. I was afraid that my chubby fishball face would ruin the whole photo and I will definitely feel bad that money to hire the photographer and other talents' effort go to waste! Really really really hope that I'm contributing to the photo shooting and not ruining it. And I'm so excited thinking about Family Day organized by the company! It's coming next month!!!

Guess I'm in a chatty mood now. No one to talk to at this hour, so yeah...

Am currently having a 3 consecutive days of hoooo-liday. Was looking forward to the trip to Genting but I don't think I'll be going now. 2 more days of holiday to rest at home before the week starts again.

Till the next post, be good, be well.

Joyce Yap